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[111] He tried to leave Kuraigana Island after discovering that Luffy had fought in the Battle of Marineford and lost his brother, Ace, right in front of him, as he worried for his captain’s well-being. We know that Kohza will always go above and beyond for the love of his country, but perhaps that includes Vivi as well. [38] He also has the tendency to recruit people he just met, such as Brook,[39] and again with numerous zombies he found interesting whilst on Thriller Bark. [58] Luffy has also frequently carried her to safety, via his Gomu Gomu Rocket, although she is not fond of this kind of escape. They first met in Impel Down when Luffy infiltrated the Marine base to rescue his brother, Ace, who Jinbe had been imprisoned with. Occupations: [193] When Nami came to him in tears, and told him the real reason why Robin left them, he reassured and promised her that he would not let Robin die. When she fell sick with a mysterious illness she sided with Luffy when he wished to carry her to the doctor who lives on top of the mountain on Drum Island and openly stated her complete faith in him getting her there safely, despite the extreme risks. The whole series is built upon finding your true "Nakama" and forcing romantic ties would sort of deflate that overall message. [225] Initially believing they would not want him to join, he became overjoyed when he was invited aboard the Straw Hats’ ship to sail with them, becoming their newest member. [266] When a starving Gin entered the restaurant and threatened the staff there he was kicked out, however, Sanji still gave him a dish to eat despite his actions. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? Anime pre-timeskip Luffy has made such a profound impact on him that he has mostly shed his cowardly personality, although some of it still remains, having become more comfortable and adept at fighting and adventuring. Spike seems to be a strong, firm believer that as Chris' first mate, he has to be unflinchingly loyal to his captain at all times, unless Chris has stepped out of line somehow. This has been seen during Luffy's numerous battles, such as his fights with Arlong, Enel,[162] Hody Jones,[163] Sanji, Big Mom's army,[164] and Katakuri. It is because of this that Brook’s loyalty to Luffy is extremely high and prefers to only take orders from him, as he initially declined Momonosuke's request to provide entertainment, stating he only takes orders from his captain. On top of this, they all feel a debt of gratitude towards Luffy for being responsible for either reviving or initiating their own respective dreams. [145] Notably, Luffy holds a grudge on Nami's behalf for all the suffering she went through as he initially refused to save Hatchan because he is a former member of the Arlong Pirates,[194] however, he agreed to save him after Nami wished for him to do so. Nami getting frustrated with Luffy's usual silliness. Well, other than the fact she looks like his dead childhood friend, which is about the worst romantic reason we can think of. [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? And so, when he and his friends come across a new marvel or phenomenon in the One Piece world, Spike will usually always be the first to accept it as reality, no matter what the context may be. Spike has also shown that he has a great deal of respect and trust for Chris, his captain (possibly due to being the first person to join his crew, shortly before obtaining The Jolly Holiday and recruiting Timber.) [112] Zoro implied during the Long Ring Long Land Arc that Luffy is the sole reason for him being a pirate and stated he'd have no reason to continue being one if he could not have him as his captain. He almost died because of it, but managed to survive thanks to Trafalgar D. Water Law. Pierce's true colors finally showed themselves once Spike had eaten the Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Kentrosaurus that Pierce intended to sell for a large sum of profit. Realizing Luffy's message, he chose to spend the next two years training with Ivankov and the Okamas to get stronger for Luffy's sake. Brook is the former musician, and acting captain, of the Rumbar Pirates. [284] When Sanji had returned to the crew, following the events on Whole Cake Island, Luffy became overtly excited when he said he would cook something for them. There's a real trend that if two characters share any similarities at all, people think they're destined for each other. Nonetheless, they deeply care for one another and balance each other out, Luffy is the fighter and Nami is the thinker. Aside from himself, Spike does show love and compassion for those he's become close to. Yet, all it takes is both of them using swords for fans to rant and rave about how they belong together. When aroused, Spike seems to be more expressive and social than usual. English Name: For more information please refer to the documentation. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? [197] He gave Nami his hat again, before he continued his fight with Enel, to reassure her after she began to panic. [130] When the crew first met Princess Vivi, in Luffy's absence, Nami negotiated the agreement with Igaram to return her to Alabasta, thereby instigating the entire Alabasta Saga. Also, this was Spike's explanation for why he dreamed of going out to sea in order to find One Piece and become the Pirate King. [56] After he witnessed Kaido destroy Oden Castle, where his crew was hiding, he flew into a rage and attacked him.[57]. Luffy values Vivi to such a degree that he was willing to help her fight Crocodile and save her kingdom, and got angry at the Shichibukai for the torment he had put Vivi and her kingdom through. [174][175] Luffy was determined to have Nami back in his crew and completely disregarded her request to leave her village, despite angering her,[176] and chose not to listen to Nojiko tell the story of Nami's past as nothing she could tell him would change his mind. This is by far the most niche pairing on this list, but Baby 5 just deserves happiness and we're glad she got it. [56][251] After the time-skip, he has gained a lot more confidence in Usopp's abilities and stopped Trafalgar Law from going after Caesar Clown because he knew Usopp could comfortably capture him. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. When he had reached his lowest point and fell into a pit of despair after the death of Ace, he was able to recover when Jinbe reminded him of his crew and, realizing he has something to live for, cried out that he wanted to see them all again. Gum-Gum Fruit So, we'll open the floodgates and gush about some fan pairings. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Despite her concerns, she is reassured by the strength Luffy possesses and is left in shock at his raw power, and was relieved when he finally arrived to save her, as well as Nami and Zoro, from Mr 3's candle wax. They both also possess a strong sweet tooth, as shown when they arrived on Cacao Island and ate Charlotte Pudding's cafe. 4. This attitude still endears her to him and she was seen occasionally engaging in the crew's banter that tends to revolve around Luffy. Thus, he was extremely angry that Luffy was so casually willing to abandon it. Whenever food goes missing his first suspect is always Luffy. [261] They both share a similar desire of meeting the Red-Haired Pirates, with Luffy wanting to reunite with Shanks and Usopp wanting to reunite with his father. [161] Robin is also the only member of the crew to have worn Luffy's straw hat without his permission when she took it off him when they first met, which irritated Luffy.[296]. Poor Perona, she just can't seem to romance anyone. 1,500,000,000[16]500,000,000[17][18]400,000,000[19]300,000,000[20]100,000,000[21]30,000,000[22] The Straw Hats will invade Mary Geoise to get the last Road Poneglyph. [94] She also has a fundamental understanding of how Luffy's mind works and has come to be one of the very few people who is capable of helping Luffy understand information or scenarios that are originally too complex for him. Nami deeply loved her adoptive mother Bell-mère as a child and would even pick the tangerines while still green just to please her and she even picked up a few of Belle-mere's personality quirks (like flirtation and comic aggression). [206] When she received Luffy's message to wait two years she was notably the only one frustrated by this decision[207] but decided to spend her time to get stronger and become a more capable navigator for Luffy's sake, believing she owed him so much for all he has done for her. She traveled with the Straw Hats to various locations, such as Little Garden and Drum Island, and throughout their adventures grew very close to Luffy. She betrayed Luffy and even wished him dead before he formed a crew. She met Luffy again on Whiskey Peak and attempted to fight the Straw Hat Pirates but this comically ended in failure. Others are against it because they think Sanji should remain alone or get together with any of his other obvious pairings such as Pudding or Viola.

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