konrad curze soul stone

79, it was also suggested that the Emperor's DNA, which was a part of every Primarch's genetic code, might not have proven entirely stable within Curze's genome, explaining why he was so mentally unstable by the time of his death, not to mention the corpse-like, monstrous appearance he had developed by the end of the Heresy. https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Konrad_Curze?oldid=368481. "But every sin...is punished, but punished by death, no matter the crime. Curze later explained his actions to the Emperor by pointing out that Nostramo, in the Legion's absence, had slid back into its old ways of cruel violence and crime. The Primarchs fought in furious combat -- Corax fighting to kill, while Lorgar fought to stay alive. The Raven Lord’s claw ripped free, and Corax soared skyward, carried on jet thrust away from Curze’s rising laughter. As a lone young boy, feral and wary, Curze shivered in the shadows of broken buildings and atop roofs, living as a scavenger and slaying any who sought to prey upon him, for even as an infant he was possessed of frightful strength and an indefatigable will married to a superhuman and watchful intelligence. Is it not serene?". Those brave enough to look upon Him directly were blinded for daring to gaze at His radiant countenance. Theory regarding Curze’s soul residing in the Eldar spirit stone he had in his crown. The main thing that throws a wrench in it is Primarchs aren't like other flesh and blood individuals. The path to Terra was wide open, and the decisive Battle of Terra and the Siege of the Imperial Palace would follow after seven more years of blood and terror as the Traitor Legions penetrated to the very heart of the Imperium of Man. Turrets rose from their protective housing in the hundreds, while hordes of lobotomised Servitors trundled from the holds of Iron Warriors troopships, single-minded in their intent to link with the weapons systems’ interfaces. Kill a dozen men and they will scream and wail in the night, and they will feel fear, not hatred. "It is better by far to be an object of fear than of respect, for one is a truth of the soul and the other an illusion of the mind. To Curze, it seemed that the Emperor had castigated him for carrying out the same actions that had once been deemed so vital to the Imperium's formation and expansion. Their blood was up, and the alerts were lost within the chaos of howling voices taking hold of the vox-channels. Without the supernatural skill and incredible prescience of the Emperor's Primarchs, many of Night Haunter's pursuers could have been lost that day as the rogue vessels delved deep into the heart of the Empyrean.

Soon, rumours of the impending presence of the Night Lords would cause a rebel star system to pay all outstanding Imperial tithes, cease all illegal activities and put to death any mutants and suspected Traitors. The Night Haunter also began to change, denouncing the Emperor of Mankind as a weakling and a hypocrite, and transforming into a hunched and terrible predator. “Captain Sahaal had reclaimed one of the Night Haunter’s relics… and immediately fled. Corax sought to wrench his claw free, but Curze’s second gauntlet closed on his brother’s wrist, so that Corax would be unable to fly away and escape his fate. I mean, I already think he’s the reason Grey Knight Prognosticars die. I have arrived, and I intend to take you home. Stays in the crown but controls whoever wears it. The other ate fear!". Anyone who attempted to mentally map the labyrinth would be hopelessly knotted in turns that should have been physically impossible. Enraged, Curze took it upon himself to kill Vulkan as many times as was necessary to permanently rid himself of his intolerable presence. Amoral and vicious, they served only to further poison the VIIIth Legion and push it to increasing levels of cruelty that made Curze's fellow primarchs grow uneasy. The city wept at what was remembered as the "Delegation of Light," weeping collectively, every man, woman and child gathered in the streets, their pale faces staring at the strangers in their midst, as the sky was brightened by the false stars of voidship engines. Beam after beam of incandescent light joined the fusillade, all concentrating upon the same point, a weak spot in Nostramo's adamantium crust theorised to be left by the Primarch's initial landing in his gestation pod when he first arrived on the bleak world. In so doing, he became the first living soul to utter those words that would echo from the throats of countless others through the millennia of the Long War that was to come. Theory regarding Curze’s soul residing in the Eldar spirit stone … While they owed loyalty and life to the same father, the Primarchs could not have been more diverse in terms of intelligence, strategic acumen and beliefs, ranging from cultured individuals such as Fulgrim to the silent and stoic Vulkan. It also really doesn't make sense why the Eldar are hunting for the Corona Nox so hard if it didn't have some sort of relevance to them. They described great wealth, prosperity, stability. The Word Bearers and their allies believed that the Imperium had failed them by being flawed to its core, imperfect in its pursuit of a perfect culture, and in its weakness against the encroachment of xenos breeds that sought to twist humanity to alien ends. My people gave me a name, and I will bear it until my dying day.

Konrad Curze chose to die at the hands of that assassin because he believed in what it meant to him. ‘She has taken his signet ring,’ one stormed. This might mean that his soul is still within that spirit stone. But before the Night Lords reached Terra, a new crisis for the Imperium erupted.

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