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Put students into groups of three or four and give them a broken flower pot, jug or plate, a tape measure, masking tape and strong glue. Even better than a Hyperdoc!! (5.III) (c) Review with student in Jeopardy style game, the important achievements of the Civilizations of Mesopotamia. They will then try and deduce as much information as possible from that piece of pottery. The sea was a defense and a source of food for the Ancient Minoans. 6 th, 7 th, 8 th, 9 th, 10 th, Homeschool. This is the currently selected item. The Music Man, The Sound of Music, etc.). The Spanish that explored and conquered parts of the New World had three basic ideas that motivated them--Gold, Glory, and God. Design Mesopotamian puzzles – make word searches, crossword puzzles, vocabulary scrambles, etc…Or get pictures from the web, magazines, or other source and actually make a jigsaw puzzle! Mime a Mesopotamian myth or parts of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Hammurabi’s Code Art – Students pick various laws from Hammurabi’s Code and depict them in visual form. Compile a list of ancient Mesopotamian cities and the dates they were founded and make a timeline. When a piece is found, the archeologist will often make a detailed drawing of the find so it can be used for future study. It's almost too big to even think about. The goal of each group is to reconstruct the pieces as accurately as they can, checking with the other groups for any missing pieces. Preview. What were they made of? Definitions - Examples - Infographic, Gold, Glory, and God - Spanish Motivations in the New World, Teaching Ancient Mesopotamia - Project Ideas, Geography of Ancient Greece and its Effects on Culture, Tigris and Euphrates Rivers - The Geography of Ancient Mesopotamia. It was great! When the research phase concluded, students then collaborated to create a presentation of their research project and individual artefacts. dance depicting the events shown on either panel of the Standard of Ur. Mesopotamia is located in Southwest Asia. Driven by the question: How can you explore the characteristics that define a civilization, identifying those elements that form the foundations of today’s civilizations? Farming in most of Mesopotamia was a challenge. Kids tend to really like writing in and/or translating language to and from the ancient languages. Make a picture book of Mesopotamian life to include everything from its geography to the rule of Babylon, etc…Making a PowerPoint of this might be fun too. A musical play – your students may or may not be familiar with musical theatre (i.e. A modern satellite view of Mesopotamia (October 2020). Also fun is making maps using color to show the different empires that ruled over Mesopotamia. Whether studying the ancient writing of “cuneiform,” reconstructing ancient clay artifacts, designing Mesopotamian homes or investigating the jewelry and clothing worn by the people of Ancient Mesopotamia there are plenty of interesting activities for kids. They came up with really fun (ingenious, in some cases) games to play with classmates. Posted on April 9, 2016 by mdesilva. Maybe have the class or groups rank them based on importance and have a debate on who should be in and who should be out. Students will be provided some time in class, but will have a due date and will need to complete some of their work at home if necessary. Dance of the Mesopotamian Farmers – showing what must have been the daily routine of Mesopotamian farmer, Create and perform a mime showing….Mesopotamian farming, scribing/writing, a priest-king ruling his people, the role of priests/priestesses. Students in my class were assigned groups and a caste to research. Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. When you see your kids being actively engaged and truly enjoying their learning experience, it will help you to once again discover a joy of learning with them. Students edit the Iraq Look Back newsletter by reading a resource packet about Mesopotamia and designing the "Iraq Look Back". Research and write reports about different aspects of the geography of Mesopotamia - the Tigris and/or Euphrates, the Zagros Mountains, the Taurus Mountains, the Persian Gulf, etc…. If I could travel to the region of Mesopotamia, where I would go and why. How did geography affect Ancient Greek civilization? Awesome Inc. theme. Mesopotamian Math – The Mesopotamians based their math on 60. Design and play a Mesopotamia game – I had some students do this a few years ago in another class and on another subject. After their research was complete they had to create mixed media collages for the caste that they were given. (b) Motivation - Ask students what they would do without, a car, written language, a government based on laws. Powered by, Here’s some “stuff” including a Mesopotamian math worksheet, 11 Project Ideas - Early Ancient Greece - The Minoans, 5 Themes of Geography Made Easy! Maybe require that the articles each cover a news story dealing with a different aspect of Mesopotamian life – government, music, art, religion, etc…. The projects on Greece wow me every year and this year was no exception. Maybe require that the articles each cover a news story dealing with a different aspect of Mesopotamian life – government, music, art, religion, etc… Visual/Spatial Intelligence Project Ideas Geography I hope they are helpful to you! Mesopotamia Times Newspaper – write articles, want ads, classifieds, editorials, etc and create a newspaper. Phoenician trade log – students make a log of imports/exports to Phoenicia including where they came from or went. EMS Khor Year 6 students completed an Ancient Civilization Project-Based Learning unit which was a highly engaging approach to learning. (2.A.I,II,III) (d) Closure - Remind students of upcoming test. Next lesson. Write an extension story for one of the stories in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Project Based Learning Activities Quotes of the Day Calendars Scrapbook Assignments Lesson Plans and Objectives Essays Vocabulary Changing Society Speeches Ancient Civilization PBL. Thanks for stopping by! What's Not To Love? As an extension/alternative to the Social Classes Diagram, they could make pictures to show how different social classes would be treated under the law according to Hammurabi.

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