metaphysical properties of seashells

The shell is used either to catch the ash or to hold the burning herbs. Spiral shells can be used to stimulate […] But seashells aren’t just about beauty. Seashells are a physical part of the Ocean and have been born within its depths, so they are very special and unique. Next time you see a shell, hold it for a while and see how it 'speaks' to you with its energy. If you do buy shells, please purchase from responsible sources. In the language of shells, the Auger is both masculine and feminine, representing completeness. Seashells are a physical part of the Ocean and have been born within its depths, so they are very special and unique. The vibrant color and natural luster of Abalone shell makes it ideal for jewelry and ornamental objects. Because of the Moon’s influence on the ocean, sea shells also hold the energy of the Moon. I hope this article has inspired you to dig deep into your collection of seashells! Throughout Africa, and South and North America, the cowrie symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity, and is still believed to teach stories of humility and respect to all those who possess them. Scallop shapes may be discerned in countless Christian altars and cathedrals.  Pearls (not a shell, but have an energetic bond with shells and ocean healing) – Pearls resonate with the Heart Chakra, and aid healing in this centre. However, charging Pearls with Heart Chakra crystals, or other high vibe stones, will assist with strengthening the body and heart, encouraging feelings of love, beauty, gentleness, comfort and inner peace. It has a sacred meaning in Christian Europe, dating back to the earliest pilgrims—many of whom would have been illiterate—who were guided to pilgrimage sites by the Scallop emblem. Shells can harness and enhance Reiki healing with their size, shape and structure. It is one of Nature’s true masterpieces. I have also included with this list some of my own personal associations with the shells and I have put those in brackets to make them distinct from the rest of the information so you may omit them or include them at you will. If you do burn herbs or incense in a shell, put a thin layer of sand in the bottom to help distribute the heat and avoid scorching the shell. The ocean waters are powerful and bridge the gap between our world and the spirit-world.  Cleanse and charge your sea shells the way you would your crystals The iridescent hue promotes feeling of abundance, peace, and compassion. There are several distinct systems of Cowrie divination stemming from African and Afro-Carribean occult traditions. Whether plain brown or white, or cascading with a rainbow of colors, each shell brings a message to the person who is fortunate enough to find it. Starfish are symbols of instinct and intuition. Shells have been used for centuries by many ancient, and modern day tribes, for a number of purposes – healing, protection, spell work, self-love practice, currency, and spiritual  & psychic awareness and growth/enhancement to name a few. For example, the shell of an oyster draws love into one’s life. MY CORONA CRYSTALS AND SUGGESTIONS ON HOW TO COPE DURING THIS TIME….. Every child knows that if you hold a shell up to your ear, you can hear the ocean. Your e-mail address will not be published. Harness the Metaphysical properties of these beautiful natural shells made into Metaphysical tools and jewelry. Learn about sea magic and water magic below. Seashell shapes are timeless and sacred. Abalone Shell – communication, peace and beauty (self-love). There are very many types of sea shells from all over the world, but here are a few of the shells that I was taught the metaphysical meanings of. I spent some time going through my books and other resources and have put together a long list here of sea shells and their magickal properties and associations. ~ How does your body feel physically, do you feel any sensations in a particular area or part of your body? Sep 11, 2020, Grove and Grotto Spring 2020 update Here are some of the most common shell shapes and their magickal lore: The Abalone shell incorporates all the colors of the sea and sky. If you feel you have benefited in any way by the Gemstone & Crystal Healing Properties on this website, please consider making a donation, or investment, into keeping that information alive for your future use and for the use of others. The sea witch is able to […]. When gathered from the beach seashells have various magical properties, including: love, fertility, healing, emotions, intuition, and dreams. Here is a simple way you can connect with your sea shells: Tread lightly – don’t leave cigarette butts, plastic wrappers, floats, toys, straws or cans on the beach. An entrepreneur and also a customer can easily devote a lot of time-solving on all business concerns. Abalone has been an important food source for tens of thousands of years. I encourage you to form your own relationships with your sea shells, as you would your healing crystals, and use your intuition to see how they ‘speak’ to you. SaveSaveSave, ← Older Post Large shells can be placed on your altar or used to decorate indoors and outdoors. Shells are found in the secret space between these two kingdoms, which is revealed only during the change of tides. Put seaglass into bottles or jars or weave it into jewelry. A shell-covered box or mirror could be a lovely tool for a Water witch’s altar. The Nautilus is the nomad of the sea, traveling hundreds of miles on currents (and a raft of bubbles). Art nerds will recognize the Scallop as the seat or carriage of many an ocean deity. Magical Ancestor Origins Profile: Find MAGICK in Your Family History!!! Abalone, for example, is commonly used to contain herbs and crystals, worn and used as a protection amulet to assist with general energetic protection and to ease feelings of anger, depression, fear, and sadness. Hawaiian Mystics, called The Kahuna, were among the first people to use seashells as a system of healing. The Scallop is an emblem of Saint James the Apostle. These gifts from the sea have exceptional healing powers for us as well. Shells have a protective base in which negativity finds hard to penetrate. Clams, Muscles & Oysters – Purification, love and good fortune. It helps to enhance mental clarity and provides insight into decision-making. Noticing these kinds of sensations will give you some insight into how that perticular shell can, or wants to, work with you.  Moon Shells – Psychic awareness, purification, and peace. The shapes of shells are believed to be important as well. Another fun bit of sea magic is to connect with sea-life. Naturally, shells are often used on the Pagan altar to represent the element of Water. From spending weekends on the Gulf of Thailand when we lived in Bangkok, to St. Simons Island, Georgia to the Cocoa Beach area...we even spend our vacations diving and boating on the ocean off of Key Largo. A place where earth, sea, and sky meld in one glorious conjunction. They are beautiful to hold with their vibration having a crucial role in healing our planet, mother earth. Choosing a gemstone to accompany your seashell can bring the added benefit of the metaphysical properties of that stone. Place it on an altar or decorate it and turn it into a wand or staff. A Full Illustrated Reference Guide: 294 pages with 215 illustrations. Receive guidance … Shell promotes cooperation between the self and others, as well as within the self. Don’t forget the basic beach activities are magical in and of themselves! Cups, mirrors, and combs are often made with shells (or shaped like them) in keeping with the Venusian aspect of shells. If you live near the beach and can aid in returning sea turtle babies to the sea, join a local group and help out! Replies.  Pansy Shell (Sand Dollar / Sea Biscuit) – My personal favourite!!

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