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Encephal/o: Related to the brain. Almost 80% of patients preferred the translated letter over the original, and 70% said this enhanced their perception of the doctor’s professionalism. The color of the burn is red, capillary refill is present, the skin texture is normal, and the burn heals in five to ten days with no scarring flexeril - a potent muscle relaxant fluconazole - an antifungal drug used for infections of the mouth, blood, and throat. We’ve added some of them here in plain English. Also used as a noun, as in "I've got a gork in 2" Gram's stain - a stain test that identifies various forms of bacterial microorganisms granuloma - a tumor GSW - abbreviation for gunshot wound guiac - a test of stool with a gloved finger inserted looking for blood, H and P - see also Focused H and P, history and physical: the initial evaluation and examination of a patient haldol - a drug (haloperidol) used for psychotic disorders, Tourette's syndrome, and hyperactivity in children heart/lung bypass - using a machine to breathe and circulate blood for a patient for any number of clinical or surgical reasons, like to also used to rewarm the blood of severely hypothermic patient heimlich maneuver - a first-aid measure used to dislodge something caught in a person's throat that is obstructing breathing Hematochezia - maroon stools, usually from a lower GI bleed hematocrit - the proportion, by volume, of red blood cells in a CBC hemiparesis - paralysis or weakness on one side of the body hemorrhage - the dramatic and sudden loss of blood hemoperfusion - dialysis of the blood to remove foreign substances such as poisons or drugs hemopneumothorax - blood and air in the pleura. 1. -lysis: Decomposition, destruction, or breaking down. 20. The charts providers use for making notes are often filled with these terms. ; S stands for "severity": On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being almost no pain at all and 10 being the worst pain imaginable, what number does the pain rank? 30. 21. BMI: Body mass index, a measure of body fat based on height and weight. Taken by feeling (palpation) the pulse pancreatitis - chronic or acute inflammation of the pancreas pancreatotomy - surgical removal of the pancreas papilledema - edema of the optic disk, often indicative of increased intracranial pressure paresis - partial or slight paralysis path urine - urinalysis pavulon - trade name for the muscle relaxant pancuronium bromide. Also often referred to as a collapsed lung heparin - a blood anticoagulant hepatolenticular degeneration - excessive accumulation of copper in the kidney, liver, and brain, which if untreated, is invariably fatal holosystolic murmur - a heart murmur that begins with the heart sound S1 and occupying all of the systole, then reaching S2. The ventricles are very sensitive during this period and life threatening arrythmias can occur gomer - ER slang for "Get Out of My Emergency Room" and is a derogatory term for geriatric patients with multiple complicated medical problems gorked - ER slang for unconscious (as in "gorked patient"). This concoction is often given to patients presenting with severe heartburn, signs of an ulcer, or indications of an excess production of stomach acid giardiasis - intestinal infection with the giardia bacteria Glasgow coma scale - this scale is used to quickly determine the status and degree of injury of a trauma victim to the head "Glove up and dig in" - see bowel disimpaction golden hour - also known as the golden window. 23. 10. A variety diagnostic possibilities are being considered to diagnose the type of cancer present in the patient. The term EMS is used in the American Heart Association protocols for BLS and ACLS EMT - abbreviation for emergency medical technician endocarditis - inflammation of cardiac tissue, usually caused by bacterial infection endoscope - a long flexible tube with its own special lighting epi - adrenaline, used to make heart beat faster and raise blood pressure epidermis - the outer layer of the skin epidural - an epidural block; an injection through a catheter of a local anesthetic to relieve pain during labor, usually done at the lumbar level of the spine epiglottitis - inflammation of the epiglottis epinephrine - adrenaline esmolol - a beta-blocking drug ETA - abbreviation for Estimated Time of Arrival, Feldene - a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (piroxicam) prescribed for arthritis and other forms of joint and bone inflammation fentanyl - a short-acting morphine like narcotic analgesic of high poitency, often used in conjunction with other drugs. It is also sold under the trade name capoten (captopril is the drug's generic name) carboxyhemoglobin - a substance formed when the poisonous gas carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin in the blood. see also bagging amitriptyline - a tricyclic antidepressant amoxicillin - an antibiotic amp - abbreviation for Ampule, which is a sealed plastic or glass capsule containing a single dose of a drug in a sterile solution for injection. A-, an-: Lack of or without. But unless you’re planning to become a doctor or another type of provider, this condensed lineup should get you up to speed. Professor Richard Chye, Director of the Sacred Heart Hospice and Palliative Care at St Vincent's Hospital Sydney, talks about medicinal cannabis, the dangers of unregulated cannabis products, and where medicinal cannabis is most effective. (In many hospitals, ER personnel also interpret DIC to mean "death is coming" since disseminated intravascular coagulation usually means death is imminent) differential diagnosis - diagnosis made by ruling out many disorders. 39. 33. -itis: Signifies inflammation. 50. Some medical root words are intuitive simply based on your experiences. -ology: The study of a particular concentration. You are here: Home Campaigning Examples Health and medical jargon Health and medical jargon 'You should either take ciprofoxacin 1-2 hours before eating or drinking dairy products or avoid eating and drinking these products for four hours after taking ciprofoxacin.' There are many more medical acronyms and abbreviations than what’s listed below. Fluconazole is often used by AIDS patients to combat oral thrush and other infections fluoroscope - an X-ray machine Focused H and P - a history and physical examination. Medicinal cannabis is now available in Australia for some conditions. It is used during surgery to increase cardiac output and renal blood flow DTP - a diphtheria tetanus pertussis toxoid injection dyspnea - shortness of breath dystocia - difficult labor due to some fetal problem, such as dislocation of the shoulders, ECG - electrocardiogram. HDL-C: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, often called “good” cholesterol. Blue is the new black in the world of nutrition research, and this latest research into delicious blueberries adds more evidence for the health benefits they can offer. Fans of medical TV shows might already be familiar with some common terms. Retro-: Behind or backward. A German study of autopsies of 12 patients who died of COVID-19 adds to the growing evidence of abnormal blood clotting in COVID-19 patients. 15. Having thoughtful conversations with your physician is about more than just gaining knowledge. 25. 31. (From a leaflet accompanying Ciprofloxacin tablets) This is a checklist of information for anyone planning a hike of any distance in Australia or overseas. A randomised crossover trial of minimising medical terminology in secondary care correspondence in patients with chronic health conditions: impact on understanding and patient reported outcomes.

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