most peaceful country in africa

17. 16. The educational system in Morocco is organized in such a way that primary education is free and it is compulsory. Speaking of Africa, we often recall ancient tribes and national parks of wildlife. Liberia (1.889) Liberia is a country in western part of Africa. The cleanliness of any city depends on both the government and local residents. Stretching among picturesque natural landscapes, it is not only stunning, but the air in it is also absolutely pure. With the creation of a large trading system, rapid transit, and leadership in a recycling program, the southern African city continues to pursue a line of environmental foresight. Many areas of Cape Town are environmentally friendly. It has a score of 1.779, 4 positions up … In sub-Saharan Africa, Mauritius holds the top spot for the most peaceful country, and placed 24th in the overall rankings worldwide. Senegal (1.883) Senegal is a French speaking country located in West Africa. This is another country in Southern Africa known for peace. Namibia. The government must provide the city with a sufficient number of urns, proper sewage, and rainfall drain, and residents maintain cleanliness in the city: sort the garbage and throw it in the designated areas, etc. The official language of the country is Spanish and therefore is a prime spot for tourists from Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. It has a population of ‎24,430,325. Malawi. Other notable tourist attraction in the country include the Serengeti National Park, Mikumi National Park Selous Game Reserve, Ngongoro crater amongst others. Madagascar is an island nation that lies along the south east coast of Africa. The landlocked Southern Africa nation was formerly referred to as Northern Rhodesia before its independence in 1964. Madagascar is ranked the 8 th most peaceful country in Africa and takes the 55 th position in the world. Of course, one would think about smoking chimneys of factories, the dirt on the streets, unpleasant smells, and noise. The parking in the city center is costly, so many citizens leave their cars in the parking outside the city, and get to Libreville by local buses, which are rare but regularly go to the settlement. Intensive use of public transport in Johannesburg makes it possible to occupy one of the first places on the highest level of air quality in the index, Nairobi is the most populous metropolis in East Africa, as well as the largest city and capital of Kenya. It ranks as the 4th largest island in the world. All these measures not only help to save money but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The city is the first place to go if you want to see the beauty and purity of Africa. READ ALSO: The most beautiful city in Africa in 2018. Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region in the Republic of Ghana. Dar es Salaam is the political and economic center, as well as the largest city of Tanzania. Checkout the peaceful places! Gaborone is the capital of Botswana. But if you look at the list of the cleanest cities in Africa, you will see that it is still possible to live in clean environment-friendly way. Madagascar offers free education to all children between the age of 6 to 13 years and can be considered as being economically stable. Mauritius (the 20th place in the GPI list) Anele is a web developer and a Pan-Africanist who believes bad leadership is the only thing keeping Africa from taking its rightful place in the modern world. Europe remains the most tranquil region with 13 nations ranking in the top 20. Equatorial Guinea. Namibia has good road routes, and The Desert Express tourist train runs between the capital Windhoek and the resort city of Swakopmund, stopping at especially unique places along the way. Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial is the only university in the country. 3. Tanzania is a one-party dominant country. Already going down the airplane at Tambo International Airport, you will understand why Johannesburg is considered a world-class city. The Gambia. In the stunning architecture and monuments of Libreville, the undoubted French imprint is read. Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries in Africa Africa is the second most populous continent in the world; more than 1.1 billion people live in this large continent. Despite the abundance of skyscrapers, some areas literally immersed in lush and greenery. What is usually associated with a big city? 11. On the outskirts of the city is the famous Bardo Museum, famous for its huge collection of exhibits from the Carthaginian, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab epoch. 4. Top 10 most developed cities in Nigeria in 2018, Which are the best cities in Nigeria? The city is located near the equator, most of the year there is tropical weather. After all, most locals prefer this type of transportation. By the way, right next to the city is Table Mountain, which is ranked as one of the seven new wonders of nature. Its main campus is situated 5 miles from the capital Malabo, with its Medical School at Bata (the next major city after Malabo) on the mainland. READ ALSO: Dirtiest city in Africa - Top 10, Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, A quick 'where should I live quiz' to help you choose the perfect destination, Top 10 most developed states in Nigeria in 2019, 10 dirtiest and most polluted places in Nigeria in 2018, The most beautiful city in West Africa according to 2018 ranking. 10. The landlocked country in the east of the continent ranks as the 45th most peaceful country in the world. Speaking of Africa, we often recall ancient tribes and national parks of … Malawi. The country known as the ‘Star and Key of the Indian Ocean’ has the highest population density on the continent. The central business district, which is home to many creative people and ecologically conscious residents, has many solar energy systems and grows its own vegetables. Although in recent years the tendency to care for the environment begins to gain momentum and gradually captures many cities in the world. The city lies on the shores of the Indian Ocean, famous for its local university, the largest and oldest state institution of higher education in Tanzania, and the Technological Institute. This spiritual and eccentric place some call the “city of winds.” Cape Town has received several international tourist awards. Currently, half of the city and surrounding areas covered with trees and shrubs that absorb carbon dioxide and release large amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere.

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