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Calculates for 1 to 4 different sized flags, paving stones & works out how much grout you will need Paving Joint Compounds You must have your water tested to find this out. Provent-a-Mite™ is the Only treatment available that can be used preventatively on any type of substrate that will stop mites from ever being a problem again. We offer a wide range of water treatment solutions that focus on rectifying problem water and maintaining the performance of water quality equipment. There are 3 ways to have your water tested: Unfortunately this isn’t something we can guesstimate. Simply fill in the information below and we’ll do calculate the proper Poly Guard dosage. Reinforce, Support & Suppress Pro Products also provides several leave-behind items for the homeowner that can be customized for the professional’s needs. Our cartridge is compatible with most domestic filter housings, and last up to six months while treating up to 30,000 gallons of water Poly Guard Crystals are a safe and economical way to treat hard water and iron without the use of a water softener. Long record of successful installations in the field. Download the Well Water Analysis Form from the support section of our website. It dries to a UV resistant, ... For a job-specific submittal package, please contact Polyguard for Product Submittal Requests. Sealers & Protectors Pro Neutra Sul® is formulated to neutralize the rotten egg smell and pollutants from any water supply through oxidation. Companion Products: Pro Products provides professional grade water treatment and lawn irrigation products for water professionals and wholesalers. Provent-a-Mite™ spray is the only patented, EPA approved product that will eliminate mites and ticks that infest your reptiles regardless of type of enclosure and substrate used. Poly Guard Crystals are perfect for preventing hard water scale and iron build-up in water systems, equipment and appliances by forming a protective coating on the surface areas with continual exposure to water. It is less likely to fail. Contact Us Pro Products 6714 Pointe Inverness Way Suite 200 Fort Wayne, IN 46804 Poly Guard is released through our patented refillable cartridge, which provides accurate dosage and simple replacement, allowing the crystals to slowly dissolve into your water supply. 2431 North Wigwam Drive Stockton, CA 95205 P.O. Your email address will not be published. If unsure consult owner’s manual. Where to buy Unfortunately this isn’t something we can guesstimate. This spoke calculator is provided only as a guide for your convenience in determining spoke lengths for your order. 7 8 9 + Back. 0. Corrosion Control: To prevent hard water scale, Poly Guard is typically administered through the Poly Guard Cartridge. Neptune Pumps have a plate on the back and have to be identified by their part number. The toolbox is designed to provide the professional with on-demand tools that help increase leads, convert leads to sales, ensure proper installation, and in the end, a satisfied homeowner. Our new packaging We are rebranding all of our life science products, labels, packages and documents. IP2 8JX, Cleaners & Treatments If you’re still having trouble, give us a call and we would be glad to help! There are 2 ways to have your water tested: Pro Products has continually strived to offer the highest quality professional-grade products to its customers. Poly Guard sequesters up to 12 GPG (200) PPM Hardness and 1 GPG (17 PPM) Iron. Print Close. Pro Products are the choice of professionals and are used by leading zoos, private breeders and hobbyists worldwide. Simply select the appropriate calculator and input your project’s dimensions: Unit 13 Account. Polyguard SP-6™ Unbonded Outerwrap is an integral part of the RD-6® Coating System. Care for your Garden Visit us and learn more Tradeshows, fairs and exhibitions. Pro Products provides professional grade products for water professionals and wholesalers through several platforms. Polyguard’s Impact Resistant Outerwrap (IRO) is a strong, water activated Fiberglass thermoset coating that offers superior impact and abrasion resistance. We are proud to launch our brand new Tuff Tech Pro® VP/UV flat roof Polyurethane Liquid Waterproofing System. Brands. Proven consistency over hydrogen peroxide 7%. Cart 0. Required fields are marked *, Pro Products has continually strived to offer the highest quality professional-grade products to its customers. NEW TUFF TECH PRO® SYSTEM. Pro Products has continually strived to offer the highest quality professional-grade products to its customers. The Gallon Per Day (GPD) of the pump is listed in the lower right hand box on this plate. You can use the "Do It Yourself" test kit that came with your new feeder system or purchase one test the water yourself. P03 is a 10 GPD pump and the P05 is a 24 GPD pump. 100 gallon tanks are very large and look like an igloo with a black lid on top. Call your local irrigation or water treatment specialist. For oxidizing iron, feed Neutra Sul at 2ppm per 1ppm iron. Brochures

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