marriage in the 1800s

Carriage rides and walks around the local park were common and served a dual purpose: the gentleman and lady got to spend time together and get to know each other, but it was also a statement to their peers and society in general that they were courting each other. In today’s world a man simply asks out a woman (or if she’s braver than I’ll ever be, she asks him out). I prefer the fantasy, and I always root for the ladies to succeed in a man’s world. I’d already decided that I didn’t care for the process. If a gentleman wished to get better acquainted with a lady, he could send flowers or visit her at her home, but only after informing her family and always under the watchful eye of the lady’s chaperone. lol Glad we have it better and hope it continues. The author goes on to give a lengthy example of a wealthy old widower who, upon attempting to arrange the marriage of his heir, was so bewitched by his future daughter-in-law that he offered for her himself. The underlying principle, which informed these codes, was that a young person displayed her or his availability and attractions to appropriate members of the opposite sex effectively, yet without deception, vulgarity or exploitation. Excellent coverage of the subject. Here can be no increase, unless of gold, which oftentimes the old bag (for who can call her better, that marries a young boy to satisfy her lecherous itch, when she is just tumbling into the grave,) conveys away, before marriage, to her own relations, and leaves the expectant cox comb nothing but repentance for his portion.”. Thanks for the insight. Love was not the only thing to consider in a marriage. My life, my choice! It is very obvious that courtship and marriage could often be unpleasant affairs and could quite easily become ones worst nightmare. Here's What Victorian Women Wore To Wear Tennis. In the early 1800s, there were certain manners and customs in courtship, which were vital for young ladies and gentlemen to obey if they were to be accepted as potential participants within high society’s marriage … The many formerly independent kingdoms, duchies, and other small and large entities that made up the German Empire, led to variations and customs relating to marriage. I stated in my comment that I married without my parents consent further, I was under the age of majority at the time which was age 21. Very true! Thank you for such an informative article! . He begins by writing: “When greedy parents, for the sake of riches, will match a daughter that is scarcely seventeen, to an old miser that is above threescore; can anyone imagine that such a conjunction can ever yield satisfaction, where the inclinations are as opposite as the months of June and January.”. I agree with you! Other treatments of the effects of an unhappy marriage on women in the 19th century in classical literature include Hardy’s Return of the Native as well as Hawthorne’s A Blithedale Romance. Written by an unknown author purporting to be Aristotle, it was the most widely read sex manual in 19th century England. It’s hard to imagine that these rules were the norm in the lives of women back then! Updates: Back in the Regency and Victorian period women were viewed as the property of their Fathers and husbands. She then removed to London where she lived happily for two years until “justice overtook her.” She and her servants were arrested, tried, and ultimately executed for their crimes, prompting the author to moralize that the whole episode was: “...a sad example of the dismal consequences of doting love, and of unequal matches; for had this lady not been forced, through the desire of lucre in her parents, to marry the old knight, but had been married to the son, as was first intended, the old gentleman might have prevented an untimely death, and the young lady lived with innocence and honour.”. In that time period, women were considered property…first to their fathers/male guardians until they married, and they then became the property of their husbands. As he explains: “This makes the woman (who still wants a husband, for the old miser is scarce the shadow of one) either to wish, or, may be, to contrive his death, to whom her parents thus, against her will, have yoked her; or else, to satisfy her natural inclinations, she throws herself into the arms of unlawful love: which might both have been prevented, had the greedy inconsiderate parents provided her with a suitable match.”. Marriage Customs, Laws and Records. Rejoice modern-day daters! They do say reality is stranger than fiction sometimes! By PT Staff published May 1, 2005 - last reviewed on June 9, 2016 Remarkable! In the modern-day United States, there is a statistic that half of marriages end in divorce. Always find Emma,s articles on regency life very interesting to read ,hope to read more. Census figures show that there was a shortage of available men. As the author relates: “Then she became impatient for her husband’s death, and now thought every day an age to live with him, and therefore sought opportunity to cut off that thread of life which she was of opinion nature lengthened out too long...”. Definitely! This book, titled The Midwife’s Guide, is actually a Victorian edition of the 17th-century sex and midwifery manual known as Aristotle’s Masterpiece. Instead, he argues that it is more likely that the unfortunate young bride “curbs all her natural inclinations” and: “ contented with the performance of her husband (how weak soever it may be, and cold and frigid) and does preserve her chastity so pure and immaculate as not to let one wandering thought corrupt it...”. Courting was a public affair and any new and aspiring couple was sure to spend a considerable amount of time under society’s scrutiny. In the 19th century Britain women were expected to marry and have children. U.S., Obituary Index, 1800s-current. The whole concept of having ones reputation ruined by malicious gossip not based on any facts would have been the hardest to tolerate. Guy asks girl out. And no one is going to choose my husband but me!

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