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The Birth of Sake. That’s an easy subject to watch for an hour. 'Washoku: Beyond Sushi' not only covers the different ingredients and types of traditional Japanese cuisine, it also acquaints you with the principles and philosophies that underlie Japanese food, including religion, nature and a focus on umami. Too many to cover in one list, for sure. Anthony Bourdain, we miss you. It’s headed by legendary noodle chef Osamu Tomita, who is at the centre of this 2017 film documenting his exacting process in creating the perfect bowl of noodles. If you’re familiar with pizza in Tokyo, you’ll recognise the restaurants Savoy in Roppongi and Serinkan in Nakameguro. Kasumi is concerned about how a new pair of sunglasses makes him look. Related Reading: Ugly Dishes That Taste Delicious. At Shizuko's suggestion, Kasumi decides to take up walking as a hobby. You didn’t think Sanrio was all cuddly characters, did you? Each episode uses a different core cooking element—fire, earth, water, and air—as a vehicle to discuss everything from food history, culture and tradition to technique and industry. Wonderland, Visit Before It’s Too Late: Nakagin Capsule Tower, Voyagin Interviews: Japanese Fortune Teller Tamao Kubo, Voyagin Interviews: Kiyomi “Vanessa” Shibata, Real-Life Ninja, Okinawa in Winter? The Japanese word kuyashii describes the feeling when somebody puts you down and you have the burning desire to succeed to prove them wrong – it also describes Niki Nakayama’s motivation as a chef, as this episode of Chef's Table shows. Instead of being presented with a formulaic one-off recipe, you’re given foundational, reusable advice on cooking philosophy. 1 Season, 6 Episodes | IMDb: 7.6/10 The Show: This is Netflix’s second swing at a cannabis cooking show and it hits more often than not. Then “Chef’s Table” (and its offshoots “Chef’s Table: France” and “Chef’s Table: Pastry”) will be your jam. Versatile lead Takayuki Yamada deserves praise for being equally at home as a timid encyclopedia salesman and as a camera-toting director clad only in socks and underpants. It’s fairly fast-paced and the food is legitimately repeatable in your own kitchen (for the most part). This 22-minute episode takes Rinella out of the field and into his kitchen to demonstrate various techniques for cooking game, fish, and foraged foods. He decides to read in a café, but only a "pure" one will do. Each of the five episodes focuses on a different iconic style of taco, taking you on a 30-minute journey into its origins and history and cultural significance, as well as showcasing its premier craftsmen throughout Mexico. The show goes deep into Georgia and Savannah’s food scene with one of the region’s most important chefs. Take this charming, easily digestible single-subject docuseries for example. Midnight Diner is a show which brings people from all walks of life together after midnight at a quaint diner. The atmosphere heats up even more when the guest chef and judge is announced: it’s Yoshihiro Narisawa, owner and chef of two-Michelin star restaurant Narisawa in Tokyo. Or sit there and imagine that I’m also having dinner with some world-renowned chefs, eating dinner at their buddy’s impossible-to-get-into spot like it’s just some normal, casual thing to do on a Tuesday night. Binging food and cooking shows on Netflix. Considering the subject matter, perhaps it’s not surprising that female characters aren’t always treated fantastically, but it nevertheless presents a surprisingly varied view of Japan’s sexual liberation, told with fittingly extravagant excess. Watch Now. There are eliminations, personal stories, and legitimately great food from home cooks. In most cases they’re friends but have never really worked together, and so watching them navigate each other’s styles and personalities brings an added layer of intrigue to the competition. After a board game session with an old friend goes late, Kasumi decides to spend the night by himself at a local seaside bed-and-breakfast. The series is a journalist-forward documentary series covering our food supply chains. The show follows a particular customer and gives background information on this character. Guided by Yuri Nomura of renowned Tokyo farm-to-table restaurant Eatrip, along with cookbook author and long-time Japan resident Nancy Hachisu, Nosrat visits a salt farm in Hiroshima and meets a master of organic miso and a fifth-generation soy sauce brewer. There’s probably little left to be said about this massive hit from the U.K. Home bakers assemble to, well, bake. But I feel ecstatic all day – I love making sushi. We explore the city of Tokyo's many different sweets through the eyes of this sugar-craving man. Chef’s Table is the gold standard of the Netflix food series. It’s part culinary wanderlust—complete with gorgeously captured shots of far-flung locales and engaging up-close-and-personals with experts—and part friendly, approachable cooking show. And, of course, the bonus hooray for us food-obsessed viewers is that there is tons of compelling culinary content streaming right now. This particular episode is about Niki Nakayama and about how her cousin's Kaiseki restaurant gave her a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine and how she gained a heavier form of respect towards the seasonal ingredients. He decides to go on a culinary exploration of his neighbourhood and is guided by a samurai which brings him new-found courage.

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