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And and increase in pollution. Nothing ever happens for a single reason. ID: Everyone needs a social hero. ARCHIVE: I think that every American citizen has every right in the world to be disturbed and shocked. So, and that’s where the hero aspect comes in from it. [Shots are fired]. Donald Trump would have trouble fighting the government. (END VIDEOTAPE) COOPER: We wish them the best. JOHN KING, CNN SR. WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Good evening to you, Anderson. Family on the land right next to his, down there. The dozer wasn’t going anywhere. The last months have been a hectic time for me. DR. C. EVERETT KOOP, FMR. Log on to (COMMERCIAL BREAK) COOPER: The shocking excesses that now go by the collective name Abu Ghraib came as a terrible surprise to many high level administration officials, or so they've said. And I had a young lady working for me named Sheila Rigby. But not everyone has the balls to build a tank and bulldoze the town they live in. It’s– it’s a– it’s a cycle. And all of a sudden the wood on my woodpile started to shake. Thanks for being with us. ID: Marv Heemeyer was a good friend of mine. So as best as you can tell, police have him surrounded and stopped–, We understand some of the targets, um, it appears that he had specific targets, it’s not just building–, He has just again headed westbound into the downtown area, he doesn’t stop for light poles. GT: And that’s all he says, and drove off. [Do you think Marv, uh, won?] FAUCI: Those kinds of comments about the gay community are unacceptable certainly to us in the public health community and that was never acceptable then and it's not acceptable now. Some browser may respond with different language string rather than "Invalid Date", That was firefox only, and is now unsupported IIRC, I dunno, but I'd probably google "babel let expression" to find out. Really didn’t think it’d make any difference if I did make it, but a good friend of mine said I should make it. RF: You could see the bulldozer heading into our building. with the exception of a few bizarre ones that i can barely put to words, passing objects between functions and mutating them in different places, i ended up fixing my store issue using nested stores. David Hasselhoff is in trouble with the law. And nationwide drivers should see slightly lower prices at the pump later this summer, that according to the Energy Department which estimates a price of a gallon a gas will average 1.89 when more oil exports from OPEC arrive in U.S. ports. So were just building a case bit by bit. He liked my green chili. "New York, the city that never sleeps but could if it wanted to and quite peacefully, too." We understand that you are a friend, perhaps, of the man who is inside that bulldozer, is that correct? LC: It takes a lot to get a snowmobile unstuck. (CROSSTALK) COOPER: I really don't understand. This is history. Jeanne Moos reports. It is the largest financial scandal in the history of the world. That’s like, act of war. He didn’t listen to me. He had such a good life. These days, of course, people worship the sun for other more, well, cosmetic reasons and in that way the sun can easily be a life taker. AAAH fuck youuu, I'd say subscribe but riding season is almost over :(. ARCHIVE: Well, he didn’t say he was going to armor it. MH: I didn’t want no frigging concrete plant next to me. And they told us to evacuate our office. I can cook, and I’m lucky in hunting and fishing. Fifty- eight senators and 206 House members, touched in part by the Reagan's ordeal, wrote to the president asking him to expand the number of stem cell lines available. TOOBIN: That's a legal term that's Lisa using. a balaclava. There were junk complaints made. CNN's Jason Carroll reports. M: They came in, seized different properties, so they would have these auctions that they’d auction off these foreclosed properties. Alexander Robotnick — Can I Have An Ashtray? BLOOM: I disagree. You know. ARCHIVE: Of course, I thought that he was just kidding. So, you know, what to do you do? CARROLL: Millard is really a 40-year-old divorcee and former bank assistant vice president. Tonight there is new hope. Anyways, this Patrick Brower, I mean, he’s a pothead, of course, you can’t tell anybody that…. ARCHIVE: If every U.S. citizen were like Heemeyer, our tyrannical government wouldn’t stand a chance. You need to get those kids out of that bakery. HOST: Casey and Rhonda Farrell still run a smaller version of Gamble’s Hardware shop. They can also deescalate like the Tennessee church shooting example from 2 weeks ago, @Luggage yeah, that worked out well for that guy who shot 58 people to death, kinda looks like one but now im second guessing. Word of that unanimous vote at the United Nations Security Council came as Mr. Bush was meeting with one of his fiercest critics when it came to the war in Iraq, the Russian President Vladimir Putin. And I says, well, I says, I’m going to collect. I once hauled a car exhaust manifold home on the back of my R6. Two men damned as survivors watch an unmanned bulldozer continue its rampage. Help you do anything. We started the story off– we teach history wrong in high school. Most of them. made the thing. The U.N. Security Council vote was 15-0 in support of the U.S.-backed resolution on Iraq's interim government. You would think it would be pretty clear to realize, you know, this person isn't a sultan. The budget... COOPER: Because C. Everett Koop came later on in the administration. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle says a more fitting tribute would be to boost spending for Alzheimer's research.

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