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stroke-width: 0.5px; We’re also seeing cutting edge manufacturing methods become commonplace, particularly in the research and development stages of pharma packaging design. The packaging and palletizing and wrapping should allow these pallets to be stacked two high without crushing the goods on the bottom pallet. Now the bottle is also undergoing a redesign to ensure it is fully compatible with bottle-to-bottle recycling,” she says. <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 21 0 R 27 0 R 35 0 R 36 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Cost of Russian Sputnik V vaccine for international markets to be less than $10... R&D spending in the UK pharmaceutical sector has jumped 6.9% annually, New COVID-19 screening technology could test large groups with rapid response, New Normal, New Thinking: Life Post COVID-19, Pfizer suffers huge data breach on unsecured cloud storage, New transatlantic cancer research partnership, Nasal spray to protect against COVID-19 is ready for use in humans, Nurofen launches a 24 hour ibuprofen pain relief patch. Domain knowledge - Returnable packaging as a domain needs a lot of attention. Sustainable packaging is simply the future. Packaging companies play key roles in the consumer supply chain, influencing nearly every phase of marketing and distribution. The most effective packagers use supply chain technology to create competitive advantages, resulting in: Radio frequency identification (RFID) and GPS technology make it possible to track products throughout their entire life cycles. Packaging affects a company’s sales. } Raconteur Media, 2nd FloorPortsoken House, Knowledge-based design has a key role to play in establishing ‘the rulebook’ about how a multitude of factors impact safety, efficacy and patient experience. Ziplock bags and pouches are becoming an increasing popular way to ensure safe and compliant secondary packaging, and the focus is also now heavily on providing that first barrier of defence. In fact, today, more than 80% of people are willing to wear wearable tech. And best practices change frequently, as technology and consumer preferences drive everything from packaging design to logistics solutions. GaN5 power device packaging as well as in-depth insights into power module substrates, technology trends, and supply chain. They are under severe pressure from their customers, who are asking them to cut costs while improving customer service. Sustainable packaging is simply the future, says Santiago Navarro, chief executive and co-founder of Garçon Wines. 'm�>e(T�p����L7��z��2y���?G����!�e����+�����r"h��K���h�}u�(��q��e��֤�qDp��44�1Ҍ�9�F�3]ldbG�����_�a[���(X�;E#��j���h"�(�)n�n]n������w���܄� flex-direction: row; display: flex; I read that other article too. Sitting two or three layers back in the supply chain, they struggle with increasing demand variability in a volatile world. Sorry, the page you requested could not be found. Outfitting goods with traceable identifiers can help increase efficiency within the supply chain, furnishing real-time information relevant to suppliers and ultimately, end-users. Rich Quelch is Global Head of Marketing at Origin. However, there are tremendous and largely untapped opportunities to use these devices in a healthcare setting. Packaging is a key area where pharmaceutical waste can be reduced, however going green doesn’t come without its challenges. Reusability sometimes trumps even reduction because, if we reduce packaging to the point where products are being damaged, we score an own goal, says Debbie Hitchen, director and circular economy lead at consultancy Anthesis. Bundling items, simplifying packages, and distinguishing goods sold online from those available in stores represent three ways manufacturers, retailers, and their packaging partners use consumer data to increase sales and profitability. While cost bumps might be a commercial reality, sadly good communication is not, notes Robert Lockyer, chief executive and founder of Delta Global, innovators in luxury packaging. The four characteristics of a customer-centric supply chain, Gartner says IoT technology is two to five years from “transformational” impact, Five principles for creating a supply chain foreign exchange risk mitigation strategy, The Top Supply Chain Pains That You Should Address For a Healthier 2021, Research Report: New Rules for Supply Chain Insights, Collaboration and Overall Resiliency, Logistics 2030 – Navigating a Disruptive Decade (Year 2 Report). “In 2020 and for many more years to come, the pharmaceutical industry will continue to face the challenges of the past decade”. ;H�4Q��c!� �%y�#����k�E�&�D��Hl���1�!�v�4X�� The core supply chain management issues involve choosing the right product, case, and pallet sizes in a manner that will help increase product sales while lowering inventory, transportation, and packaging costs. Q�”�»�-I��˻h5��:Et"���4�9���bAAl��>����ɑ���w�����4���Dfy�G�]��!2�+���hsSF��}ſ9��/o�L�bD�Bm��R��c�%��[Y&[|Z�� v�b��%����V�v It lowers costs over time, reduces waste and saves on recycling, so multiple benefits are possible, says Ester Van den Bossche, UPS temperature true packaging solutions manager, Europe. Smart Packaging Explained – What’s the Reality? “Smaller pallet loads tend to be produced as manufacturers and retailers are not joined up with regards to handling and storage,” he says. July 7th, 2017 by The supplemental technology helps with everything from order accuracy to facilities planning, trimming time and expense from the consumer supply chain. “We encourage customers to focus on right-sizing, using the minimum amount of packaging to achieve maximum protection,” he says. TVS SCS has been able to integrate existing Supply chain operations with IoT solutions and cater to more than 100 clients in the industry. What we’ve done is to locate the warehouse in the fulfilment house. Many of these forces are also impacting how pharmaceuticals are packaged and delivered to patients. The underlying principle of QbD is that quality is built into a product from the outset. svg { As you can see, there are many complex tradeoffs. This Week in Logistics News (November 14 – 20). As well as researching renewable sugarcane alternatives to traditional plastic, the company ensures all back-end packaging is from sustainable cardboard, uses green bubble wrap and shreds its own paper for reuse as recyclable fill. Properly sized cases also leads to a reduction in store labor associated with fewer trips to the backroom. Digital networking adds further efficiency and reliability to the supply chain, creating a community of stakeholders linked by coordinated information and access to proven providers. Augmented reality enhances production and shipping environments, making it easier and more efficient to move products through the consumer supply chain. height: auto; According to the UN, the release of antibiotics into the environment is accelerating the emergence of more resistant strains. Green strategies may also reap economic benefits. Packaging involves a coordinated system of preparing goods for safe, cost-effective, and efficient movement throughout the whole supply chain until the eventual distribution to the stores and consumers. In the meantime, costs head upstream, says Seb Gauthier, founder and director of bamboo toothbrush subscription company BlueRock.

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