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Consequently, you’ll start burning your fatty tissues. Like when it is pink it is a little,and when it is Purple you are burning a lot of fat. I have a question I haven’t seen mentioned here, forgive me if I missed it. You could take a simpler route, and just keep your carbs under 20g per day, or you could get serious about your protein, fats, and calories. How does someone know if low carb or keto is better for them? The Wholesome Yum Low Carb & Keto Meal Plan is designed to work with both low carb and keto. I am trying to understand, I entered my info and got 56g for protein (trying the Keto plan). You’re very welcome, Christina! Hi Kristen, The Easy Keto Food App can help with this. Yes, it’s possible to eat too much on any diet – even keto. Will I interrupt losing weight if I eat under the suggested fat macros by like 10-15 grams? II really would like to eat more healthy and cut out sugar Thank you. Hi Aeron, Meats are not 100% protein. And I don’t understand how the 4 ounces of tilapia I had for dinner today shows up as just 20g of protein, when I plug the information into MyFitnessPal. Does that mean I get less than 2.5 oz of protein per day? I’m so confused! Readers also made these similar recipes after making this one. When you hit the “calculate” button, you’ll see those percentages converted into grams (the same unit you’ll see on nutrition labels). I have your printout but still confused. Calculate Your Macros; ES % % This will help you to achieve optimal muscle gain and, in the intermediate term, more fat loss. When I used the calculator it tells me -15% in grams of fat. How did I get a negative? The rash disappears after reintroducing carbohydrates into your diet. When I put 69 grams (protein) into a calculator to figure out oz it reads 2.4339. If you want to be precise, the only way to know is to enter what you are eating (with the amount) into a tracking tool so that you can get the nutrition info. How many ounces is that? since I have started taking on the recipes I have found that no doubt I feel better for the recipes I have done, not only do they taste great but are completely different in flavour as well. HELP WHAT DID WE DO WRONG? I love your recipes and free information. Trying to get those sugar levels in check? Hi Bernice, You can find pricing and all the information about meal plans here. This means that I would divide my protein intake into the meals I consume. I don’t need recommendations, I just need to know what my numbers are for the food I either already ate or plan to eat. Thanks a bunch… your site is very informative and thorough. The recommended Gain for building muscle is 5-10%, because more than that may result in fat gain. Posted November 16, 2018 in categories: Keto Low Carb Resources, Your email address will not be published. Hi Megan, Sorry about that – there was an issue with that section and you should now see it in the FAQ above, explaining how it’s determined. That helps so much! You can use this keto macro calculator to plan your diet and achieve your ideal weight. Thanks for your help! You should avoid typical fast food snacks such as chips or burgers, though - not only do they contain a lot of carbs, but they're a source of unhealthy trans fats. As a rule of thumb, you should never go below 1200 calories a day if you're a woman, and 1800 a day if you're a man. I am not eating enough protein I never have. I even got the Keto flu, does this mean that I’m already in Ketosis state? Naturally, incorporating the foods listed above into your diet is not enough. Have questions about macros or this macro calculator? How can he lose weight while eating that much? You don’t have to eat the full amount of fat listed in your macros if you don’t need it. The calculator on this page is just for calculating your needs for the day. How can I get counts for the recipes when I do substitutions? We went off on the 14th of February. Hi Laurie, I only recommend Splenda Naturals from the Splenda brand, as the original Splenda is artificial and don’t recommend artificial sweeteners. Once you know you have your carb counts down, you can expand your focus to the other macros. Please check with your doctor before making any dietary changes. Required fields are marked *. Our keto macronutrients calculator is based on the Mifflin - St Jeor equation. For example, 69 grams of protein is almost a 10 oz ribeye steak… or 20 Tbs of almond butter! So what are the total carbs? If you are still hungry and are looking for higher fat snacks, consider things like olives, bacon, nuts, avocado, or even adding small amounts of butter to veggies or steaks during your meal times. Hi Cynthia, I don’t have that because fat macros look different for a lot of people. This equation has been shown to be most accurate *. I’m going to share with some of my relatives and friends, they certainly will like it – Natalie. Wholesome Yum is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Hi I have been on the Keto diet close to 3 months now, and I have slowly stopped loosing weight! Hi Susan, I don’t have an app, but you can access the website via phone. But I still don’t understand how macros work. Another unpleasant side effect of the keto diet is a keto rash. I just eat because it is time to eat and I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode if there is such a thing. You can make them out of chocolate, cream cheese, nut butter, cocoa powder, or coconut oil. Hi Rosie, I have a section explaining that right in the post below the macro calculator. And I’ve already gained about 6 lbs. I’ve read it 3 times. Do you have a fat chart with easy totals? Once you know what is the recommended calorie intake for maintaining your current weight, you can modify it to achieve the results you want. I’ve never received a calculation for protein like that and just doesn’t make sense. Before starting my Keto Diet, I ate a variety of fruits and vegetables. You can use a dedicated ketone meter that analyzes a drop of your blood for the presence of BHB (beta-hydroxybutyrate), the main ketone produced by your body. The color on keto sticks does not indicate the amount of fat you are burning, only the amount of excess ketones that are spilling into urine combined with how dehydrated you are (or not). I’m just starting. As you can see, ultimately, your macro intake will largely depend on your lifestyle and goals. Any help would be very much appreciated! If you're craving a keto-friendly snack, you can also try nuts, handfuls of berries (such as strawberries or blueberries), or cheese bites. You could also try an alternative to the standard ketogenic diet: a cyclical keto diet, favored by those trying to reduce their body fat and build their muscle mass. I’d like to know before I start pushing buttons.

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