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The name Rebecca goes up and down in the popularity rankings, but has consistently ranked in the top 200 most popular names for girls since at least 1880 (the first year for which the Social Security Administration has documented baby name popularity). Tough decisions, Daily Life – Prayer – Paintings – Books of the Bible – Bible Paintings. I thought the meaning of my name was bad but thank you for shedding light to it. Rebecca comforted Isaac after his mother’s death; the deep bond that Isaac had with Sarah was replaced by his love for Rebecca. [9] Twenty years elapsed before they had children; throughout that time, both Isaac and Rebecca prayed fervently to God for offspring. So they sent away their sister Rebecca and her nurse along with Abraham’s servant and his man, and they blessed Rebecca.’. I have a young man (now) that I sponsor through Compassion. Keep on reading this article to find more about your name. Although one of Rebekah’s flaws was her show of favoritism towards Jacob, even in this God worked His way to bless the man He had chosen to father the twelve tribes of Israel. In the Authorized Version of the 1600s, the spelling Rebekah is used in the Old Testament (Genesis) and the Latin "Rebecca" (representing Greek Bible Ῥεβέκκα) was retained in the New Testament (see Romans 9:10). I went on to have four more boys, one of which joined Jesus 30 minutes after birth. Meaning - The German name Bernal means - strong as a bear, LnRiLWZpZWxkW2RhdGEtdG9vbHNldC1ibG9ja3MtZmllbGQ9IjBkMmNhMzE4OWI0NjE2ZWYyZjIzYWViODYxYmEwNDEzIl0geyB0ZXh0LWFsaWduOiBsZWZ0OyB9IFtkYXRhLXRvb2xzZXQtYmxvY2tzLWltYWdlPSI1OWUyYjRhYzE3MTJkNjI4YzEyYWY5YWI1MDE4ZDBkMyJdIHsgbWF4LXdpZHRoOiAxMDAlOyB9IA==, Welsh Rebeca (Welsh, Spanish, Galician, Portuguese, Romanian), Rebekka (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, German, Norwegian), Greek Ρεβέκκα (Revecca or Revekka) (Greek), Yiddish Rifka, Rheba, Riva, Rivah, Rivalee, Rivi, Rivy (Yiddish), Composer Rebecca Clarke, English composer, Rebecca Minkoff, American fashion designer, Wrestler Rebecca Quin aka Becky Lynch, Irish pro wrestler. She would light candles on Friday evening, and they would last the entire week; the bread she baked would remain fresh from week to week; and a cloud of glory hovered above her tent. Abraham died at the age of 175 (Genesis 25:7), making Jacob and Esau fifteen years old at the time of Abraham's death. The resentment of Judith and Basemath was understandable. Famous People and fact Named Rebecca. In the story of the stew, Esau gave up his right to a double portion and transferred this right to Jacob. Her Ancestry and Family Life: She was Abraham’s great niece; granddaughter of his brother Nahor. Isaac then married Rebecca in his mother’s tent. Its History, Meaning and Celebration Explained, 35 Best Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Giving Thanks to God. The phrase ‘Isaac loved her’ is used, something most unusual for the biblical text. All Rights Reserved. In 2009, Rebeca was the 27th most popular name for baby girls in Romania. This name offers terrific information and stories. California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Some of the events leading up to the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca have been institutionalized in the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. In the United Kingdom, a revival of Biblical names led to this name being ranked among the top 100 female names during the 1960s, the top 20 during the 1970s, and the top 10 during the 1980s; in 1995 it peaked as the 3rd most popular female name. Christina, I’m so glad this blessed you and your family! I will definately be telling this amazing young man about still moving forward and following God’s plan. She was a young woman who came from a well-to-do family in upper Mesopotamia. Abraham sent along expensive jewelry, clothing and dainties as gifts to the bride and her family. Abraham was 86 years old when Ishmael was born and lived another 51 years. But Jacob was concerned this plan to deceive his father might fail, even with Isaac’s deteriorating vision, because Esau was a hairy man and he was clean-shaven. Rebecca appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau.According to biblical tradition, Rebecca's father was Bethuel the Aramean from Paddan Aram, also called Aram-Naharaim. Jacob lived with Laban for twenty years (Gen. 31:41), marrying Laban's two daughters and two maidservants. Right after Jacob receives the blessings and flees to Laban, the Torah states that Esau married "Mahalat, the daughter of Ishmael, son of Abraham, sister of Nebaiot" (Gen. 28:9), on which Rashi, quoting Megillah 17a, notes that Ishmael died between the engagement and wedding, so the girl's brother gave her away. gr.) Photograph of an extended Middle Eastern family. But her burial place is mentioned in Genesis 49:29-31. Seeing such a spiritually exalted man, Rebecca immediately dismounted from her camel and asked the accompanying servant who he was. A mother learnt to read the signs when her baby was about to excrete, and since it never left its mother’s side, this was easy.’ Childbirth in ancient times, The struggle in her womb had been a sign that there was to be, ‘When her time to give birth was at hand, there were twins in her womb. The nation of Israel came from Jacob, and the line of Esau became the Edomites. Her family sent her off with her nurse, Deborah (according to Rashi), and blessed her, "Our sister, may you come to be thousands of myriads, and may your offspring inherit the gate of its foes.". Knowing that his death was nearing, Isaac request Esau: “Take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me, and prepare for me delicious food, such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, that my soul may bless you before I die” (Genesis 27:3-4). Ishmael was born when Abraham was 86 years old (Gen. 16:16) and died at the age of 137 (Gen. 25:17). But Rebecca orchestrated a plan for her younger son, Jacob, to receive the blessing instead. She also put the hairy skins of the young goats on Jacob’s hands and neck to resemble the feeling of a “hairy man” such as Esau. Rebecca[a] appears in the Hebrew Bible as the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. Rebecca did not think so. Esau was the firstborn of Isaac and Rebecca and, therefore, was entitled to the blessing. This is the name of the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob in the Old Testament. So the earlier western spelling is "Rebecca", but both spellings (Rebecca and Rebekah) are used in the influential King James Version. Pronunciation: reh-BEK-uh As a contrast, Isaac perceived Gehenna opening beneath Esau when the latter entered the room. The reasoning for that age is that Sarah, who gave birth to Isaac when she was 90, died after the binding when she was 127 years old, making Isaac around 37 at that time. When Sarah dies, Abraham mourns for her but also realizes that losing Sarah must affect his … Oh, my beautiful grand daughter’s name is Rebecca. A decline in popularity followed; it slid out of the top 10 in 2000 and by 2009 had fallen to 77th. Rebekka (Biblical Greek), Rivqah (Biblical Hebrew), Rebecca (Biblical Latin), Rebekka (Danish), Rebekka (Dutch), Rebekka (Finnish), Rébecca (French), Rebekka (German), Rivka, Riva … Rebecca means ‘a heifer, a young cow’, a symbol of fertility I can tell you..”to bind, tie in a noose” is not quite what I want to share with him. Origin - German Thank you! She then convinced Isaac to send Jacob away, by telling him that she despaired of him marrying a local girl from the idol-worshipping families of Canaan (as Esau had done). The Hebrew meaning for the name Rebecc” is “to tie firmly” or “a noose.” “Applied to a female, the figure suggests her beauty by means of which men are snared or bound. It glads me that Rebekah’s name is to “bind”,”strong combatant” “hearty/generous” “knotted tie” “fascinated”,woman to know Jesus in her life.When time that I have a baby Girl I would probably name it to her. Abimelech called Isaac on his lie, and then warned others not to touch Rebecca. When Jacob protested that his father would recognize the deception and curse him as soon as he felt him, since Esau was hairy and Jacob smooth-skinned, Rebecca said that the curse would be on her instead. [11] Thinking that she was carrying one baby who was displaying conflicting propensities, Rebecca sought enlightenment at the yeshiva of Shem and Eber. He took her to the tent that had once belonged to his mother Sarah – this tent was to be Rebecca’s now. This was called the ‘birthright’ of the eldest. Thank you for sharing that more positive interpretation. We hope this baby name information is useful to you. Isaac remarked, “the voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau” (Genesis 27:22). In Genesis 26 there is a story involving Rebecca and King Abimelech in Gerar. The farce was finally unveiled when Esau returned. Thank you for refreshing my memory and giving me a story that I am proud to tell my daughter about her name. The name comes from the verb רבק (rbq), meaning "to tie firmly"; Jones' Dictionary of Old Testament Proper Names and the NOBS Study Bible Name List suggest the name means captivating beauty, or "to tie", "to bind". Rebekah Character Bible Study Background and Lessons.

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