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By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies in your web browser, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. La Union has been labeled as a growing and developing region, not only for its economic development in San Fernando and the booming surf tourism in San Juan, but also for their colorful events and festivities. “We were very…, In the 2018 Christmas film “The Princess Switch,” Vanessa Hudgens had the challenge of playing two characters: Stacy DeNovo, a young baker from…, There’s something surreal about our country winning all these travel awards right in the middle of a pandemic, when most of the world…, The most listened to French artist in the world, 25-year-old Aya Nakamura has released her third album with dizzying success. Not to mention the perfect tropical climate, the affordable prices as well as the friendly and hospitable people in the area. The City of San Fernando ended 1st runner-up during the said competition. La Union's Damortis barangay of Santo Tomas is dubbed as the 'Tabo-an of the North’ because of its priceless 'danggit' (often associated with the small malaga), the dalag-baybay, espada, sapsap, pusit, turay, dilis, and shrimp, a local fish, 1 foot basasong, dried bangus (milkfish), patis (fish sauce), alamang, and … Typically, “Baggak” means “morning star,” and stands for the dawning of a new day for Bauang. Then expand your horizons and set your sight to the province of La Union. The Cante de Las Minas International Flamenco Festival is declared of International Tourist Interest and also considered as one of the most important festivals in the world. This one is from San Fernando City, la Union who participated in the streetdancing competition. The “Beach Fever” Province of La Union. As an authentic theme park dedicated to mining activity, La Unión may awake the senses of every visitor to go into this topic in depth. The event co-presented by Globe highlighted a lineup of sports and wellness events like beachside yoga, volleyball and surf sessions happening throughout the weekend. The Globe Eco Patrol segment, meanwhile, included a beach-wide clean-up, mangrove planting and coral planting in partnership with Curma, as well as various other awareness-raising efforts aimed at protecting the environment. Due to its imposing and monumental appearance, Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church is considered as "The Cathedral" of Sierra Minera mountain range, and it is declared a Site of Cultural Interest. Items from different historical periods are exhibited here: from the Roman times, when more than 40,000 slaves worked in those mining sites, until the 20th century. A post shared by La Union Surfing Break (@launionsurfingbreak) on Oct 26, 2019 at 6:03pm PDT, RELATED: 5 Local Products To Jumpstart Your Shift to Zero-Waste Sustainable Living. It is indeed a unique experience to witness the strong cultural influence in the area. Every town in La Union celebrates its own unique fiesta. Between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean coast, shows a unique and singular landscape. And to add more flavor, the dish is also topped with rice field mushrooms or broiled milkfish, tuna steak or scad fish. Its mountains, with iron, manganese, zinc, sphalerite or pyrite brushstrokes, give a peculiar touch to the landscape, deeply marked by the traces that the mining industry left behind throughout centuries of activity . Unión Festival Digital - Un viaje extraordinario Te invitamos a ser parte de esta unión, comprando la pulsera UNICEF diseñada por Mercedes Salazar, que simboliza un lazo solidario con quienes más nos necesitan: los niños, niñas y adolescentes de Colombia. The town holds the annual Dinengdeng festival because of the abundance of ingredients found in the province. Read More:, This pilgrimage town held its 8th “Dinengdeng Festival” on Tuesday with local cooks simultaneously whipping up various kinds of dinengdeng (vegetable) dishes at the grounds of Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University, South La Union campus. The most common ingredients of Dinegdeng are eggplants, bitter gourd or ampalaya fruit and leaves; squash fruit, flowers and tops; saluyot (jute), okra, patola, string beans tops or paltong and the string beans fruit; unripe papaya, banana heart, bamboo shoots, and upo (bottle gourd). La Union’s surf season officially getting underway marked the return of La Union Surfing Break! Its culture and landscapes are firmly linked to over 3,000 years of mining activity and flamenco, forming one of the Region of Murcia's destinations with more personality. The festival’s and founding anniversary’s main theme, “Parol: Silaw ti Ragsak, Namnama ken Panagkaykaysa iti ili ti Bauang” (Star: Light of Happiness, Hope and Unity in the Municipality of Bauang) a symbol of the town’s development through the years. In the surroundings you will find the remains of mining operations and facilities for the mineral smelting of that time and the 19th century. Click here for more from La Union Surfing Break 2019. Utensils on display behind these showcases bring you closer the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of La Unión. Every month of April, the town of Bauang, La Union comes alive to stage this colorful festival. Other La Union municipalities were also invited to this Festival of Festivals in Agoo to present their own signature street-dances such as Bauang with its Baggak; Naguilian’s Basi; San Gabriel’s Buyboy; Bacnotan’s Diro; San Fernando City’s Pindangan and Pugo’s Tinugbo. As a lasting contribution to the community, public trash bins in the vicinity were also donated by the group. From the Tagalog term “tawid” and the Ilokano term for heritage, “taoid,” Tawid Taoid in La Union showecased the diversity of cultures  in La Union, featuring Bago dances, songs and oral tradition, and Ilokano folk dances, chants and dramas. This is a festival associated with the much-loved Ilocano Culinary dish that is famous like pinakbet and bagnet. Here’s how you can relive the best moments from #GlobeLUSurfBreak—surf season or not. Taal Volcano & Lake La Unión is the fixed residence of the best magical flamenco. The annual street dancing competition among the residents and students from various schools and barangays in the City of San Fernando is already a part of the big celebration of the town every month of March. The Ethnographic Museum located in the district of Roche, proposes to give you a fresh twist on your knowledge about the mining world. The genome of the Universe at your fingertips. La Unión is located very close to the Mar Menor and Mediterranean Sea beaches. Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia. (Photo by: Alex S. de Guzman-City Media Bureau) Read More: This is a non-profit site to help All Rights Reserved. Read More:, Palani Beach Boasts of a 10 Km-Long White Sand Beach, San Isidro Labrador / Pahiyas Festival in Quezon, Colorful and Exciting Festivals in Nueva Ecija, Embajada Festival – a Re-Enactment of Christianization, Bird Watching at the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary, The Small Paradise in Agho Island in Iloilo, Sugbo Festival Honors the Humble Tiger Grass, Kabila / Kibila White Beach is Famous for Diving and Snorkeling, Aurora Is Host to Philippine Surfing Cups, Boracay White Sand Beach Recently, in Candon City Fiesta, it was package in the streetdancing competion. Manila Bay Because of this, Tobacco festival is annually celebrated in the city, which produces the biggest volume in the whole country. Bauangenians are going all out in their costumes as they celebrate the Baggak (morning star) festival that is celebrated annually for the past years. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. But the ingredient common to all Dinengdeng recipes is bagoong or fermented fish paste. It was co-incidental that coming from Baguio City, I saw an event in San Fernando City about to happen. More than 26,000 North American events. Where is La Union and How to Get There. Baggak, an Iluko term referring to the morning star, stands for the dawning of a new day for Bauang. Dubbed the Best Tourism Event in the Philippines for Sports, Adventure & Wellness, this year’s La Union Surfing Break, which took place between October 25 and 27, featured live art and live music in key La Union locations—San Juan, Bacnotan and Caba—where local acts Ysanygo, Jason Dhakal, Reese Lansangan, UNIQUE, B.P. Other Visitors Also Viewed: Palani Beach Boasts of a 10 Km-Long White Sand Beach. Moreover, next to this room is the Interpretation Centre of La Unión. Its name means The Union or The Unity in Spanish. And even if you missed it, a recap of what you can do in LU next time! Mayor Stefanie Ann Eriguel said the idea for the competition was to highlight this Ilocano dish that is highly nutritious and most economical. Iloko-Bago cultures highlighted in La Union festival. There you will have the opportunity to peek into the miner's reality and their hard life circumstances, which enabled the flamenco songs' birth.

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