is a pop tart a calzone

apprehension, that’s what. If it’s one she’s never heard before, she’ll be impressed by your creativity. Which is why a poptart is a calzone. But, to answer your question, I’ve known about it for a long time. This helps us improve our service. You introduced yourself politely, the sound of your name echoing in Jaxon’s head for a few moments after wards, “So, what can I get for you, sir?”, Jaxon fumbled with the menu for a moment, reading over the laminated words(despite the fact he already knew exactly what he wanted), “Uhmm, I-I’ll just have a Whiskey Sour, please.”, “Ohh, interesting choice. She didn’t go far, perhaps to the river to get some water or to pick berries. You turned back to him quickly, studying his warming face, “Actually, uhmm. Literally everyone likes to have their opinion heard (whether it’s requested or not). I will classify any food you want in the comments by the cube rule of foods. Why it works: Women on Tinder are likely to receive a compliment about the way they look at some point — giving props to their personality rather than their appearance goes a long way. Obviously burritos, corn dogs, dumplings, Pop-Tarts are all calzones December 10, 2018 7:52 PM Subscribe. The sound, unsurprisingly, did not help Jaxon piece his thoughts together better. “Yes’m?” Knash jumped to his flat feet, scurrying forward until the thick fur on his chest brushed against Miss Dahlia’s shoulder. Why it works: Who doesn’t love a classic game of WYR? Press J to jump to the feed. Their little town had been free of corruption and swindling for a long time, it was bound to fall to greed sooner or later. Not gonna lie, though, the boy’s a snack. Pop-Tarts is a brand of toaster pastries that the Kellogg Company introduced in 1964. “Alright, I’ll have a Whiskey Sour and an order of Cheesy Beef Empanadas.” Jaxon extended the menu out for you to take and he hoped you couldn’t see the way his hands shook slightly under your gaze. “Hola, Tía Dahlia.” Jaxon grinned bashfully at the childhood nickname, but his heart grew warm at the sound of her voice all the same. You know that argument about “Is a Pop Tart a Calzone?” and I have something very similar that is related to ur... maybe a predator series fron me sometime soon, and it reminded me of where all of this really started, You find out that you’re pregnant when you wake up, two or three weeks after the end of Kireksuo’s rut, and proceed to empty the contents of your stomach all over he cave floor, Kireksuo’s not surprised, he’s potent and he knows it(, He’s never witnessed child birth and he knows that there are bound to be complications in the delivery of half human-half something else entirely children, but you keep him calm by telling him that, no matter what happens, you’ll be there to face it together, It’s been almost six months since you’ve started to show, your soft tummy bulging and your breasts growing tender(, You’d considered yourselves inseparable before, but now… Now he was basically sewn to your side, “No, Kireksuo. Does that make sense, lol? Pop-Tarts were invented by Kellogg’s in 1964. You’ll set yourself apart and show that you took the time to see what she’s about. Aaron Bluewater, Jaxon’s dad, had been missing for months; the police declared him dead and the investigation had stopped, but that didn’t mean Jaxon was ready to. ?” A heavy ‘thwack’ echoes through the air as a wooden bat slammed against the bar top. We just recently added some things to our menu.” You reached over the table, pressing a plain nail against the bold-printed ‘Appetizers’ at the bottom of the small paper. Based on her answer, you can either bond over your shared values or engage in a fun debate, which can open up a whole new topic of conversation. No I dont think so. You’re playing off of the classic “hey” trope (again, humor) while giving. so????? I have several requests in my inbox so, once I finish those, I’ll get to try my hand at making a masterlist for them. As flattering as the slurred compliment may have been, Jaxon furrowed his eyebrows at the red-faced girls and kept his hands tucked in his pockets, “You have a ride home, right?”, A blonde harpy girl spoke then, her shimmering top see-through and her pink lip gloss smudged, “Why don’t you be our ride home, hmm?”, “I’m not into narcolepsy, but thank you.” Jaxon grinned, his canines illuminated by the flashing red ambiance of the ‘Red Dahlia: Pub and Club’ sign, “You girls call in a taxi, yeah? It shows that you care enough to stop to read amidst your Liking and Noping. I only recently ‘came out’ about it on Tumblr because I decided I wanted to write things for ME for a change. Lol, anyways! Taking it in his hands, he read over the contents; all of the drink options were as he remembered, with a few new, interesting concoctions listed, but now there was a small section for food, many of which he could recall from his early childhood. Jaxon chuckled at the memory, his wide palms tucked within the depths of his jackets leather pockets as he stared up at the flashing red neon sign, swinging dangerously from rusted iron chains in the wind. When you take the qualities of said pop tart, you come to see it is, in fact, ravioli MemesFromTheFuture 24 feb 2020 It also gives her the opportunity to answer a number of ways. Can you help settle it?”. How many matches do you think do that? Jaxon ran a nervous hand through his thick, black hair and cast his light blue eyes across the familiar space, as though he were looking for something, before he took a quick seat at the empty table closest to the door. A mean left hook, that’n.”, “Excuse me.” Jaxon found his voice as he heaved himself upright, stalking towards the elf as his eyes burst into life with blue flame, “The young lady asked you to stop. He noticed a little, plastic menu in front of him and he raised his thick brows curiously. Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? Can you help settle it?”. Would you like anything to eat? Can you help settle it?” Why it works: Literally everyone likes to have their opinion heard (whether it’s … save hide report. Absolutely amazing props to the blogs who came up with them: Mad respect, bro, Originally posted by oliviasalvatoreofdaxam, INTEREST! Earlier this year @Phosphatide stepped into the (apparently never, ever, ever ending) "what is a sandwich" debate with the Cube Rule of Food, a six-part classification system for dishes based on the location of the starch. You know that argument about “Is a Pop Tart a Calzone?” and I have something very similar that is related to ur blog.... Are Lamias just another flavor of Centaur? “Hey.” Jaxon whispered quietly down at you. Pop-Tarts have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of thin, rectangular pastry crust.Most varieties are also … For standing up for me, I mean.” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear before you clasped your hands together in front of your waist and fought the blush growing across your nose. That’s it.Â, “I’m having a debate with my roommate about whether a Pop-Tart is a calzone or not. @Thumperchick Technically ravioli (and pop tarts) would be calzones, per this scheme… shahnm said Wed, Dec 12th 2018 at 12:43am eastern 8 “Hmm?” You intoned curiously, your silken hair tumbled across your forehead and cheeks as you slightly turned your head up to him. Yeah but isn't a calzone made with a yeasted dough? Dude, Jaxon got SO much more attention than I EVER could have anticipated. It shows that you care enough to stop to read amidst your Liking and Noping. KNASH!!”. This is rubbish. I mean-I… Nothing. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 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