list of tornadoes in alaska

Third-deadliest tornado in Canadian history, formed in, Deadly tornado family devastated multiple towns in Texas and Oklahoma, producing F5 damage. One tree fell onto a vehicle. Brief but violent F4 tornado devastated the small town of Saragosa, killing 30 people. Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi might be the first states you think of. Many "well built" homes were leveled and farms vanished. Heavy rain in the city also collapsed a bridge. Severe damage throughout the Twin Cities. Trees were snapped, including several pine trees. Produced two powerful F5 tornadoes near, Outbreak produced many strong to violent tornadoes across the Ohio Valley. (9 significant, 2 violent, 2 killer), 1938 Charleston, South Carolina tornadoes, Included a long-tracked F5 tornado family on April 14 in Oklahoma and Kansas that killed seven people. One large garage lost its back sheet metal wall as well. 16 farms were blown away and the town of Grinnell was devastated, as well as the Grinnell College campus. April 1980 Central United States tornado outbreak, Many strong tornadoes touched down, including an F3 that struck, Costliest tropical cyclone-related tornado in history struck the. The back porch of a home was lifted over the house and landed in the front yard. Rare high-altitude F4 tore through parts of, Produced a series of strong tornadoes across Oklahoma, Texas, and Mississippi. (3 significant, 1 violent, 2 killer), Violent F5 tornado obliterated farms east of, Destructive outbreak sequence produced two violent tornadoes, including an F5 tornado that struck, One of the largest tornado outbreak sequences at the time. Walls or roofs were torn off of 100 homes and wagons and outhouses were tossed like toys. F4 damage occurred to buildings in, One of the most intense Plains outbreaks on record, produced five violent tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas. Don't be fooled by the relative lack of tornadoes we discussed early in Las Vegas. The tornado snapped numerous trees and cracked at least two power poles along an intermittent path. Not even in "Paradise" are you 100% guaranteed to be tornado-free. A tornado caused sever damage to a mobile home. This page documents confirmed tornadoes from August to September 2020 via various … An F3 tornado killed one in, Destructive outbreak sequence spawned a violent F5 tornado in, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 22–31, 1973, A massive and destructive 8-day period of tornadoes occurred. Deadliest tornado in Connecticut history. The previous summer, a waterspout was sighted just northwest of the Marquette County Airport on Aug. 11, 2011. (>9 significant, 4 violent, 5 killer), Forty others were injured, seven homes were demolished and at least 25 others damaged, and monuments and tombstones in Cypress Hills and Bayside cemeteries were uprooted by a cyclone that touched down near Cypress Hills and moved through the neighborhoods of, The deadliest tornado outbreak sequence in American history. Many farm vehicles were tossed and some were never found. Next, learn about a freak tornado that may have saved a young nation. 1894 Upper Mississippi Valley tornado outbreak, Included a long-tracked F4 tornado family in Wisconsin and Iowa. In contrast, September saw only 31 tornadoes, which was well below average, with 19 of them coming from Hurricane Sally and Tropical Storm Beta. Perhaps even stranger...the months with the most L.A. tornadoes are January, November, December, and March. As the tornado crossed parts of several lakes, including the northern end of. It's about as rare as in Las Vegas, but they have happened. Additional trees and crops were damaged nearby. (18 significant, 6 killer), Produced several tornadoes in Texas. A tornado outbreak produced several long–tracked, deadly tornadoes that touched down in, Little Rock–Jackson tornado outbreak of March 1950, Destructive outbreak produced two F3 tornadoes in, Several destructive tornadoes touched down with all three F3+ tornadoes being killers. This tornado hit a tree farm, snapping or uprooting dozens of trees, along with overturning hundreds of potted trees and shrubs. No damage information is available at this time, although the tornado did prompt a. Click through our list of all 50 states and find out who gets the most tornadoes per year! Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, and other areas, Reshaping the Tornado Belt: The June 16, 1887, Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Tornado, 2011 book G.Godon, "List of North American tornadoes and tornado outbreaks", Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of tornadoes striking downtown areas of large cities, List of tornadoes causing 100 or more deaths, September 1821 New England tornado outbreak, March 1890 middle Mississippi Valley tornado outbreak, Great Lakes tornadoes of September 26, 1951, March 1952 Southern United States tornado outbreak, Flint–Worcester tornado outbreak sequence, Tornado outbreak sequence of Early-December 1953, Early-April 1957 tornado outbreak sequence, April 1957 Southeastern United States tornado outbreak, May 1957 Central Plains tornado outbreak sequence, June 20–23, 1957 tornado outbreak sequence, Tornado outbreak sequence of December 18–20, 1957, St. Louis tornado outbreak of February 1959, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 23–30, 1961, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 3–9, 1961, February 1965 South Florida tornado outbreak, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 30–May 2, 1967, tropical cyclone-related tornado outbreaks, 1969 Hazlehurst, Mississippi tornado outbreak, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 17–19, 1970, June 10–16, 1970 tornado outbreak sequence, February 1971 Mississippi Delta tornado outbreak, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 19–21, 1973, 1985 United States–Canada tornado outbreak, 1989 Northeastern United States tornado outbreak, March 1990 Central United States tornado outbreak, June 1990 Lower Ohio Valley tornado outbreak, 1998 Gainesville-Stoneville tornado outbreak, 1998 Comfrey – St. Peter tornado outbreak, Late-May 1998 tornado outbreak and derecho, Upper Great Lakes severe weather outbreak of August 23, 1998, 2002 Veterans Day Weekend tornado outbreak, Derecho and tornado outbreak of July 21, 2003, List of May 2004 tornado outbreak sequence tornadoes, Easter Week 2006 tornado outbreak sequence, February–March 2007 tornado outbreak sequence, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 20–26, 2007, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 7–15, 2008, List of tornadoes in the tornado outbreak sequence of May 7–15, 2008, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 22–31, 2008, List of tornadoes in the tornado outbreak sequence of May 22–31, 2008, Tornado outbreak sequence of June 3–11, 2008, List of tornadoes in the tornado outbreak sequence of June 3–11, 2008, Tornado outbreak of April 30 – May 2, 2010, June 2010 Northern Plains tornado outbreak, October 2010 North American storm complex, Derecho and tornado outbreak of April 4–5, 2011, Tornado outbreak sequence of April 19–24, 2011, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 21–26, 2011, Tornado outbreak sequence of March 18–24, 2012, 2012 Tropical Storm Debby tornado outbreak, Late December 2012 North American storm complex, October 2013 North American storm complex, April 2014 North Carolina tornado outbreak, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 5–10, 2015, 2015 Texas–Oklahoma flood and tornado outbreak, December 2015 North American storm complex, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 22–26, 2016, Tornado outbreak of February 28 – March 1, 2017, Tornado outbreak and floods of April 28 – May 1, 2017, Tornado outbreak sequence of May 15–20, 2017, 2018 United States–Canada tornado outbreak, Tornado outbreak of November 30 – December 2, 2018, List of Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, Southern Ontario tornado outbreak of 2005, Southern Ontario Tornado Outbreak of 2009, List of 21st-century Canadian tornadoes and tornado outbreaks, List of tornadoes striking downtown areas, "Arlington, MA Tornado, Aug 1851 - GenDisasters ... Genealogy in Tragedy, Disasters, Fires, Floods", "A Deadly Tornado Left A Wake Of Destruction Across Philadelphia And Camden On August 4, 1885 | Weather Concierge",, "Long Island Felt Its Fury – One Person Killed and Forty Injured in Woodhaven – Buildings Blown Down and Damage Caused in Other Parts of the Island", "Most People Don't Know A Devastating Tornado Ripped Through New Jersey's State Capital Over 100 Years Ago",,,,,,,,,, "Tornado History Project: April 28, 1953", "Tornado History Project: April 29, 1953", "Tornado History Project: April 30, 1953",,,,,,, "Tornado History Project: The Great Plains Outbreak",,, "Tornado History Project: February 24, 1956", "Tornado History Project: February 25, 1956",,,,,,,,,,,, "Tornado History Project: Maps and Statistics",,,, "El Reno tornado is 'super rare' national record-breaker", "El Reno Tornado Rated EF3, Widest on Record", "Canadian National Tornado Database: Verified Events (1980-2009) - Public", "The Earliest Documented Tornado in the Americas", "Los Angeles Herald, Number 224, 12 May 1899", National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, North America listing by The Tornado Project, Central America and Caribbean listing by The Tornado Project, Deadly Skies: Canada's Most Destructive Tornadoes,, Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from June 2011, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Potential earliest recorded U.S. tornado and fatality.

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