pool gate access control systems

Pin Pad + Mifare Card: Allows for authorized card and fob access or a designated pin code to gain access to the pool area. So whether you’re in charge of securing access to a community pool or you’re simply trying to keep the neighborhood kids out of your own pool, installing a double-sided keyless lock can go a long way towards improving the security of your property and protecting your privacy. For example, if you choose a gate lock that only locks on one side, it’s no problem at all for a would-be trespasser to simply reach over the gate and unlock it from the inside. A much better choice would be to install a double-sided keyless lock such as the Lockey M210DC, and Lockey 2835DC which features a two-sided keypad that enables you to lock the gate from the inside as well. The options above are for swing gates. Zodiac Remote Pool Management System : Low-cost Control System for Multiple Devices. If a pool gate does not feature a robust locking mechanism, it can be easy for a child to figure out how to open it, but a keyless lock is virtually guaranteed to keep curious children from gaining access to a pool area. If you wish to have all the controls in your clutches, you may need to think of the Hayward Goldline Wireless Base Station. The right pool gates and security system can avoid problems caused by unwanted visitors and vandals while allowing convenient access for members and residents. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. Pool Supply World offers automatic control systems, part of our collection of pool supplies, to control filtration cycles, heating, lighting, sanitizing, and more. It is vital that you use causation when handling electrical equipment and in case you ever feel uncomfortable you need to hire or contact a professional. You would be surprised at how many of these unfortunate accidents happened as a result of a child wandering into a pool area unsupervised. It is the best way to give oneself more control over pump run times and boost energy efficiency when running your swimming pool system. Copyright 2016-2019 Custom Security | All Rights Reserved | Website Design by. This mifare option is compatible with the model options available above. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Control access to community property and swimming pools with a security system, cameras, gates and keys to keep out unattended children, vandals, and non-residents. Our award-winning access control systems extend capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and instill confidence that precious assets, resources and people are secured and protected. To learn more about ACTAtek specifications please visit the product page at: www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com/products/actatek/actatek.php. Swipe proximity cards, key fobs, and codes are a few ways authorised people may be allowed access which may be restricted by time of day or specific days of the week. Admin, 7 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams by Angie's List, File A Scam Complaint With Federal Trade Commission, Shady Locksmiths Preying On The Vulnerable. The choice of the model option will depend on the type of access that you would like to provide: The logo option is chosen if you would like to have your community’s logo or name of the facility on the ACTAtek LCD screen. Unfortunately, the average pool gate latch is simply not robust enough to do the job, as they are often all too easy to unlock. If you haven’t yet considered installing a keyless lock on your pool gate, below are three good reasons why you should. These are also known as proximity card readers or magnetic card readers. Zodiac remote pool and spa automation has made great strides recently particularly with the improvements and upgrades made to the iAquaLink 2.0. Just as a small example, here’s a complaint posted by a resident of an apartment complex in Winter Park, Florida after witnessing a group of freeloaders not only gaining unauthorized access to the community pool but bringing all of their pool party supplies with them! Pool Service News - Pool Service Industry News, Articles, Videos. If you’re ready to enjoy a greater level of protection, privacy and peace of mind for your property, go ahead and make the decision to go keyless! This is suggested for any pool access situation. The combination of these two reliable products will give you complete automation of your swimming pool at a low-cost price. Management can be done through the ACTAtek software at the unit itself or at a computer for administration ease. Pin Pad + Mifare Card + Fingerprint: Allows for authorized card and fob access, fingerprint, or a designated pin code to gain access to the pool area. If you represent a community or HOA in Central North Carolina, call Secur-Tek at 919-387-1800 or fill out a contact form to learn more about how an access control solution can protect your property from trespassers. The security gate locking mechanisms can include a standard combination lock, or an electronic magnet lock system. 1. If the energy savings are not compelling enough, you will like the fact that everything you require is available in one convenient bundle, so you do not need to buy the remote system and control panel separately. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for trespassers, freeloaders and other unsavory characters to gain unauthorized access to pool areas, especially in apartment complexes and other residential communities that feature these types of amenities. - Fri. 10:00AM - 5:00PM A division of AA-Access Controls of Texas Est. Todays cutting edge technology with swimming pool security is with key card access gates. © 2020 Intelligent Biometric Controls Store, Pin Pad + Mifare Card + Fingerprint (+$800), GL1 Gate Lock with Flex Mount Bracket Kit SW (+$459.00), M62FG-SASM Gate Lock with Flex Mount Bracket Kit SW (+$679.00), Fingerprint Door Locks 30 Day Return Policy, www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com/products/actatek/actatek.php, www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com/products/access-control-systems/actatek-products/acta-guard.php. Swipe proximity cards, key fobs, and codes are a few ways authorized people may be allowed access which may be restricted by time of day or specific days of the week. Cards or fobs that are used to gain access in ACTAtek models with a built in card reader can be purchased in increments of 25. When coupled with a camera system you will be able to see whose code or card was used and the person attempting entry. An automated swimming pool chemical system will keep track of two factors electronically, the pH and the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Please select the services you would like us to help you with: With access control security, you know exactly who enters a building or room, when they enter and what door they use. The Zodiac AquaLink Z4 Controller is a good choice if you’re searching for a low-cost control system for multiple devices. Zodiac remote pool and spa automation has made great strides recently particularly with the improvements and upgrades made to the iAquaLink 2.0. Our other services include: Magnetic door/gate locks Emergency egress systems Time delay egress systems Access control through key fob or card Proximity readers

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