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;-) Good luck with your trees! The choice of trees for sale in my area is very limited and I want to make sure I get trees that bloom at the same time so cross pollination works. Norland apple (zone 2) – A very hardy medium-sized apple that is good for fresh eating or making applesauce. These rootstocks will grow well in areas that trees are generally planted for wildlife. We offer a wide selection of apples for sale. Norland Apple Tree Info: (‘Rescue’ x ‘Melba’) Saskatchewan, Canada, 1979. Some are very susceptible to common diseases that will result in them not being productive. Here at Blue Hill Wildlife Nursery you will find a wide selection of bare root apple trees for sale. With its “Southern Roots”, many people would think that the Yates apple isn’t a good Northern apple. One of the great things about being in zone 3 is thenumber of varieties we have to pick from is small!This site has a great pollinator tool, but it doesn't have many zone 3 trees: This tree is thriving well in temperatures down to -25 degrees, making this a solid apple tree into zone 4. These wild deer apple trees will resemble the ones growing around old farm steads, in fence rows and over grown fields often seen here in the North East. Liberty apple tree is a vigorous fast growing apple tree that is immune to most common apple tree diseases including apple scab and cedar apple rust. Norland Apple Bare Root Trees for Sale Bloom Time: Early Zone: 2 Root Stock: Standard Storage: 8 weeks Caliper: 11/16 Parents: Rescue x Melba Comments: Natural semi-dwarf, very precocious and productive, small to medium fruit, good cooking and eating, very hardy, pick prior to … In a no spray situation yates has excellent resistance to apple scab, fireblight, powdery mildew and good resistance to cedar apple rust. Dale Olson Int'l Falls, I haven't been able to find a chart. Cold-hardy apple trees are the key to success in the North. For order subtotals between $400 and $800, enter coupon code 10%OFF for a 10% discount! All shippable fruit trees will average between 3-4’ tall, not Attractive color The fruit from liberty apple drops from mid-September through mid-October. I have also chosen to propagate these varieties because they are productive and have excellent drop times. The disease resistance, drop times, taste and fruit production will vary as these are not grafted trees. One of the earliest summer apples to ripen. Thanks again. … (A 15% discount automatically applies on orders over $800. Looking to buy Norland apple trees online? Crab apple trees include: Chestnut and Centennial. This is great, thanks. Chestnut and Centennial are considered very good pollinators for most trees. Hardiness Zones 4 - 8. All apple trees will be available for delivery as bare root stock in spring 2018. NORLAND APPLE (Malus domestica) Red striped fruit of good quality for fresh eating or cooking. These apple trees are not conservation grade seedlings, Therefore these will be 3' trees with 1/4'' to 3/8'' diameter. This tree has a great drop time of October, November, and well into December. Yates Apple tree will reach a mature height of 20'+. This tree will reach a mature height of 20'+. A very cold hardy variety that is good for fresh eating or applesauce. Yates apple is a heavy annually productive grafted apple tree. Hey, what happened to "I am only planting 2 trees this year?" Planting the wrong apples will be overwhelming because of the effort it will take to actually have a productive orchard. This makes for many choices to be made when buying an apple tree to plant for wildlife because no two apple varieties are the same. I like the Prairie Magic. apple tree that is probably the most widely planted standard size apple tree for deer. This is really hard to read but has some crabs on it: © 2019, All Rights Reserved - Blue Hill Wildlife Nursery. I think any crab should work as long as you don't try to mix it with a late blooming apple, which you are not. late October and continue through November and into December. The choice of trees for sale in my area is very limited and I want to make sure I get trees that bloom at the same time so cross pollination works.

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