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Now a normal person would mention that actually she just translated and the minutes were done by John. From my experience, no one wants to take credit for a plan, however, they want to take credit for its success. Foreigners working in Korea can get away with many things that Koreans can’t. With myself being a Korean American, I did not get the full treatment of an average Korean worker but also was not looked at as a complete foreigner. If you don’t drink, this will pretty much be a waste of time. As well as a myriad of bureaucratic rules which add to the time needed to finalize anything. . Foreigners will most likely not get verbally abused as many Korean superiors will target Koreans because they understand that they will take it. I remember interviewing a CEO at a Korean company and his response to this hypothetical question really stuck with me other the years. . Business Registration: 224-86-01652 | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy, 10 Unwritten Rules for Working in Korea that Foreigners Should Know, I have lived and worked in Korea for over 10 years. So it’s no wonder that the most common work that people consider is translating but there are plenty of jobs in South Korea that can help you advance your career. These reports go a long way to gather data on what is being worked on. Your colleagues will be kind and give you the farewell you deserve. Now since I was in the same group chat I also could have said….” actually I was the one who wrote it, she just translated”…that would have made ME look petty….When I told this story to other employees, they said this kind of thing happens often in other Korean companies as well. The Korean government does not give visas out generously. While Koreans study hard many are just not confident enough to speak English openly. John is also a Web Developer and certified AWS Solutions Architect. Many of the top Korean companies use these job fairs to source new talent. . Jeong means warm-hearted in Korean. The holder is allowed to work, except  for simple labor or speculation, for up to 2 years in Korea. After notifying the Immigration Office of their status as an employment seeker, they can then contact the employment support center. Maybe that is the point. Summary. I hope this article was helpful and please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn! Sponsored Links. Many times the superior has his or her superior they need to report to. He didn’t even blink before picking B. This is why staying at least an hour is pretty much the industry standard in Korea…but many will notice other workers staying until midnight or beyond on certain nights. I sent the minutes to another team member to translate into Korean. Growing up in America many of my relatives would get ridiculed if they couldn’t speak English well. Many will be envious. In Korean office culture, it is more honorable to “go down with the ship” instead of leaving. As for re-employment, holders may be re-employed once (up to 2 years) under the new reemployment system. Is it worth it to stand up for a Korean employee when they seem content in taking the abuse? Send us your Press They constantly need to show their value for the company every step of the way. Not only did I feel bad for him but I was also ashamed of myself…. Don’t be surprised if someone tells your superior that you were “late”. Korean companies LOVE monthly, weekly, or even daily reports. You will be able to speak more freely during these sessions and can even hash out some differences you might have. Supervisors in Korea are experts in shifting the blame. I’ve been fortunate to never have had the horrific experience of a superior verbally abusing me, however, I had stood by while they abused others. Taking initiative is not looked upon as a positive. However, hopefully, future job fairs will be held offline. The best places to find jobs in South Korea as a foreigner. Having a business level fluency in the Korean language will give you a massive advantage in your job hunt and makes it easier for a recruiter in Korea to find you a job. They need to show the result of this particular strategy. In my opinion, what this ultimately leads to in the long run is more and more employees being less efficient since they know they need to stay longer anyway. In my experience, some of the best ideas and strategies came out of these gatherings because Koreans tend to have more courage once they have some alcohol in them. Many bosses in Korea feel that putting fear into their employees will lead to better results. Send us your Press If it is your superior there is really nothing you can do. This mainly applies to non-teaching jobs. She uploaded the Korean version onto the company Kakao Group. Many are impulsive and tend to lead to time wasted. I need to get some documents…”. So during brainstorming sessions, many are reluctant to give their own ideas in the fear it will lead to failure and ultimately the blame will fall on them. Why not ignore the strategy of the superior and come up with something better and present it to your superior at the end? Many don’t hold the same Korean office culture. Which is why to get the most out of these events, you will need to drink.

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