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This means, the Shadow is Peter's dark side, yet Tinkerbell is controlling Rumple's Undoing by getting Henry to NL.. Peter is only one step further to becoming the NEW Dark One of Neverland. Pan also doesn’t mind taking children from their bedrooms unexpectedly or their prams, and it is stated, he’ll thin out his own crew if one dares to grow older or even worse, just because he feels like it. Or, this is complete nonsense and there's no fact to support my evidence. Rumplestiltskin always kept his word but he somehow didn't feel the need to so with his son. There was a good reason for that. Neal is Peter Pan, too but the lighter side if you will. The first was Sheriff Graham who died when Regina crushed his heart. Bae still calls him a coward, and orders him to fight, while the Lost Ones follow behind him and steal their goods. He finally thought things were getting better but instead saw his father sacrificed his life for the best of him for a change. Several iconic clocks have been seen on the show such as the Sand Clock and The Clock of Evermore. Only that this time, Bae kills Peter, yet his destiny, his future, his quest to find the boy who looks like Henry. He is the good side of Peter Pan. This Peter Pan is happy, cheerful, goofy, optimistic, and shows you the thrills of life despite the turmoil or angst. Non sapeva cosa aspettarsi i primi tempi eppure, c’era qualcosa in Pan che riusciva a sorprenderlo, qualcosa di familiare ma di estraneo allo stesso tempo. You know how to do proper tagging too. My Captain! One distinguishing aspect of Neal is many people claim he is not a fairy tale character despite the paternal lineage of his family. Yes he spends time on Neverland which is why he escapes 300 years of aging (Not a hundred something as some people suggested) Rumple is over 300 years old when the curse is enacted. Kay portrayed Peter Pan, the Wish Realm version of Peter Pan. Malcolm portrays the dark figure of Peter Pan that was shown in versions of Peter Pan from Brom’s Child Thief, Damian Dietz’s “Neverland”, and of course,  the original play and book by James Barrie, himself. Malcolm and Fiona are visited by their infant son's fairy godmother, Tiger Lily, as well as the Blue Fairy, who explain that their son is prophecised to be the Savior destined to die fighting a great evil in an event called the Final Battle. I'm not on Disney's legal team. Peter Pan is an ancient and very powerful Witch that is known throughout the entire world in the children's book written by J.M. The address of the adult Baelfire's apartment was 89 Wooster Street, New York, NY, 10012. The older Baelfire is portrayed by Michael Raymond-James while younger versions of the character have been portrayed by three actors namely: Dylan Schmid, Sebastian Wilkinson, Dean Petriw, and Brandon Spink. RELATED: 10 Once Upon A Time Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses. It visits them many nights, but when Wendy tells the new addition of their family, Baelfire, about the shadow, he warns her against it, believing magic to be bad.When the shadow comes that night, it wants to take Wendy to Neverland, but Bae doesn't like this. There is also a drawing of Captain Hook and his ship. Not only is he one, but he is a character that we have been familiar with for quite some time, just maybe not in the way we expect. Best friends, two against the world vibe. Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Epilogue♡ Name MatchMaker to find the perfect baby name for you! RELATED: Once Upon A Time: The 10 Best Cliffhangers, Ranked. Also, I'm kinda creeped out by the idea that Emma has hooked up with a 300+ year old dude. R is for run cause peter pan be chasin yo, Of Celtic origin, the name means "bonfire" and refers to a specific bonfire built on the holiday Beltane, a character on ABC's 'Once Upon a Time', Rumplestiltskin's son. Not to mention Merida, Ariel, Tiana, and I mean it STARTS with Snow White. I do still standby the fact of Rumplestiltskin’s father is Malcolm/Peter Pan, but so is Neal. Neal’s mother left him as a child for her own selfish desires, mirrored Rumplestiltskin’s experience with his father. The name commentary between Wendy and Neal. I will enjoy reading it. Work Search: I was 18 when that came out, felt horrified being hugely smitten with a 13 year old at the time, and still to this day (27 years old) that kid still captivates me! Peter Pan, born Malcolm,is one of the main antagonists of the ABC series Once Upon a Time. Collection Of Clocks. This is where Peter returns to NL to find the lost boy named Bae. Viewers will be glad that he never chose to be old. Given he knew how to steer the Jolly Roger, he had been in other realms that paused his aging, was familiar with Hook within a glance, and had been associated with The Darlings. Like Emma, she believed in Peter Pan's story of Neverland, but not the way we remembered it. No matter how old, or new a movie or show series is, when someone see's someone they know, a face they know, even if they fake knowing who they are, there is always a little hint given in their performance, its a typically expected move within the trade of acting. That's also why I definitely don't think he is going to be evil as such, I think there is another villain for season 3, and Peter will be just the lackey.. or soon to be hero. I guess you’re right, Neal is indeed the lighter side of Peter Pan, the yang of Malcolm Pan’s Ying. Now as what we may have seen in the first half of season 3 may show contradiction, but hear me out. He made sure that he would find Henry,. You can post your recap of the episode you sent to me yesterday, I think you have a lot of valid points about what works and  what doesn’t. lol Henry beeing 11 doesn't mean Emma is 29. Think about it?! Geronimo Jackson just happens to be a fictional band on the series Lost. I agree with you  but I doubt he would be in it,since peter pan is a bad guy... but you are right though the 2003 outfit seemed more Believeable then the traditional one,oh and ezra miller is the guy from perks of being a wallflower. Or actually the father of The Dark One. the number 23 can be seen at the bar in which Baelfire and Emma are having a chat. His own son was kidnapped, two thirds responsible were his former fiance and ex father figure. Surprises such as who Peter Pan turns out to be cannot be swayed in filming as it is hard to keep that much of a surprise secret when they said he hasn't appeared in season 2 and they are looking for a 13 year old to play him. Not much plot beyond that so far and there probably won't be unless I decide to change that.

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