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The viscosity of a liquid as a function of temperature can be approximated with the Andrade correlation. Lubricating oil producers normally publish the viscosity … Any mineral oil is supplied with the specification of kinematic viscosity values at two different temperatures, usually at 40°C and at 100°C (or at 100°F and at 210°F). They can use a jet of oil (oil spray) or convey the oil mixed with compressed air in the form of an oil fog—also called oil mist. To address this particular problem, motor oils are designed to have a high viscosity index. ISO are specified at 40°C AGMA are specified at 40°C SAE 75w, 80w, 85, 5w, & 10w specified at low temperature. Viscosity Evolution Versus Temperature For Diffe Oil Types. The synthetic ISO VG 32 runs considerably cooler than the mineral oil equivalent. High pressure viscosity coefficient crude oil kinematic viscosity viscosity oelcheck plant ering lubrication 101. The viscosity of hot oil is measured using different test parameters than when the oil is cold, so the numbers after the “W” don’t relate to the numbers in front of the “W”. Some will know from their experience with automobiles that thicker oils, such as Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 30, are more appropriate for warm summer months. Graph 1 – Viscosity and Temperature relationship for an oil. But that is unrealistically thick for most process pump bearings. The pros and cons of natural materials lignum vitae and rubber. The difference between 10W-30 and a 10W-40 is the high temperature viscosity. Part 2 of this series will examine which temperatures are reasonable, which are high and which are out of allowable range for rolling element bearing housings and pump bearing housings. Recent developments should aid end users with decision to use oil mist. NOTE: Equations above are for fluid with specific gravity 0.876 (like petroleum oil) and at fluids temperature 37.8°C (100°F). How Oil Viscosity & Temperature Influence Bearing Function, Key Considerations for Choosing Water-Lubricated Bearings, Water Contamination in Bearing Lubrication, Pure Oil Mist Lubricates Electric Motor Bearings, Centrifugal Pumps: The Condition Monitoring Comparison Guide, Replacing Metallic Wear Components with Composites in Centrifugal Pumps, Oil Moisture Measurement for Industrial Quality Control, In-depth articles on pump industry issues, Expert insights into important topics in the field, MRC "Engineer's Handbook," General Catalog 60, Copyright TRW, 1982, Bloch, H.P. By the time water becomes visible in oil, damage is already occurring. Based on this viscosity range, the temperature operating window (TOW) chart, shown in Figure 2, was developed for straight-grade hydraulic fluids. He may be reached at heinzpbloch@gmail.com. Unnecessarily viscous oils will become hot. Find out which technologies work best to keep centrifugal pumps from causing downtime in critical industrial processes. When properly specified, bearing housing lubrication quality-enhancing components can be effective in preventing contamination. Viscosity to Temperature Chart Clearco Pure Silicone Fluids www.clearcoproducts.com 215 639-2640 Clearco Pure Silicone Fluids Viscosities can be related horizontally only Viscosities based on 96 VI single grade oils. Miscellaneous - Engineering related topics like Beaufort Wind Scale, CE-marking, drawing standards and more; Viscosity - Documents giving viscosity of different kind of chemical species at varying conditions; Related Documents . Viscosity is a measure of a lubricating oil’s resistant to flow. Note that a bearing's operating temperature must be known to determine what ISO VG is needed. However, thicker oils have their place, and MRC had to cover all the bases with their 100 SUS rule-of-thumb. Motor Oil Viscosity Index "Pump Wisdom: Problem Solving for Operators and Specialists," John Wiley and Sons, Hoboken, NJ, 2011. Given two known temperature-viscosity points, the viscosity of a liquid can be calculated for a target temperature. They start with the right lubricant.

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