regence prefix list

SJP PREMERA RGN Alabama NSJ New Jersey (Horizon) XVH Maine OWL PREMERA UHO Illinois AZO BCBS OF IL SBW EXCELLUS BCBS CPB NASCO LAR BCBS OF IL LHI BC OF IDAHO PAU BCBS OF MASSACHUSETTS AUQ Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement) LGU NASCO XFP Indemnity TDK Washington/Alaska (Premera) FDO BCBS OF NC ABN ANTHEM KMA ANTHEM (IN) KXT BC BS OF MN FCG BCBS OF MARYLAND IHP NASCO ZEG, ZEB, ZXD, ZXG, ZER – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Tennessee contracts. EKK EXCELLUS BCBS MQR HIGHMARK BCBS SNU PREMERA EJN BCBS OF CA XGS Connecticut [Thanks Meesh!] UPR HIGHMARK BCBS XFG Colorado (Medicare Supplement) SWY BCBS OF IOWA ZGP BCBS OF TX NLM HIGHMARK BHV Minnesota SER EMPIRE BCBS BVB Florida SOD BCBS OF DELAWARE AYZ Ohio RUL CAREFIRST BCBS OF MARYLAND WLA Alabama FRO EXCELLUS BCBS PTS PREMERA TRR BCBS OF TN Prefix not Highlighted (Regence Group prefix) GAC BCBS OF IL FCN BCBS OF MO NKS NASCO CCN BCBS OF AL SYI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) HNB NASCO DOY EXCELLUS BCBS DPL New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) MSX NASCO IBP PREMERA ILT BCBS OF IL BlueCard PPO Basic is used for members on exchange products sold by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. ASA New York (Rochester Area) XIP Maryland AEA REGENCE BS WA HAW NASCO CED BCBS OF IL APJ New York (Excellus) TRH Tennessee LHP Rhode Island KIR ANTHEM BCBS OF KY YGF BCBS OF KS CND BCBS OF MN AYC Texas HDH New York (Excellus) XXG BCBS OF MASSACHUSETTS It's important to remember that not all PPO members are BlueCard PPO members, only members whose cards carry this logo. GAV Ohio BVB BCBS OF FL CNX PREMERA GXF Ohio YLA WESTERN NEY YORIK We recommend you verify patient's benefits and eligibility prior to rendering services, whenever possible. ADL Ohio PTE PREMERA QCB INDEPENDENCE BC NCF California – Blue Cross DDA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XDS BC OF CA ISF PREMERA TWA ANTHEM OF VA BCBS prefix list LAA-LZZ is updated from autherized resources available on internet and USA government websites. EMX New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) LPR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) GYB 866.524.2285 TOT 800.456.4573 XBP BCBS OF AZ SCM Texas CND PREMERA GYA 866.524.2285 TOA 800.638.7425 UEN Massachusetts [Thanks Nancy!] Blue Cross Blue Shield Companies. MII BCBS OF AL DHP New York (Excellus/Utica) HBI 800.232.6586 USY 800.450.9836 FRO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) MHP BC of St Louis MO Could someone please let me know how to identify the difference between a PPO & HMO ID for BCBS of IL. MMF New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) BCI California (Blue Cross) SDA INDEPENDENCE BC YRA Ohio ZRA (BC/BS of Wisconsin) ADSG EXCELLUS BCBS YLW EMPIRE NEW YORK DWM NASCO FHM ANTHEM BCBS YOU New York (Excellus/Utica) Treat claims for these members the same as claims for domestic Blue Plan members. FNE 866.236.4365 POA 800.638.7425 SLO REGENCE BS WA YVV Oregon (Regence) YNT EXCELLUS BCBS HPD Massachusetts Account-specific prefixesAccount-specific prefixes are assigned to centrally processed national accounts. EJN BCBS OF CA RPP REGENCE BS WA (Premera Blue Cross members) AMI BCBS OF IL You are about to leave and enter another website that is not affiliated with or licensed by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. LFT BCBS OF MN INT Alabama INZ Oregon HRL Minnesota GZF BCBS OF AL PXA BCBS OF OH XWB Maryland (Carefirst) YAG Mississippi RHH PREMERA YLX New York (Empire) LAP EXCELLUS BCBS MAE EXCELLUS BCBS WKT EXCELLUS BCBS CKS BCBS OF MO KSZ Tennessee Medical Billing RCM Medical Billing and Coding Information Guide Menu. XOH Illinois DVC BCBS OF SC You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. CMX EXCELLUS BCBS A correct member number includes prefix and all subsequent characters, up to 17 positions total. GEN BCBS OF AL PAI BCBS OF IL MAX BCBS OF IL NNS BCBS OF VA BWG BCBS OF TX NCT BCBS OF TEXAS BDC NASCO SXM HIGHMARK BCBS XFF HMO EHP EMPIRE SYY BCBS OF IL TME New York (Empire) MJE NASCO NPA New York (Excellus) SJY California (Blue Shield) CRD Minnesota The "bill" that is submitted for your operation will be 2-3 times the actual amount paid, so it is not a useful number. IWP NASCO ENA BCBS OF CA GYR NASCO NGW Virginia OTL Alabama ECN ANTHEM HHT Wisconsin WMW Arkansas GEI BCBS OF MARYLAND DPL EXCELLUS BCBS LOE PREMERA I came across a new prefix this AM. LRX Illinois CHR BCBS OF IL VZF BCBS OF WI VZQ (Medicare supplement) RVC BCBS OF IL YMS EXCELLUS BCBS RSA EXCELLUS BCBS BGN New York (Excellus)

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