most dangerous countries in africa

People who travel to the country should be aware of violent crimes such as homicide, sexual assaults, armed robbery, and carjacking, among others. Your email address will not be published. South Sudan's President President Salva Kiir has for the first time appointed a woman to chair the governing body of a university. may be you need to update your list . This GPI report is drafted and released by the IEP Institute for Economics and Peace. The country’s border with both Sudan and Libya are the worst to travel because of terrorism. Also, terrorists are more likely to conduct activities in the country, including the kidnapping of foreigners. This measures the comparative environments of countries for their peacefulness. […] every region in the world, from the Middle East to Latin America, South Asia to Europe, And in Africa – Where it is […]. August of 2012 saw the passage of a provisional constitution. The country went under strict Islamic Sharia law in 1983 under the leadership of Gaafar Nimeiry. The struggle became more severe because of a corresponding military coup in March of the same year. Street crime is common in Tanzania especially in the former capital ‘Dar es Salaam’ where mugging, bag snatching, vehicle theft, “smash and grab” attacks on vehicles, armed robbery, burglary, and home invasions are common. Nigeria today has been called the “Giant among African Countries” because of its enormous population and powerful national economy. The 2017 ranking is based on perceptions of visitors of the website over the past three years, said Numbeo. Thanks for your observations. If you notice an error or typo that needs correction, please don’t hesitate to contact us for immediate action. The most common crimes tend to be crimes of opportunity (pickpocketing, purse snatching, burglaries, and similar crimes) perpetrated by criminals who operate primarily in high-traffic and high-density areas. It has been made more savage by the participation of numerous Islamic and tribal militias. This Congo (formerly called Zaire) is also the 11th biggest territorially on earth. Fighting erupted between the Tuareg and various other rebel factions. And we think we will get investment? The economy is also the 24th biggest in the globe per the IMF 2020 estimate. Crime, kidnapping, and terrorism are rampant in Mali. Its capital and largest city is Tripoli on the northwest coast. Though sadly, the terrorist group has sent up to 20,000 Nigerians to their early grave. Democratic Republic of Congo – 155 GPI Rank, 3. Hi Anand, you are right! There are a shocking two million children at risk of starvation, while the conflict has forced the displacement of over 4.5 million inhabitants. South Africa has very high crime levels (South African cities also dominate the city rankings) with a crime rating of 77.49 out of a possible crime score of 100, according to Numbeo as of January 2020. The national economy is built upon mining and agriculture. According to a US State report, Violent crime , such as armed robbery, home invasion, kidnapping, and sexual assault, is common, especially in larger cities including Kampala and Entebbe. It took only a month for the French-led Malian national forces to retake the majority of the northern rebel territory. The President and the Prime Minister have generally done lots of things which have pushed the country into violence, arbitrary arrests have also taken place, looting and ransacking public meetings were also banned in the country and so many other things. This index became initially launched back in the year 2009. The crisis has led to many killings, many mass atrocities. Numbeo rated the crime in Angola at 64.97 out of a possible crime score of 100, indicating it as being high. Over 90 million Nigerians are less than 18 years old. This list was being compiled based on the degree of instability and danger that commonly erupt in these countries. War and killings have taken place a lot in Sudan even to the peace agreement that was signed between one of the strongest rebel groups and the government did not hold. The large territory of the DRC is based on the Congo River Basin. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While there are few cases of terrorism in DRC, the country has been struggling with high rates of crime and civil unrest. Libya experiences a lot of terrorism, kidnappings, armed conflicts, and civil unrest. Many do not really know about the Central Africa Republic, but they are one of the most dangerous countries in Africa. Your email address will not be published. READ ALSO: List of the most popular volunteer programs for Africa you can join. This has increased the rate of political conflicts. So Zimbabwe is ranked 7th on the most dangerous countries in Africa? It is illegal for journalists to conduct their activities without proper documentation from the South Sudanese Media Authority. Bangui, the country’s capital and largest city, has many roadblocks set up by armed gangs. Crime in Angola rose by 57% in 2018. The way the GPI index works is through carefully quantifying peacefulness on a national and regional scale. In general, most of the more dangerous countries are in central and north Africa. To create Numbeo’s ranking for criminality, the online database took into consideration car theft, drug use, and corruption. But over the years, many parts of Northern Nigeria have experienced a lot of crime. Malawi Is Nearly As Safe As Italy. In fact, Mali is the third greatest gold producer on the continent to this day. This has made Congo be in the 5th position as the most dangerous country in Africa.

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