rodent seed stash

I can’t find an image related to “slime mold” that looks like the tiny black pearls I find in my Connecticut house, but they look exactly like the ones in the hand of Susan Popielaski in the pic at the top of this page. But since you don’t see any droppings, I’m thinking it’s something else. The most common are mice. Seeds might sprout. Can’t imagine a mouse brave enough to pick this storage spot. Would appreciate brainstorming possibilities, or hearing thoughts and ideas…thanks ! Guess the foxes will help with the mouse population too. Even if I could find a way to take pepe le pew down the road to give someone else a problem for their chickens etc, I have decided to dispatch them here. I had problems with traps..they don’t always kill or trap the mice. Contact Us Since then I have seen them on the carpet in my bedroom and on a chair in my bedroom. We have had mice and there are alot of chipmunks around as well. I was so happy to find this! I hope this solves your mystery. it looks like it was packed in the mouth of a rodent and released onto the bed. At the time we were surrounded by empty fields, so of course as construction went on the mice had to go somewhere. once on my tile floor in a bathroom i saw them scattered around in a 2 foot area, and today i just found them in a cardborad shoe box lid that i keep on my floor for my cat to sleep in. Handful of these found in a hat in the middle of a stack of hats inside a cardboard bankers box inside a storage locker. Your email address will not be published. The plans can be found on the Internet and the materials are under $10 for a single house. i live in Manteca ca. You don’t have a rat problem, you have a bat problem.” He was correct! After reading the comments above I then Googled poke weed seeds and plants and sure enough we have this weed growing by our shed. Mothballs are also said to deter rats and mice, and can work in the greenhouse. I was panicked when I found them last night since they were not there the day before. I have no idea what they are. I live downtown in the city, a couple blocks from the waterfront, on the 5th floor of a studio apartment, that has 2 screened in windows, which I keep closed most of the time. I probably still have them in the vacuum bag. Very weird!!! Rodents will store indoors seeds found outdoors in the garden. I have an alcove at the back of the house where a bat family comes every year to have the young. Also, some of the “seeds” were clumped together. I’m going on 5 years of residency with the same household pets, and not had one single bug event, save for a lone gnat a couple years back. I just found a pile of these black “seed” looking things. Perhaps we can contact the people complaining to ask if they’ve been noticing ants lately. Position the trap along a wall (mice run the edges), and voila… SNAP! I live in TN and have them in my floor occasionally. Whatever may have stashed them may be up for debate. During remodeling we discovered this treasure trove in one of the bedrooms when we pulled out the carpet. I feel so much better. while not common…it’s still a health hazard. Then found inside a towel in bathroom cabinet. However, this has gotten me curious. we have found them here, in brookfield ma. Thanks for retelling my own story of loss from many decades ago. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It’s creeping me out. If the dog or chickens eat a crooked rat…. We live in a large apt. Phantom seed stasher….brilliant name for this ghost. Discard mouse snd paper plate in trash and affix a new plate and reset. My concern is are they dangerous and would really like to know what is creating the piles. Metal trash cans would be the best (if it’s an issue for you). Your email address will not be published. You will receive a new password via e-mail. if anyone can confirm that would be great. I’ll bet it’s a whole lot more than I can imagine. So I’m assuming this is our answer. I found them between a folded seat cushion in Hudson Valley NY, Pokeweed is common here but we’ve had pokeweed for 30 years and this phenomenon is new. We also got metal ones like it for rats. The clothes had no holes. I got feedback from the head of ento, and while he was unable to offer anything for certain concerning what kind of seeds they were, they are seeds and they are most likely the stash piles of mice or another similar rodent. I have never seen this before.

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