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M19 | The design was later selected as Messerschmitt's competitor in the Reichsluftfahrtministerium ' s (the German Air Ministry) Amerikabomber programme, for a strategic bomber capable of attacking New York City from bases in France or the Azores. In October 1943, Erhard Milch stopped further Me 264 development, to concentrate on the development and production of the Me 262 jet fighter-bomber. The streamlined appearance of the plane gave it an attractive, graceful look both on the ground and in the air. P.2020,,, Flugzeugtyp des Zweiten Weltkrieges (Deutsches Reich), „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. The Me 264 was an all-metal, high-wing, four-engine heavy bomber of classic construction. Der Erstflug fand am 23. Me 310 | Horse Power/Weight Ratio 0.152; Wing Loading 47.5lbs/ft 2 (232.1kg/m 2) Wing Area 1,102.9ft 2 (102.5m 2) Drag Points 21538; Parts. Das Projekt Me 264 wurde eingestellt, nachdem die beiden Prototypen bei einem Luftangriff zerstört worden waren. A variant on the P.1061 was the P.1062 of which three prototypes were built, with only two "engines" to the P.1061's four, but they were, in fact, the more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 606 "power systems", each comprising a pair of DB 601 inverted V-12 engines. Die viermotorige Me 264 wurde 1941 als transatlantischer Bomber entworfen, der in Frankreich stationiert werden und Städte an der Ostküste Amerikas bombardieren sollte. Top New. M21 | Die Me 264 war ein viermotoriges Langstreckenflugzeug, das 1941 hauptsächlich als Seekampfflugzeug und nebenbei als transatlantischer Bomber entworfen wurde, um – so sahen es Planungen vor – ausgewählte Städte an der US-amerikanischen Ostküste – speziell New York City – zu bombardieren. At the beginning of 1944 Messerschmitt had drawn up an improved version of the Me-264 (tagged P.1085), with a swept-wing design propelled by four piston engines in a pusher configuration plus two turbojets in the wing roots. Progress on constructing the ordered prototypes was slow at start, but development quickly picked up the pace with the start of the Amerikab… Me 410, Projekte mit und ohne RLM-Nr. P.1111 | P.1101 | The first prototype, the Me 264 V1, bearing the Stammkennzeichen factory code of RE+EN, was flown on 23 December 1942. Horse … M23 | Me 210 | That one has a wingspan of 39.5" and a wing area of 220 sq. Messerschmitt stepped up to the plate with their Me 264, a huge plane with long, thin wings and four engines. März 1941 wurden 30 Me 264 bestellt, mit der Maßgabe, 2.000kg Bomben nach New York zu transportieren. Bf 162 | S 9 | So I think there is a good chance to hit the 90oz target with this plane (maybe even as low as 80oz is possible, but because of the configuration, I may end up having to add weight to the nose, which is why I am thinking about using the longcans 480). The origin of the Me 264 design came from Messerschmitt's long-range reconnaissance aircraft project, the P.1061, of the late 1930s. The Luftwaffe indicated preference for the unbuilt Ta 400 and the Heinkel He 277 as Amerikabomber candidates in May 1943, based on their performance estimates. Sie ging auf einen von Messerschmitt bereits Anfang der 1930er Jahre vorgelegten Entwurf eines Langstreckenflugzeugeszurück, das wegen seiner immensen Reichweite von 15.000 km auch als „Antip… Me 408 | It was powered at first by four Jumo 211J inline engines of 990 kW (1,340 hp) each. The undercarriage was a retractable tricycle gear with large-diameter wheels on the wing-mounted main gear. These were also successfully used in the long-range Messerschmitt Me 261, itself originating as the Messerschmitt P.1064 design of 1937. Me 329 | The third prototype, which was unfinished, was destroyed during the same raid. The Messerschmitt Me 264 was a long-range strategic bomber developed during World War II for the German Luftwaffe as its main strategic bomber. November 2020 um 12:09 Uhr bearbeitet. Bahnbrechend wirkte die Messerschmitt Me 264 durch die Integraltanks in den Tragflächen anstatt der bis dahin üblichen Sack- oder Metallbehälter, was die Mitnahme von etwa 30 Prozent mehr Treibstoff ermöglichte. S 16 | M17 | Proposals were put forward for the Junkers Ju 390, the Focke-Wulf Ta 400, a redesign of the unfinalized and unbuilt Heinkel He 277 design (itself only receiving its RLM airframe number by the February 1943 timeframe in order to give Heinkel an entry in the Amerikabomber program later in 1943), and a design study for a six-engine Messerschmitt Me 264B. S 13 | Dezember 1942. M29 | The wing had a slightly swept leading edge and a straight trailing edge. The progress of these projects was initially slow, but after Germany had declared war on the United States, the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) started the more serious Amerikabomber programme in the spring of 1942 for a very long range bomber, with the result that a larger, six-engine aircraft with a greater bomb load was called for. General Characteristics. Me 510 | M31 | Me 409 | Me 509 | Following the cancellation of the competing He 277 in April 1944, on 23 September 1944, work on the Me 264 project was officially cancelled. 57.0k TonnkatuTonnkatuThePig 9 months ago × Spotlight Airplane. Me 309 | Bf 110 | The Messerschmitt Me 264 was a long-range strategic bomber developed during World War II for the German Luftwaffe as its main strategic bomber. This is a great way to help new players get the recognition they deserve for their work. In early 1941, six P.1061 prototypes were ordered from Messerschmitt, under the designation Me 264. Specifications. Am 23.12.1941 startete die Me 264 V1 zu ihrem Erstflug, der problemlos ablief. The need for six engines was prompted by the ongoing inability of Germany's aviation powerplant designers to create reliable powerplants of 1,500 kW (2,000 PS) and above power output levels, thwarting efforts to do the same with just four engines instead. Die einzigen Prototypen V1 (anfangs mit Junkers Jumo 211) und V2 (BMW 801 D) wurden bei Luftangriffen zerstört. Me 164 | However, the initial order for six prototypes would shortly afterwards be dropped to three. Me 508 | [4][6] On 18 July 1944, the first prototype, which had entered service with Transportstaffel 5, was damaged during an Allied bombing raid and was not repaired. Me 108F | S 14 | The design was later selected as Messerschmitt's competitor in the Reichsluftfahrtministerium's (the German Air Ministry) Amerikabomber programme, for a strategic bomber capable of attacking New York City from bases in France or the Azores. Das Versuchsflugzeug wurde von vier Jumo 211J-1 Motoren in serienmäßigen Motorgehäusen der Ju 88A-4 angetrieben und verfügte über einen Treibstoffvorrat von 25.250 Litern in den Flügeln.

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