myths and facts about spreading germs

You can get infections or illnesses from sitting directly on a public toilet seat. False. "If I were forced to be bitten by a dog or a human, I'd take a dog," said Hendley. In the supermarket, the most germy place is the shopping carts. To prevent colds and other viruses from spreading, make hand-washing a priority. "The speed of action of these ingredients that are added is rather slow, so that they are not there on the hands long enough to present the desired level of reductions," said Sattar. ABCNews OnCall+ spoke with experts about some of the popular myths about germs that tend to spread as fast as the bacteria themselves this time … Bacteria become resistant when they are exposed to antibiotics, but hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, and they contain no antibiotics. By rinsing in soap and water for at least 20 seconds, we aren't supposed to be killing bacteria, but simply getting germs and viruses off our hands. A 2009 study published in the Journal of Food Safety showed that saliva on chips does contaminate chip dip as a result of double-dipping. Orchestra on ReverbNation. Fact or Myth? Germs can breed wherever you see standing water, such as the asparagus containers, so be sure to wash your veggies—and your hands–when you get home. But the knowledge that sitting directly on the seat doesn't spread the germs doesn't seem likely to make it more appealing. If you heard this myth, it probably came from a dog lover as they justified why they let their pet lick their face. Perhaps the best way to clean sponges is by microwaving them, but it's important to ensure that they are wet before putting them in. And encourage your little one to wash his hands frequently, or wash them for him. Myth. Sponges typically don't help keep your kitchen cleaner, they just spread germs around. False.,, Wash Your Hand the Right Way to Help Your Family Stay Safe, We recommend you review the third-party site’s privacy policy, as their privacy practices may differ from P&G. Fact or Myth? Myth, says Dr. Charles Gerba, author of The Germ Freak’s Guide to Outwitting Colds and Flu. We all try to avoid contact with germs to prevent illnesses such as colds, the flu, and other infections. Mostly fact: Chlorine and other pool-cleaning chemicals kill bacteria that cause illnesses—but not all germs are eliminated immediately. "[The cutting boards] are about the same," said Gerba. As to the rumor that dust accumulates inside, he said his team had taken apart multiple hand driers in places like bus stations and busy shopping centers and also found nothing. Airplanes are a major source of contamination because of the recirculated air. While the alcohol rub stays on the hands and is not meant to be rinsed off, the antibacterial triclosan is rinsed off before it can do all its work and then enters the water supply. Get Your Questions Answered at the OnCall+ Cold & Flu Center. Toys that are shared by children, such as in a day care setting or after a playdate, probably should be washed frequently in warm, soapy water, and air dried. "It's always good to look for systems that don't require you to touch," she said, because the buttons will accumulate germs. The 5-second rule applies; if you pick up dropped food quickly it’s safe to eat. "You get a great spray out of the toilet when you flush it," said Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. The recirculated air, however, is not as much of a concern as it may once have been. Fact or Myth? But if you want to sterilize your sponge in the microwave, beware: a dry sponge can catch fire. When you're in the water, the best way to reduce your risk of spreading or acquiring the virus is to keep a distance of at least 6 feet from other people and to wash your hands often when you're done swimming. Maybe not. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. Fact or Myth? Gerba's research showed a spray coming out of toilets when they are flushed. He saw them everywhere: microscopic swarms of bacteria, parasites and viruses on every surface, infecting his … "There is the possibility that someone handled the cosmetic who had pathogens on their hands or a skin infection or an eye infection. When a pacifier hits the floor, reach for a clean one until the contaminated “binky” can be washed with soap and hot water. "Their accumulation in the environment or chronic exposure to them on a long-term basis, especially for children, may have a long-term risk that we will not discover until later on," he said.

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