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Mr. Lax's deck looks much different from the other decks featured over the past few weeks. There's a third category of decks that features similarities with both, yet doesn't quite fit the mold of either one. It is also worth noting that trading red for white cards gives the deck … They clear the way for your threats to take over or stop combo players from going off early. This is a creature that's capable of unloading a lot of damage fast, and it can win the game all on its own if the opponent fails to answer it. After all, attacking the opponent's life total isn't part of the plan, so unless Nissa can somehow manage to take the opponent from 20 to 0 all on her own, she hasn't accomplished much. You don’t want too many 4-drops with a playset of Dark Confidants, but both of these are good options against any creature deck. For example, Ari Lax's Abzan deck would have trouble against the card Hornet Queen in Game 1, having to spend multiple cards to answer it. Unlike Gideon, the giant creature she creates sticks around through your opponent's turn, able to eat a smaller creature rather than trade with it. . Last but not least, in terms of incidental card advantage, we have the Planeswalkers. Decks aren’t built deal with multiple Pack Rats, so it can completely take over in fair matchups. Others might have trouble answering particular cards or combinations of cards. When you’ve got tons of 1-for-1 removal and creatures that can push your advantage, all you need to do is draw extra cards. In Modern, the most prominent midrange decks still adhere to the black-green base, but no color combination is off limits to Standard brewers. On turn three, you really want to be adding a creature to the battlefield, but Courser continues to pull its weight for as long as it remains in play. Welcome, Guest! Gavin Verhey got his hands on Secret Lair's Year of the Rat drop and immediately began plotting on how to infest his Commander games with the cute vermin. Despite sharing virtually no cards in common and the games playing out in a vastly different way, the principles behind Abzan and Jeskai are largely the same. Landscape, compared to Krosan Verge, features the important ability to search for any type of basic land. Along those lines, today's preview card is one that might be too slow for aggressive decks, but that has the potential to be a game changer for a midrange or control deck. You know what your opponents are doing, so how are you going to fight back? But I am here to say that Abzan Midrange is still a viable deck in 2020. Complete Comment Tutorial! With plenty of 1-mana interactive spells, you can easily flood the board with Rats while still casting spells. Help | Contact | We call these midrange decks, which are built with both offense and defense in mind, and have the ability to adapt to whatever situation they face. Along the way, we'll look at a handful of current Standard cards that suit the midrange plan of attack—or not attack, as the case may be. The plan sounds straightforward until we see the deck packs 4 Gifts Ungiven, a card we haven’t seen in Modern midrange since the days of Solar Flare! It has a ton of grind and lots of efficient answers to everything. . This is a creature that's capable of unloading a lot of damage fast, and it can win the … Choose a midrange deck, emphasize balance and a good sideboard, and you'll have a fighting chance no matter what situation arises. While there are some parallels each season for aggro and control decks, like classic three-mana counterspells or one- and two-drop creatures and burn spells, midrange decks are playing with a group of cards that can vary widely from one set to another. Olivia is yet another creature that demands an answer in any creature matchup or the game will spiral out of control for the opponent. EFro also co-hosts Constructed Resources with Marshall Sutcliffe. It can come down, stabilize the board and your life total, buy you time to cast the rest of your spells, and—when you're ready—it can start attacking. Sultai Gifts, Monochrome09 (5-0) The ability to turn the corner and end the game fast is crucial for midrange decks precisely because they do not have inevitability. During original Innistrad Standard, cards like Thragtusk and Bonfire of the Damned shaped midrange decks. Take Nissa, Worldwaker for example, a card that's very effective against control decks. They're also more important in a combo- or control-heavy metagame, and less effective against aggro. Very often, this comes in the form of simply having bigger creatures than your opponents. Modern Decks Standard Decks Submit a Deck Search Decks. Like Abzan, after sideboarding it will adapt itself to whatever role it needs to play for the given matchup. Format: Standard. This will be the final article that I write for Level One. Siege Rhino and Wingmate Roc are hand-picked to be effective game enders that are also good on defense.

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