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And by the time I got home I knew where I was going to plant them too. The raspberry is dead, and maybe 20 sprouts have come up from the seed mats after being planted as specified for over 8 weeks. Henri will be as thrilled with your mechanical abilities to manipulate cable and turnbuckles just to raise raise 6 different apples to make him 6 different tarts. Malus 'Red Delicious', 'Yellow Delicious', 'Jonathan', 'Yates', 'Winesap'. Not only did they not ship viable stock, it was poorly packaged and looked like a five year old child had done it. Our Products Oh, I’m sorry, you want to know what kind of apples? I like my galas better. Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. You know everything, just like that bloody Barbie. Cut to 3 weeks ago with me twirling through Home Depot in a Julie Andrews, Sound of Music, type manner  – because that’s how I always act and feel when I’m in a home improvement store. I live in France and was transported, even so, by your vision ! Your trees and porch are going to look wonderful once the apples have appeared. would my coffee still be an Americano?? Save 50% on this Best Buy! Once you've found your location, dig a hole that's twice the width of the root ball and just as deep. She received her B.A. For now I’m just using small plastic clamps to hold the branches along the straight wire. Your input is very much appreciated. Those donkeys. Flash. I wonder what these really are. Then a few years ago things got even worse. Now I must. Planted the sprouting seed in pots and now they are doing well. If the clamps dont hold you can get little cables ties from a hardware store in black plastic, just like the ones serial killers keep in the boot. *sob* lol. Then came the deer and in one night, stripped it naked. I planted them and the are getting established. Find a. I purchased three apple trees, all of which arrived as dried up sticks. truly impressed and not a little bit envious! They are not a company, they are a rip off. Henri sounds fabulous, but you need to consider that being your pretty-much full time auto mechanic, in addition to designing your lovely natural fiber French frocks, won’t leave him much time or energy for “cozy times”. Plus, I know you’ll come up with creative ideas for dressing them up! also have a grafted pear and some columnar apple trees. ~ karen! Paid the extra to get 3-5' trees but the box they arrived in wasn't even 2' itself. Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm CST What I always wanted was a fruit tree though. I might even cry and I’d definitely make a scene. ~ karen! Harvest apples the second or third year after transplanting and you truly have a "miracle" tree. It won’t grow too, too much. No pears for me this year. Also, you can get trees with honeycrisp. *Tip: Make sure your mulch is not touching the base of the trunk. Got a 2 ft long 1/8" or smaller diameter twig with some roots. In fact it’s even a little bit better because I’d be able to speak fluent french, my clothes would all be made out of linen and lavender and I’d drive a little ivory convertible which is always in to be repaired by Henri, the village mechanic/clothing designer (French men are multitalented like that). Five-in-one apple trees are sometimes known as fruit cocktail trees. It seems intimidating because you need to you  know, go to the hardware store, but as long as you know exactly what it is you need to buy, it’s as easy as pie. Maybe they do this already? Yes, I love it. This reminds me of an ancient apple tree in my grandparent’s orchard. Aside from its strong, productive benefits, our 5-in-1 Apple Tree is better because it's been grafted and grown for amazing results. If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. I mistakenly bought two 5 in 1 apple trees from No worries. ~ karen. When it grows won’t it require rewiring? One apple tree, with 6 different types of apple branches grafted onto it. Often mail order trees are basically sticks with a root attached. :). ? 3- to 4-Foot ‘Early’ Trees, available from the Arbor Day Foundation StoreTalk about an ‘Early Harvest!’ These apples are firm and crisp, and produce fruit very early.The fruit lasts for weeks in the refrigerator, but like most apples, they taste best when fresh.‘Early Harvest‘ also does well when pollinated with white-flowering crabapples.Growing Zones: 3-8Chill Hours: 800-1000Pollinates with Flowering Groups: 1, 2Height: 20-25’ (dwarf vari… PS I had gotten some blueberry plants from them and they also were pathetically small and struggling to live but they were only a couple bucks. Just in case you don’t know this…if you spread the ashes from your pizza oven or any other remants of a wood fire around your trees in the months before flowering, it will help them flower and fruit more prolifically. Five popular apple varieties carefully selected to grow well together and ripen over an extended season, all grafted onto one tree. Henri sometimes trims them for me). Karen, You should Join, “My Job Depends on Ag” on FB. Videos, Phone: Perfect for smaller gardens! Different types of apple trees thrive in various climates. Fill in the hole completely after watering. Five-in-one apple trees often come as bare-root trees. My hands cringe and I still cry when I think about that job. Plant no closer than 10' apart. My hubby works there, and his 401k is what we’re planning in living off of in our retirement. The author explains how to grow and prune them, so they stay extremely small, yet produce like mad. During dormancy, remove any vigorous, upright stems and weak, damaged or dead branches. Started from seeds on damp paper towel i left in refrigerator for 2 months. We are processing your message. Nope. These are the things you need and what they’ll look like when you get them from the store. I considered planting some along my big side fence but I already have boxwoods there (which coincidentally also surround my French courtyard. and this is the first year I’ll get fruit…planted 3-4 years old. Six popular apple varieties carefully selected to grow well together and ripen over an extended season, all grafted onto one tree. I am off to Google the apple trees here in South Africa… I have the perfect spot for one! I was impressed with how well it shipped. How long before you get the first apples? A fruit nursery about an hours drive from my house started selling 6 in 1 apple trees. FED-EX delivered a very long box, bent in half, left at my gate. I hope you’ll tell Henri hello for me and we’ll make plans to catch up soon. "Everbearing" tree - apples for. I love that. Haven’t got the ivory convertible though – will a battered Renault Espace do ?–thanks-bit-hard-grafting-years.html. Karen, is the trunk too close to the edge of your porch or does it just loom that way from the angle of the photos? "Everbearing" tree - apples for eating, apples for pies, apples for applesauce and apples for freezing. Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm CST I may have been distracted while reading by visions of French Countryside and rippling muscles….lol, Like Robert, I would totally read your romance novel series.

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