organic apple maggot control

Caterpillar worms, which are generally larger, will usually feed deeper—to the core itself. Affected trees are sprayed from around mid July to pre-harvest with continual applications (per product instructions or mixed using 3 cups (709 ml.) Later season use can suppress apple maggot damage and second generation codling moth, but when used past early July when apple maggot becomes a threat, the increased chance of a bothersome amount of Surround residue remaining on apples at harvest becomes a limitation. Burkholderia rinojensis metabolites (Venerate XC) is labeled for control of pear psyllid and plum curculio and suppression of stink bugs on apple; as well as lepidoptera and plum curculio control and aphid, mealybug, mite, stink bug, thrips, and whitefly suppression on stone fruit. This product is toxic to bees if exposed to direct treatment and is hazardous to fish and aquatic invertebrates. Kaolin clay (Surround), when used properly, has proven an effective organic option to deter pear psylla on pears, and plum curculio and first generation codling moth damage on apples. If an orchard is in a quarantined area that orchard is considered threatened by apple maggot and the orchard must be inspected (in orchard or packing house) by WSDA before the crop can be sold. Formulations with an attractant bait (GF-120) can be used at low rates to manage fruit flies. Highly adaptable, they have also been found in pyracantha and cotoneaster. Hang the jars on the strongest limbs and the fruit flies will become trapped inside. Codling Moth Granulosis Virus (e.g., Carpovirusine, Cyd-X, Madex HP). The METI compound, Apta, is toxic to adult fruit flies as a contact insecticide. Store pesticides in their original containers and keep them out of the reach of children, pets, and livestock. The Diamide compound Exirel and premix Minecto Pro (diamide plus avermectin) are active on apple maggots and labeled for population suppression. This one-hit product protects against common insect attacks and fungal problems. Use pesticides with care. Oils act as physical pesticides by creating a film over eggs, spores, or soft-bodied insects, thus suffocating them. Apple maggot control in organic orchards can be very challenging as there are very few approved insecticides to this control of this pest. To be effective, Surround must be applied in dilute (100 gallons water per acre minimum) applications, and a complete base layer must be present prior to target insect activity in the orchard. 10831 N. Mavinee Drive, Suite 185 The Spinosyn compounds Delegate and Entrust are active on apple maggots when ingested, but have shown to be only fair control materials in field trials with high pest pressure, thus are labeled for apple maggot suppression only. Excerpt from the WSU Crop Protection Guide. Most maggots leave the fruit several days after it has fallen from the tree. They have a low bee-poisoning hazard. Basically, if you want to win the battle without using poisons you are going to have to get down and fight dirty. Apple Maggot Prevention and Treatment. Insecticide options for apple maggot control. After feeding for 1-3 weeks, maggots begin to pupate in plant roots or the surrounding soil. The larvae (1/4 inch long) are white, tapered maggots that tunnel throughout the flesh of fruit.​ ​Sometimes called railroad worm​s​, they ​may be​ found in large numbers and ​will​ quickly reduce a beautiful apple to a brown, pulpy mess. After the maggots hatch comes punch two. This information is for educational purposes only. Jeffrey W. Dwyer, Director, MSU Extension, East Lansing, MI 48824. Thanksgiving Holiday Closure - Nov 26 - 29, 2020. Apple maggots can ruin an entire crop, leaving you at a loss as to what to do. Apply them only to plants, animals, or sites listed on the labels.

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