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This isn’t required but can help your plant focus energy to fruit bearing branches. I used to do this, but over the years as my “pepper obsession” grew, so did my collection of unusual varieties. It’s better to put them farther apart rather than too close. Hi Bing, you should definitely try it! Each 2.5-Inch Pot contains 1 plant. To learn how to maintain and harvest hot peppers, scroll down! A general guide is 75-90 days after you put them into the ground. Hot peppers can be a bit bad-tempered about transplanting, so you’ll need to do this very carefully – and keep in mind that the stress of digging up and potting up might cause your overwintering efforts to come to naught. Depending on the size of your plant, mark out a radius of four to six inches around the stem, and dig down six to eight inches. Those that have wintered-over have strong root systems which allows them to get going with the serious business of reproduction much earlier than all those babies carefully tended in a grow tent – or on your windowsill, depending on how far your pepper obsession has progressed. If I planted my peppers late and one has a flower on it, will I get peppers? One Habanero produced up to mid December. With a knowledge of the needs of hot pepper plants, learning how to grow hot peppers can be an easy and fascinating planting project. A soil moisture meter is a great help in keeping the soil moisture regulated. This article has been viewed 101,686 times. Several of the pods would begin rotting from the stem end. Be careful of late cold snaps which can wreak havoc with the new growth. I’ll confess, I lost a few, which is to be expected. Und all are still producing! Flowers are not always an indicator of the plant's health. Your plants may survive if the temperature drops below this for a short period of time, but you’re heading into risky territory. All in containers per Ed Smith’s Vegetable Gardener’s Bible (“simplifies rotation”). Remove any mulch from around the potted plants and check the soil for ants. Here is more about what we do. For the past few years, I maintained that I was growing “a few” hot peppers and in certain circumstances I’d admit to having “several.”. Keep them in a location where they will be protected from any sudden temperature changes or consider moving them indoors or covering with a frost cloth overnight. As the temperatures start to warm up in early spring you can move your pepper plants to a location with more light – or put them under a grow light. The one that produced the best had grown a bit oddly with several shoots off the main trunk and I was afraid to take all of them off. Keep the plant in the pot until it grows about 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) tall. $4.45. For my larger plants, particularly those that have already been overwintered in the past, I give them a severe haircut. Be patient, they can be a little slow to wake up. This article has been viewed 101,686 times. There are a few steps you need to take before you put your hot peppers to bed for the winter and they’ll require a little bit of maintenance over the cold months. Short Description. I’ve had good success with the majority of my hot peppers, but as mentioned, I expect to lose a few. Short Description. Should I fertilize pepper plants right after transplanting them? Uncredited photos: Shutterstock. Armed with a freezer full of more peppers than anyone can possibly eat, I’ll still miss the fresh taste of my homegrown crop. Are you inspired to try? Good write up on how to overwinter hot peppers. Temperatures below 35°F will … Apocalypse Scorpion Pepper Plants - 2 Live Plants, Yellow Scotch Bonnet Plants- 2 Live Plants, Red Savina Habanero Plants - 2 Live Plants, Purple Cayenne Pepper Plants - 2 Live Plants, PJ's Serrano Pepper Plants- 2 Live Plants, Orange Scotch Bonnet Plants - 2 Live Plants, Jamaican Yellow Mushroom Pepper Plants - 2 Live Plants, 3 Easy Steps to Properly Freeze Hot Peppers.

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