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Okay? And I learned that early in my ministry, about my third year here. That whole thing flows out of the context of Judas’ betrayal. Let’s pray. If you’re just joining us for’s Bible Study of the Week, we invite you to get a journal and start recording your answers to our weekly study questions. You see, in 1 Corinthians it says we do not want Satan to take advantage of us. I sent them everywhere: Phoenix, you name it. No. And it’s going like wildfire. I’m going to – okay, I’m going to slip out, and I have to pick up my son. We also would love to hear your responses to any of the questions above in the comments section below! For over eighty years, Zondervan has partnered with authors to deliver transformational, educational and vocational resources that renew minds, enrich lives, and change the world. Right? But I told him all I can speak is English and Spanish. This I know, A student stands up and asks him in a seminar, “What is the significance of Israel’s return to the land today,” and his answer is, “It has absolutely no significance at all.”. Please contact the publisher to obtain copies of this resource. You be in Christ; you’re thrown into the fire because you’re not fruitful? There are times when God Himself, in His sovereign will, actually allows the demon hosts to carry out His will. And I think in that case, He simply, in line with His sovereign will, acted authoritatively over a demon to send him – or to allow him, permit him to do what he was going to do. In fact, you might even say, “Now, I want all three of your to listen here, because this is really important.” Okay? Will we step out of the darkness, out of the world, out of death, and place our [trust] on the truth of what Jesus says and who he is? Right? FEMALE:   John, I have another medical ethic –. The end is impossible. It is not a “horizontal” experience that takes up the materials available around us in the world. Before reading on, stop and let this phrase flood your soul: Jesus loves me, and Jesus loves you. You don’t stand around and say, “I bind you all.” What do they mean? That is, humanity is broken beyond all repair. Yes. I want to withdraw.”, And so, a week ago, on the national PTL Club or The 700 Club, I guess, Pat Robertson or somebody said that I was going to be one of the speakers. Now, what was the second part of the question? So, we have holy angels and fallen angels. JOHN:   We’ll just finish with these three, and that’ll be it. If you take the total of Scripture, from beginning to end, does it each you can lose your salvation? It’s attachment at that point; that’s all. There are two kinds of angels. GDPR is the new European privacy regulation, which will replace the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK and the equivalent legislation across the EU Member States. Okay? MALE:   Many of the charismatic people, they feel that the reason why they cannot speak in tongues is because they are not faithful or spiritual enough. I mean a mid-tribulation rapture would be better, but I don’t think that’s right either. Good question. But the non-dispensationalist says, “No, Israel forfeited its kingdom in the execution of the Messiah. The other perspective is what’s called non-dispensational or covenant theology, which has no place for Israel, no kingdom in the future, and spiritualizes everything rather making it literal. It’s a very strange conglomeration of stuff blending together Christianity and paganism. – delivered to the saints. Okay. You need to understand that the Roman Catholic Church is a hybrid system. JOHN:   I mean I’m going to leave before the trouble anyway. And that’s all the dispensationalism affirms. Can we do that and catch you next time, or do you have a real short one? FaithGateway is brought to you by HarperCollins Christian Publishing and is dedicated to helping you grow and share your faith. I mean you don’t have to be a genius to figure out where that is – the city of seven hills is Rome – the jewels and all that stuff. No family, no husband, no kids, no relatives, no nobody. But I think it depends on the circumstances. And one-third of all the angels fell, according to Revelation 12. She was 89, 90, who knows; she never would tell, right? And he was shot. MALE:   I think you – I think you kind of answered my question already. Don’t mess with the devil, mess with God, and God’ll take care of the devil. No. And he was a just and righteous man. Lissey:   John, I was wondering if you could give a biblical perspective on how far does a physician go in prolonging a patient’s life, given all the technology available today. – God, and it was – what? And so, you take John Stott, no less a scholar than John Stott. Unfortunately – well, I’ll put it another way, I hope that people who are unsaved get miserable when they come here. MALE:   He says “in Me” though. I just wanted to comment that I was talking to Warren Wiersbe. Okay? And I went to the leader, and I told him what I thought. And when you get into the tribulation, you either believe the rapture comes at the beginning, the middle, or the end. And I don’t want to get carried away on this point, but I think stockpiling against the future – what are you going to do? And at that point, the “in Me” simply means identification. This Pope has a cross off center, with a long piece, and then the crossbeam is very short on this side and very long on the other side. Nicodemus does not understand so Jesus puts it plainly - humanity cannot save themselves so God sent his Son so that through his death (being “lifted up”), whoever believes in him will be forgiven, reborn of the Spirit and enter heaven. How did you get counted righteous? All Rights Reserved. They obeyed the law because they believed God when their hearts were true and their obedience was simply the working out of that faith. And I’m going to bring all the needy and the poor and the hungry, and you can feed them. JOHN:   Right. Of the fallen angels, there are two kinds: loose and bound. Now, I don’t think that that means that the Lord is calling all these people into the Church. You know? So, pick the one you want. He’s a sacramental Christian in the sense that he comes out of a Greek Orthodox background. And I think what it’s saying is that there will be people who will attach themselves superficially to Christ, but in evidence, bearing no fruit at all, will ultimately be cut off and cast into the fire because they show they have no life. © 2020 Grace to You. JOHN:   It’s definitely different. JOHN:   Believed God. What keeps you feeling trapped in sin? I stood in that office up there one night and cast out demons for three hours, till I was blue in the face, and none of them went anywhere. And we don’t want to take the liberty to spiritualize it. They’re all people – or not people – They’re all persons. It was many of the –. And so, at that point you would have to – you don’t want to be insubordinate and start a right in there. And so, God in His wisdom had said all He wanted to say, and He entrusted this to them. And no one else was ever able to do that, but they have done that. But all demons are on that angelic strata. John Piper Dec 28, 2008 4.8K Shares Sermon. Enter your email address and we will send you instructions on how to reset your password. You know? She knew Christ. – “the kingdom of heaven.” I think Jesus affirmed what David knew in his heart, that when a little child dies, that little child is taken into the arms of God. There have been times in history when there were three at the same time, all fighting for the vicarship of Christ. That is, religion is not necessarily a matter of personal knowledge or ethical behavior. A real problem. JOHN:   Right. Believe in God. And Jesus said, “No, no. You Are Never Alone Week 6 — God Is with You When You Need Grace, How to Make It Through the Holidays When You Don’t Feel Very Grateful, What Am I Supposed to Do With All the Hurt, One Thousand Gifts OBS Week 2 — Grace in the Moment, Prayer: Lay it at His Feet and Leave it There. And the Restrainer is pulled back and all hell breaks loose. And we say the Bible teaches that once you’re saved, you’re saved forever, that salvation is forever. Unlike the others, this book portrays Jesus as the bringer of divine wisdom. JOHN:   Perish. I don’t know any. So, I think we’re seeing it come together. But if you feel it’s violently in defiance of what you believe is right, and you can’t be a part of it, then you have to make that judgment. You know, I know that many older people have it written in their will now that if they come to that point, they don’t want to be prolonged. I mean you can find in the New Testament illustrations of prayer directed to every member of the Trinity in Scripture. It’s been a good time – huh?

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