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A delicious spiced muffin using baked potato, cooked carrots, spices and nuts for a performance-oriented twist on classic carrot cake flavors. The aid station had potatoes. I add dehydrated potatoes to my protein shake, and also enjoy them grilled with my other veggies, Professional Road Cyclist – Hagens Berman | Superming Co-Founder / CEO JoJé Bar /Private Chef & Caterer. The difference between you and your best comes down to how you fuel. x��}�\�q��cc8hc����i�A�gط�����9ݔ)$��uꚕ�����e=�eş�����}��wO��������IvM��W�薧ۇ�(���]R0G�����f����M,�����'oP�Y��%��b��qMays���s\^���KI��|��Ǘ�Xr��pZ~��ϖ|i��Z�9�|w>}���'#��-��e�����������\B��?iU�������O�Ͽ|i�����|q�����߿GW���{�7ϧ��Ǐ���ޛ���;i����r�x���|�|�� ���7��(���Z��2�7o_~�������iy}{'E���46c�VK��`Wc�a���ן>|8/�/�ڤ�+���?_:�q�^t4�Ñ���!���+iz5%� I believe potatoes play a key role in healthful lifestyles. What are you eating? After winning the overall amateur XTERRA National Championship in 2010, I have not strayed from this steak and potato meal, and it has never let me down. 2015; 48:543-568). 5-7 days/week (during the summer sometimes 2x/day). Tip#2: Potatoes love vinaigrettes (almost more than salads). The idea behind this, is the most important nutrition happens 48 hours before a race. Many people don’t realize that potatoes are great for making soups thick and creamy. I also have raced a few additional running and triathlon races each year with the WPVGA Powered by Potatoes team. I toss cubed potatoes in olive oil, roast them in the oven and finish them with a sprinkle of sea salt. Beyond that, join this community to see what you’re capable of when fueled by potatoes. It was 29 degrees 19 hours into the run. Yes, they are my go-to food during ultramarathons, Standard mashed potatoes are my go-to, occasionally I mix avocado into the mashed potatoes. Lately, I’ve been slicing russets into wedges and tossing the wedges in olive oil, ground coriander, black pepper and salt. [A����K���Dr;��� ��D���H�B�-�`qs�is@$W%�d{"���Y VsDjN�?�7Xo�d���!`� )f�@\>,� ����(0�ER ��c��3*CB�DB�&�"��*�f2E#tA͉C��C����!�����H��G�aR��7�.L��maB2 )��"�P�@�7�d�6 �I," `�d${��"�H!���G`�} Potatoes provide the carbohydrate, potassium and energy that we need to perform at our best. potatoes fuel performance 1 medium-sized skin-on white potato (148 g) 1 medium-sized skin-on sweet potato (130 g) 110 calories 1 gram of sugar 3 grams of protein 0% daily value of vitamin a 45% daily value of vitamin c 26 grams of carbohydrates 620 mg of potassium 2 grams of fiber 100 calories 7 grams of sugar I usually roast a huge sheet pan of potatoes at least once a week because my three active daughters and my husband love them as well. They are often one of the first things I eat (with salt) after a run to help replace my muscle glycogen stores and electrolytes. Team Potato is made up of athletes just like you who are dedicated to performing their best athletically and in everyday life. stream Containing 119 grams of carbohydrates and 19 grams of protein, this smoothie may aid in post-exercise recovery. Potatoes are a great complex carbohydrate that helps keep me fueled during long rides. Tip #3: I like to drizzle half a of a baked potato with olive oil and maple syrup and a sprinkling of sea salt. My oldest daughter has lactose intolerance so this recipe caught my eye. I started my athletic career as a swimmer at the age of 5. �$=���. I started my racing career later than most, as I was studying Exercise Physiology in grad school. Potatoes provide the complex carbohydrates, potassium, fiber and vitamin C you need to perform better than ever before.. A by-the-numbers look at how potatoes can power athletic performance¹: 26 grams of carbohydrate: Count on the quality carbs in potatoes for optimal mental … endstream endobj startxref Cold roasted potatoes are delicious! I decided that this was the year to run Boston! I learned through a coach about eating specific foods on specific days, and began eating a steak and potato dinner 2 nights before a key workout or race. You know that what you feed your body can make the difference between winning, achieving a PR, reaching your goals or not. Managing a potato variety development facility, I always have potatoes on hand as a fast lunch, pre-workout snack or quick, easy post-workout dinner. More energy-packed than any other popular vegetable, potatoes have even more potassium than a banana. Perfect for athletes or busy people on the run. These versatile tacos are easy to prepare and they provide the balanced nutrition and great taste that athletes crave after grueling workouts. Thus, giving me more energy and limiting GI distress. I boil until potatoes are soft. Mini potato and egg frittatas are prepared in a muffin tin, perfect for on-the-go pre-workout breakfasts. Herb-loaded Greek yogurt makes an excellent baked potato topper, coupling carbohydrate and protein in that vital refueling meal! For a quick soup, I brown carrots, onions, rutabagas, turnips, parsnips, and garlic with vegetable stock. I have run a marathon or longer in all 50 states and now want to do the same on all seven continents. J Sports Sci. I bake the wedges until soft at 375F and serve with a generous portion of dipping sauce made of 1 cup fat free Greek yogurt, 1 Tbsp mayo, and a dash of Sriracha. Easily 5-6 times a week between dinner and recovery food. I’m addicted. Plus, there’s a potato option to fuel your body and brain throughout the day — whether you lead an active lifestyle or are competing with elite athletes. Join the Team Potato community, train and compete fueled by potatoes, compete in athletic events, and share your experience to earn Team Potato gear like performance shirts, running jackets, and other exclusive rewards like race entries and more! 79 seconds Yes, I believe potatoes are an integral part of my high-performance diet. Carbohydrates for training and competition. Ann Nutr Metab. They were Then I make little holes in the potato mixture for eggs and pop it in the oven, leaving the yolks soft. Carrot "Cake" Potato Performance Muffins!! h�bbd```b``="�H�� ��D2}�����ɓ ������ Absolutely, especially when I know my next workout is a monster. They add beautiful color to your plate while providing high levels of antioxidants. Potatoes complex carbs really help to push through it. On the last day of class, I was presented with a note that read “Dear Becky, thank you for all you do with keeping the development of new potato varieties going! 86 0 obj <> endobj They are such an amazing recovery meal any time of the day. Given our busy schedule, crockpot meals are a staple in our household. Potatoes. Such an amazing recovery meal any time of the day. Nutrition and Athletic Performance. }���^~��(�9�O�N(\g�Wң�x8����{8�X;D��t�����X>�>ʺ��oO�M�.�8�n�Iu1�tx�����h�B��ׂ%�C��Tl�:[6ʄ���yxfQgdhDY��G]�n�O�X�f"���1�����Tf�?8�����B�JZF����v�������w���cVe�|��쥗�\��o�ڬ�a�2�\~�"I&����kt��$���D*�+���*�����ҧ�ۗ��ʮ6�2`E����2+�s�W&��Z�+�#�.ӵ�~������R���~���s8�2?=��9j���w�}-�}�9�9��. You are a fighter, you are persistent, you strive for everyday to be better than the last. Burke LM, Hawley JA, Wong SH, Jeukendrup AE. I soon will be venturing into making the On-The-Go Potatoes, Potato Poppers with Turmeric, and Potassium Potato Smoothie.

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