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But the pressure of living up to the standards she set herself took its toll on an intense competitor whose Rio heroics earnt her the nickname “Mad Dog” . Lucy started out specialising in swimming before entering triathlons, and now, only a few years later, she’s one of the world’s best cyclists. Always has been. In my view you are at your best when you are playing purely on instinct. I needed to step back and work out: ‘What is it that you actually want to be part of this group for?’, “When I came back I realised there was a much bigger picture for this group and I’m essentially one of the leaders and one of the older players. 'Sometimes things just happen and they’re completely out of your control,' she says. I tend to sip on a Red Bull during a session or 20 minutes before a competition starts,' she says. She went to five different schools as a child. And generally I think that’s always come from within. FROM - SOUTHAMPTON. Their kids would have one sock on and one sock off. In terms of getting In The Zone, there is of course a big difference between regular internationals and major tournaments. They would deliver food that you could just chuck in a microwave and not have to think about. A gold-medalist goalkeeper for the GB Hockey team, Maddie Hinch follows a detailed training program specifically designed to keep her at the top of her game. Maddie spent a season playing with Stitsche in Holland after Rio when she came up against the Dutch players week in, week out. Sometimes we'll have weeks where we just take it easy, only exercising in her comfort zone, working with the ball, fun stuff. 'The nitty-gritty bits are less fun, but it’s all in the details.'. It's how you deal with them that counts. How do I help to get Maddie In The Zone? It's kind of the same difference as hearing music but not actually listening to it. I guess we did have something to do with it. 'I’ve learned to be resilient. One day will be routine stuff: ball work, getting in the groove. What happened in Belgium made Hinch almost wonder why she came back. There are so many people who help to get me In The Zone; psychologists, physios, team-mates, coaches. But it worked well in Rio to shut it all out. I know she likes receiving them because she told me once. Maddie was at boarding school from 13 so we weren’t always around. I’m enjoying passing on what I’ve learnt not looking so much at the final scorelines, more about individuals developing in front of me and the team developing, so even when I step down and into my granny chair, I’ll look back on this group and think I had a part to play. While her killer career means she hasn't had to deal with too much time off the pitch, Maddie’s learned that the odd curveball is inevitable. I think it is different for goalkeepers to remain In The Zone during a match because our role is so different. Whether it was the egg-and-spoon race, playing football with the boys, skiing (she is an excellent skier), or diving (she has her advanced PADI certificate) she was always very driven. I am simply left waiting for my moment to get involved. But one thing I do is I send her cards. I wrote it on the water bottle that I take on to the pitch with me. I’m a Sheffield girl and I can chat, chat, chat. Maddie was so competitive. I remember I sent her a two-word message before the final: 'Stay Big'. You know what I mean? The Dutch were back to their best and England – having to deal with a host of retirements, injuries and a new coach in Mark Hager – were overwhelmed 8-0 in the semi-final. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Other times it will be less comfortable. A perfect performance in a shootout that ended with her team winning the world’s top prize in her sport. I remember taking her to swimming classes when she was four and I'd hear the other parents come out of the changing rooms and say: 'Did you see that little girl who had folded up her costume and towel and got herself dressed?' one of Great Britain’s standout moments of Rio 2016, clear that as far as Maddie Hinch is concerned, Rishi Sunak set to reveal £100bn stealth tax on millions of private pensions, When to find out what tier you will be in as system is brought back after lockdown ends, Here's when lockdown ends and the new Covid tier restrictions get underway in England, How I Manage my Money: A retired architect living in Cheltenham on £11,520 a year, What time Rishi Sunak's spending review will be on Wednesday, how to watch and what to expect. Even when I don’t have much to do in a match, we may not have scored the goals to make the game safe so I could be called upon to make a crucial late save. If you are an outfield player you can go looking for the ball; get yourself a few early touches and settle into the game. Leading light in women's sport. We have certain programmes which test her under stress. I'm a team player. All of these skills are really helpful when you apply them to your everyday life.'. Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. She was always very serious about her sport though. Then I go and get my goalkeeping kit on back in the changing room and it is time for some stick and ball with my goalkeeping trainer. CLUB - N/A. Hinch, 31, also made the unusual decision not to play club hockey this season in an attempt to keep fresh for the defence of GB’s Olympic title, with the team’s preparations ramping up in the new year. And team GB goalkeeper, a. British Olympic Hero in 2016 and. England finished bottom of their pool at the 2014 World Cup. GB Hockey Athlete Olympic GOLD Medalist @RedBullUK @investec @officalcrazycatch Twitter & Insta: @maddiehinch I took the 8-0 particularly personally because I was like: ‘I’m here to make a difference’ and it didn’t feel like I was.”. Pro Athletes on How to Recover from Training, What 6 Athletes Would Order From McDonald's, WH21 Day Challenge - From Couch to Workout Pro, How a Pro Athlete Trains for Three Hours Straight, The Pro Vegan PETA Advert That Was Banned From US TV. Then it’s the same seven or eight exercises for me, building up the intensity from simple jogging to sidestep crossovers, some stretching and then some more explosive stuff at the end to get the heart rate going. And weighing up the pros and cons of playing in the English league, the cons outweighed the pros.”. Learn more about Red Bull Project Pro and how you can get exclusive tips from 6 pro athletes.

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