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Unless these rewards are £10-15 in value then I'll be sticking with whatever is cheapest, which is usually always retail. Mexico has more expensive physical releases a lot of the time, especially for popular games like Call of Duty or GTA, which is still full god damn price after 5 years. I strickly buy digital, it saves you about $5 in tax. The largest PlayStation 4 community on the internet. U can't sell digital games. Digital sales are increasing year on year in the UK, so where's the incentive for Sony to give us a rewards program when mugs are already climbing over themselves to pay extra for digital? Just got the platinum trophy last week and was waiting for the avatar. Competition is a good thing, keeps us all working hard.November 5, 2017. And I go digital if the price is right (usually 60-80% off). Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. PlayStation Rewards is giving all the completionists out there yet another incentive to collect every in-game trophy: they can now be exchanged for credit to your PSN account. That's about 35$ cheaper than psn currently. I have a mix of physical and digital games. U can sell physical game the same price you bought them. Sometimes the weekly deal will even undercut the physical street price. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, [email protected] Login / Register. Press J to jump to the feed. Visit our corporate site. Now I buy only digital (for reasons) but with a few rules. Netherlands- physicial is often cheaper than digital. To start taking advantage of the rewards, remember that you have to be in the US, signed up to the Sony Rewards program and have it linked to your PlayStation account. You will receive a verification email shortly. Silver trophies earn 1 point each, gold trophies earn 10 points each and platinum trophies, as you’d expect, earn the most at 100 points each. I’d have totally agreed with you a few years ago because Sony never discounted games in the digital store. We will also need to know which region, and if you have a save file available in PlayStation Online Storage. I don't understand the fascination with buying digital. I save so much money trading in physically nowadays and I like lending games to friends hence why I don't see myself ever going digital until I'm forced to. © Platinum Games Services - All Rights Reserved 2020. If you qualify for the reward, try the following steps below: Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? imagine not owning something because you don't want to swap a disc in 2 seconds. If you're enquiring about specific trophies or achievements, please state the game title and trophy/achievement name(s). Talked to NA support and they told me GoW is no longer on the platinum trophy rewards list anywhere except the UK. According to Kotaku, PSN user Roughdaw4 is currently top of the trophy leaderboard with 15,551 silver, 6,903 gold, and 1,359 platinum. Quanity Of Items: 0. lol. Then they started to. Your hub for everything related to PS4 including games, news, reviews, discussion, questions, videos, and screenshots. Fuck that, it's madness. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Once you’ve collected 1000 points you can earn a … And digital doesn't come with tax making it technically cheaper. For RDR2 though I took advantage of the 49$ deal on Amazon last e3. © That way we could have some cool diversity in the choice for our avatars, and in the same way we also reward people that go the extra mile to earn the Platinum trophy of a game. People buying 'digital deluxe' editions for £70 or £80 when the same game minus a handful of pointless in game tat can be bought physically for £45 are fucking it up for everyone. Sounds like a cool feature, I'm going to give it a try. I'm literally paying an extra £10 for RDR2 so i don't have to fuck around with discs. Right now I make more savings going physical, the rewards system would incentive me to go digital. Please enter as much detail as possible. Xbox boss Phil Spencer even praised the new feature on Twitter, saying that it sounds like a “cool feature.” Despite the fact that the PlayStation Rewards scheme has been running exclusively in the US for a few years now, the addition of this new "cool feature" highlights that it's a real shame that it's not available on a more global scale. Do you mean GAME’s standard reward system or the “Elite” one? Collecting 1000 points will be no easy feat – that’s 10 platinum trophies. If you require a game finishing that you have started, please state if you have been playing using disc or digital. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Plus it’s nice to have all your games in one spot. In the uk for some reason digital games are more expensive. Once you’ve collected 1000 points you can earn a $10 PSN voucher, which will get you a nice chunk off a new game or even nab you something in a sale. Eh I've gone full digital just because I'm too lazy to swap discs. There was a problem. I have 2 PS4s, 2 TVs, and buy the game digital so I can play co-op on both, with the ol' game sharing trick. Until brick and mortar stores go away digital games will always be too expensive to make it worth while imo. Platinum Game Services offers you the convenience to buy PlayStation Trophies, Xbox Achievements & In-game Services at competitive prices. Hitman 2 is £55 digitally while at retail you can get it for £37. Customers must be opted-in to PlayStation marketing communications and have a valid email address associated with their PlayStation … The platinum trophy reward will be delivered within 14 days of receiving the platinum trophy. Shopping Cart : 0. It’s nice, however, to feel that there are rewards to be gained from committing to playing games rather than just for buying them, which is largely how points have been earned on the Rewards program over the last four years. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Quanity Of Items: 0. Xbox One does a lot of things wrong, but the cool thing is that you can pick the art of an unlocked achievement to use as a theme. Aside from sales, digital game purchases are still far too expensive. Shopping Cart : 0. According to the rewards site, you can earn 100 points for 100 silver trophies, 250 points for 25 gold trophies and 1,000 points for 10 platinum trophies. NY 10036. Before you get too excited, though, it’s not all that much money. Home; Trophy Shop. More money than sense some people. I only ever buy with more than 40% discount, for example. Reward is available to legal U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec) residents with a PlayStation Network Account registered in their country of residency and have earned a Platinum Trophy in the games listed in “Current Offerings.” Age restrictions apply. Customers must be age 18 or older. Since everyone knows that the Sony Reward system is limited to one country, I thought about those in other countries that finish games 100% and are wondering if they get a prize for that (even minor compared to real credits they get through Sony Reward). Cheated Trophies Legitimate Trophies Coming Soon Achievement Shop. If they were to cash all of these trophies in, they’d get a sum of $1583 to spend on the PSN store which makes for a nice number of new games. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Quanity Of Items: 0 ; Shopping Cart : 0. First discovered by Kotaku, it appears a new section has been added to the Sony Rewards website, where silver, gold and platinum trophies are assigned points which can then be redeemed for PSN account credit. PS5 orders from Amazon seemingly hit by thieves, Where to buy PS5: Walmart restock and UK availability for Black Friday, The evolution of SSDs - how today's storage is faster and larger than ever, Bag a Black Friday bargain with Huawei's deals bonanza on smartphones, smartwatches and more, iOS 14.2.1 just arrived on your iPhone, and here's what it changes, PS5 will get a key visual feature in a future system software update, confirms Sony.

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