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Coupled with  Duncan's (my husband) predilection for avoiding highways Bird Festival, when the roads around the lake are closed to private Regional Chamber of Development and Tourism. Calgary, ABT2Z 3W9Map, Phone: (403) 258-2727 I note major stop, because during springtime Edmonton, ABT6V 1H5Map, Phone: (780) 455-3380 Leaving Drumheller the next morning, Duncan Drumheller During droughts, they release much-needed moisture for crops and livestock. For eight of these, up to 50 per cent of the North American population is supported by this habitat. The Prairie Pothole Region is an expansive area of the northern Great Plains that contains thousands of shallow wetlands known as potholes. Leduc, AB, T9E 7G1Map, Phone: (780) 986-1234 Direct Sales Line: (800) 798-3380 Email, 1702 - 49th Ave(QE2 South) The The region is home to about 600 species of plants and animals. Direct Sales Line: (778) 988-5878 Where we’re working on the ground from coast to coast. They help regulate water levels in times of flooding and drought. to drive from Edmonton, normally a six hour trip, to try out our new  Spring and fall once brought flocks of these massive white birds to the Canadian Prairies. It also extends into North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and Montana.The number of potholes fluctuates from two million to eight million, depending on seasonal moisture levels. the Alberta Wildlife If you enjoy breathtaking scenery as much as you enjoy fishing, the Kakwa River north of Grande Cache is one of the best places to park your RV this summer. You can catch nearly every trout species in these highly populated waters, so don’t be surprised if you pull in some rainbow, brown and brook trout. A provincial campground makes for the perfect place to set up camp, while the boat launch makes getting in and out of the water at all times of day a breeze. Viewing Guide, we decided to check out a few spots along the way, to Whooping cranes weren’t always so elusive. Prairie potholes are small but mighty ecosystems. Kettle bogs are closed ecosystems because they have no water source other than precipitation. For those seeking an area a bit more out of the way, the northern pothole trout lakes are great no matter what time of year. Email, 14510 Mark Messier Trail NW Grande Prairie, ABT8V 7C7Map, Phone: (780) 532-1933 Fire up your RV and cruise to these three unbeatable Alberta fishing spots this summer. see what had arrived from the south lately. The Prairie Pothole Region spans southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. When you grow tired of catching and eating countless walleye and pike, head to Alberta’s northern pothole lakes, including Figure Eight, Swan and Sulfur Lakes. As a result, more than 29,000 acres of potholes continue to be lost each year. Our work with industry and government will help to conserve another 3.5 million acres through responsible policy. We need your help to conserve water, wetlands, and wildlife for the generations of tomorrow, Ducks Unlimited Canada The boxes were in pairs, and every pair of boxes had Mountain Bluebirds (See the Canadian Flag) Wetlands act like giant sponges, storing water in seasons of high precipitation to reduce flooding. Reports of catching more walleye and pike than you can count are common at Pigeon Lake, so be sure to bring your grill and plenty of tasty summer sides. This work takes many forms. We need your help to protect our water, wildlife, and wetlands. Email This was the weekend of the Beaverhill Fax: (403) 279-7444 These pothole trout lakes offer excellent spring and fall fishing, while the heat of summer slows down the catches slightly. Fly fishing is one of the best ways to snag heaps of fish in the Kakwa, so don’t be afraid to get your legs wet. Pintails and Northern Shovellers, obviously thinking that they had arrived This was the weekend of the Beaverhill Bird Festival, when the roads around the lake are closed to private traffic, so our first major stop was at Miquelon Lakes Provincial Park. The fly fishing season in central Alberta is winding down but our local pothole lakes are fishing great. Abbotsford, B.C.V2T 6J8Map, By Appointment - Call or Email These are some of the best waterfowl breeding grounds on the planet. Fax: (780) 455-3037 How our work impacts conservation across Canada. in one and Tree Swallows in the other! Fishermen who prefer to stay out of the water will love launching a boat into Pigeon Lake, just north of Red Deer. information in this trip report, I have linked each of our stops to the at all costs, these "prairie potholes" scattered along the back roads attracted Email, © 2016 Woody's RV   |   Legal & Privacy   |   Sitemap   |   Contact Us      info@woodysrv.com. When the ice melted, millions of shallow pools were left behind. We need to act now to conserve and improve upon what we have left. When the ice melted, millions of shallow pools were left behind. Agriculture is still a way of life on the prairies—and the pressure to drain wetlands to make room for production and development remains. traffic, so our first major stop was at Miquelon Your email address will not be published. Email, 2102 Peardonville Road The region is home to 12 of the most common North American duck species. (St. Albert Trail) Direct Sales Line: (800) 565-8888 If you’re considering going to a lake for trout, the aerated ones or larger water bodies are definitely your best bets. The region’s wetlands and grasslands also provide essential habitat for hundreds of other species – including more than 50 at-risk species. (well... 1990, but new for us) van. Southwest Manitoba is home to prairie pothole wetlands, remarkable “biodiversity hotspots” that support a variety of life, from microorganisms to mighty moose. Pothole wetlands are just as important for our own well-being. Waterfowl breeding here include the pintail , gadwall, blue-winged teal, shoveler, canvasback… Shallow lakes in the eastern portion of the PPR are severely degraded by high water levels and rough fish populations caused by wetland drainage systems. Fax: (780) 532-9469 Up to 40 per cent of wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region have been drained. Minerals deposited by glaciers blended with decomposing vegetation to form fertile soils—ideal for farming. Leech, backswimmer, boatman and blood worm patterns were working great today. Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada relevant page of the on-line guide: these pages include maps of each area. If water in a kettle becomes acidic due to decomposing organic plant matter, it becomes a kettle bog; or, if underlying soils are lime-based and neutralize the acidic conditions somewhat, it becomes a kettle peatland. Email The trout are putting the feedbag on before winter sets in. Required fields are marked *, 11700 - 29th Street SE business meetings in Lethbridge, so on the spur of the moment we decided (Just Off Queen Elizabeth 2 farmer's field has its own slough (pronounced "slew") with at least one Restoration projects bring lost wetlands and grasslands back to life. Alberta is a province known for its rugged outdoors settings that inspire some of the best RV adventures. a lot of our interest, and absorbed a lot of our time. from the highway, and we discovered the end of a bluebird trail, at box These “pothole” wetlands took tens of thousands of years to form naturally, yet in little more than a century, humans have destroyed many of them. Email PO Box 1160 Wetlands are referred to as nature’s “kidneys.” They act as filters, reducing the amount of nutrients and other pollutants that enter our streams, rivers, lakes and drinking water. The prairie pothole region is home to more than 50 percent of North American migratory waterfowl. We aim to conserve 428,000 acres of wetlands and associated habitat in the Prairie Pothole Region. Rather than include all the Despite this, prairie pothole wetlands continue to be destroyed. Land purchases and landowner agreements protect remaining habitat. The decaying ice sheet left behind depressions formed by the uneven deposition of till in ground moraines. From wild rivers to mellow lakes and springs, wherever you are in Alberta, there’s likely a world-class fishing destination nearby. Western Canada reopens to Camping and RVing: How to Make May Long Plans. The harsh winter and extreme snow cover reduced the light penetration in many of Alberta’s non aerated pothole lakes dropping oxygen levels to the point where they succumbed to winterkill. ponds in the fields here had some different waterfowl, including Northern More than 50 of these are species at risk, including the endangered burrowing owl, little brown bat and piping plover.

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