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Old City heeft de volgende openingstijden: Moet ik van tevoren boeken om Old City te bezoeken? Bern ist, Da kommt man fast nicht vorbei wenn das an der UNESCO Liste steht. At the time of its construction (1218-1220), it served as the city gate that marked the western boundary of Bern.

The new bridge was larger than the, still standing, old bridge, called Untertorbrücke, which had been built in 1461 to 1487.

The Moses fountain, located on Münsterplatz (German: Cathedral Plaza) was rebuilt in 1790–1791. Bern is a city of superlatives: most beautiful flower city of Europe, birthplace of Einstein's relativity theory, cradle of Toblerone chocolate and home to the largest Paul Klee collection in the world. Visit the alpine village of Zermatt with it's typical chalet style, surrounded by high alpine peaks, the Matterhorn in face all the time.  With your tourguide you discover the old part of Zermatt and the Gornergrat mountain, from where you will have all this "postcard" views to the Matterhorn. 

Our tourguide accompanies you on this tour from the starting point, shows you the changing landscape and answers your questions about the country and its people.

Treffen Sie Ihre Auswahl und buchen Sie eine Tour! The first Bundesrathaus or Parliament House was built in 1852–1857 by the city of Bern in a New-Renaissance style. According to Tripadvisor travelers, these are the best ways to experience Old City: Bern-City helicopter flight from Airport Belp (From $421.85) Private Bern City Walking Tour (From $538.58) Best of Bern in 60 minutes - Discover the city with a Local!

From 1622 to 1634 a series of defensive walls and strong points were added outside the Christoffelturm.

De bruggen zijn niet te missen! Uw tourguide leidt u naar uw trein terug naar Zürich. However, excavations at Muri near Bern revealed a Roman bronze figurine of the bear goddess “Dea Artio”. At shortly before 5 pm on 14 May 1405, fire broke out in Brunngasse.

Bahnhofplatz 10aPostfach3001 BernPhone  Nowhere else in Bern has quite so much Mediterranean flair as the “Café Postgasse”. The Old City (German: Altstadt) is the medieval city center of Bern, Switzerland. Or does it depict the Greek god Cronus, who married his sister Rhea and was so afraid that one of his children would one day dethrone him that he ate all his heirs? Deze website gebruikt cookies om je ervaring te verbeteren, de website veiliger te maken en je gepersonaliseerde advertenties te laten zien. - Meeting room with natural light source - Projector / screen / 2x flip charts / pin board /... Price Information for "Special Daily Rate for Meetings".

[4], The first expansion of Bern occurred as the city was founded.

Onze lokale gids beantwoordt graag al uw vragen gedurende de dag. Chronos, the god of time, turns his hourglass and lifts his sceptre in time with the ringing of the hour. Although each of these magnificent fountains has its own history and meaning, they all represent the wealth of the historic middle classes. This includes the Rütlischwur or the foundation of Switzerland in 1291 and figures such as William Tell, Arnold von Winkelried and Nicholas of Flüe. A "Dance of Death" was intended as a reminder that death would come to everyone regardless of wealth or status, and may have been a comfort in a world filled with plagues and wars. Despite a major fire in 1405, after which much of the city was rebuilt in sandstone, and substantial construction efforts in the eighteenth century, Bern's old city has retained its medieval character. [5] Bern owes its coherent planning concept and its famous arcades to a disaster. This is where boats and rafts docked, and the water also attracted tannery workshops, which stank abominably. The area chosen by Berchtold V was a hilly peninsula surrounded by the Aare on three sides. To see the Matterhorn live - it's a must for every Switzerland traveller. A wood bridge was built over the Aare which allowed increased trade and limited settlements on the east bank of the river. We recommend booking Old City tours ahead of time to secure your spot. The Louis XVI style basin was designed by Niklaus Sprüngli. There are plenty of theories and interpretations, yet to this day it has not been completely established where the name Bern derives from. Enjoy With Us. A walk through the lower part of the Old City and the Mattequartier District, Take a look behind the hands of this centuries-old clockwork, Conventional time measurement and Einstein’s insights into the definition of time, Bern, the city of 100 fountains and the River Aare, The little brother of the Bundeshaus (Federal Palace), A park offering unique views of the Old City, Where Rudolf Lindt created his famous Lindt chocolate, Switzerland's largest late-medieval church, Discover the Berner Münster in all its facets, Dining in the most splendid of vaulted cellars, Bernese cultural history and Spanish cuisine, “Rooted in Bern – Connected to the world”, Permanent exhibition at the Bernisches Historisches Museum. Around 1270–1275 an additional 7 m (23 ft) was added to the tower to allow it to overlook the surrounding houses. meer. Best of Bern in 60 minutes - Discover the city with a Local! This was a customs house and control post at the then newly-created crossing of the River Aare. Samen reis je typisch in Zwitserse stijl per trein naar Visp (2 uur) en vandaar door de Coghwheel-trein naar Zermatt. [36] The Runner has moved several times since its creation, and until about 1663 was known as the Brunnen beim unteren Tor (Fountain by the lower gate). This church was built atop ancient foundations at the spot where Bern originated when the city’s founder, Berthold V von Zähringen, erected a castle by the name of Nydegg in 1191. The original Nydegg Castle was built around 1190 by either Duke Berchtold V. von Zähringen[30] or his father Berchtold IV. Wenn Sie auf Tripadvisor buchen, können Sie bis zu 24 Stunden vor Beginn der Tour gegen vollständige Rückerstattung stornieren.

In damp weather, one can still see a ring-shaped mark beneath Mühlenplatz where a tanner’s vat once stood. The fountain was built in 1545–46 on the site of a fifteenth-century wooden fountain. [27], The Parliament Building (German: Bundeshaus, French: Palais fédéral, Italian: Palazzo federale, Latin: Curia Confoederationis Helveticae) is built along the southern edge of the peninsula and straddles the location of the former Käfigturm wall. Alle Häuser sehen aus wie Bunker und Sie sehen alle gleich aus. The second oldest neighbourhood, the Innere Neustadt (Inner New City), was built during the city's first westward expansion in 1255, between the first western wall guarded by the Zytglogge tower and the second wall, guarded by the Käfigturm. The Matte area at the riverside features three artificial channels, through which Aare water was diverted to power three city-owned watermills built in 1360. Both the position of the town church and the shape of the eaves were typical for a Zähringer city.[4]. The Zytglogge's exterior was repainted by Gotthard Ringgli and Kaspar Haldenstein in 1607–10, who introduced the large clock faces that now dominate the east and west façades of the tower. You really see it all in 2 hours.

[36], The statue has been widely copied in towns throughout Switzerland.

The twin rays of light come from one longstanding tradition that Moses instead grew horns.

Bern’s 11 historic figurine fountains are splendid examples of Renaissance art and still retain their original design. Until the construction of the Nydeggbrücke in 1840, the Untertorbrücke was the only bridge crossing the Aare near Bern. By the early nineteenth century, Bern had expanded as far as it could within the old city walls. And so the name was determined: a bear, “Bär” in German, “Bärn” in Bernese German, which in turn is “Bern” in standard German. Observation Decks & Towers, Points of Interest & Landmarks, Architectural Buildings, Sacred & Religious Sites, Lookouts, Government Buildings, Flea & Street Markets, Points of Interest & Landmarks. In Badegasse (“Bath Alley”), the Mattenlift takes you up to the city’s minster.

The old Untertorbrücke bridge – which for a long time was the only means of crossing the River Aare for miles around – will take you onwards into the Mattequartier District. [35] The interior is supported by 14 monolithic columns made of sandstone and has a free-standing pulpit in the northern part of the nave. Uw tourguide leidt u daarna naar de Matterhorn-trein, de coghwheel-trein die u naar de berg Gornergrat brengt, de beste plek voor een prachtig uitzicht op de Matterhorn. However, as the city grew, people began settling outside the city walls.

We adviseren u om tours van Old City van tevoren te boeken om uw plek vast te leggen.

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