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Sirloin, ribeye and fillet would work equally well in this dish. This dish can be made with shrimp or chicken too which is also amazing. Add in the Black bean sauce, Shaoxing wine, Oyster sauce and simmer on low heat, turning often for 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens up. That deep seeded need to write found its way to the public eye in 2011 with the launch of SAHM. Fast forward 4 years and a few thousand articles Jody has fulfilled her dream of being published in print. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest. DISCLAIMER What was the first thing you said after giving birth for the first time? Thank you very much for reading and until next time see ya in the kitchen. Slice up your beef and place in the soya sauce bowl mixture and mix till combine, let it marinade for 10 minutes. Mum to two magnificent boys and wife to her beloved Brendan; Jody’s voice is a sure fire winner when you need to talk to Mums. Stir-fry until there is no redness in the beef. You will hardly notice it since the balance of the other flavors mellows it out nicely, so don’t be afraid to add more garlic. Our easy beef stir fry with green pepper, onions and a black bean sauce makes a great mid week dinner. Add onion, ginger, garlic and black beans and stir-fry over a high heat for 30 seconds, stirring constantly to ensure the black beans do not burn. Skip the takeout tonight, this popular chinese dish can be made in less than 30 minutes. The master of true native content, Jody lives and experiences first hand every word of advertorial she pens. Spoon in the black bean sauce and return the steak strips to the wok. Put on a plate. Serving Suggestion: Serve with AYAM Instant Noodles or rice. Add the beef and stock mixture. Cook for a minute on each side and remove from the wok onto a plate and set aside. In a bowl add the soya sauce, rice wine, salt and pepper and mix till combined and set aside. I don’t know about you but this vegetable mixture is perfect, some people like to add snow peas, and other veggies but that is not very authentic if you ask me. Stir-fry for one minute, then add the rice noodles, broccoli leaves and shallot and cook for a further minute. Return the beef to the wok with the water, black bean sauce, soya sauce and sesame oil and stir-fry until hot and the sauce has thickened. Add remaining oil to hot wok. Stir Fry Veggies with Black Bean Sauce - everyday veggies are sautéed and quickly simmered in Chinese black bean sauce. Stir-fry for 2 minutes or until sauce thickens. Join me here on my culinary adventures where you will see that you don't have to be a Chef to make great food. Add the beef and stir to coat. Return beef to the wok with wine or sherry and stir-fry for 30 seconds. Add sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil and stir-fry for a … Serve sprinkled with the sesame seeds. This healthy meal is sure to impress even the pickiest of eaters, serve alongside a big bowl of jasmine rice. I used to order this dish every time from our local chinese restaurant. 5 from 32 votes. Hi, my name is Jacqueline. Add the remaining beef and stir-fry for 30 seconds then remove from wok and set aside. It can be served with steamed white rice or egg noodles and sliced spring onions as a garnish. Stir-fry for 30 seconds or until aromatic. 2 tablespoons shao hsing wine or dry sherry, 2 large red chillies, sliced on the diagonal. With the 2014 launch of Once a Month Cooking and 2015’s Live Well on Less, thanks to Penguin Random House, Jody shows no signs of slowing down. While your beef is marinating, cut up your green and red pepper into slices and do the same with the onion. However I updated it with rice wine! https://www.notquitenigella.com/2015/06/11/beef-black-bean-recipe-authentic When the oil is hot, add the mashed garlic and black beans. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The recipe card does have chicken stock. Privacy Policy, Disclosures & Disclaimers. If you do not have a wok, use a large non-stick frying pan instead.

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