is a hot dog a sandwich

“It’s a thing inside two pieces of bread. Whatever the culinary élite may have to say about the definition of a sandwich, terms are ultimately defined by the people who use them. But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. The hot dog is boldly included (and defined) in an article on the Merriam-Webster’s website: “To Chew On: 10 Kinds of Sandwiches.” But M-W acknowledges that this pronouncement may be met with raised eyebrows. Regardless, the net annual loss due to the categorical amendment across all US concession stands for MLB games alone would be approximately $2,750,000,000 (Florida Department of Revenue). Does ESPN broadcast sandwich eating contests? 12. While such a debate may seem trivial, its answer can have a lasting impact on the processed food industry as well as the pockets of barbeque enthusiasts around the country (National Hot Dog & Sausage Council). Feltman's hot dog was resurrected five years ago when brothers Joe and Michael Quinn started Feltman's of Coney Island. Perhaps at one time its importance could be limited by forcing it into a larger sandwich category (no disrespect to Reubens and others), but that time has passed. “Meals Taxes Disproportionately Impact Lower-Income Households.” National Restaurant Association, Bureau of, And what did Russia and vodka have to do with it? #1: Hot dogs stand up to the English language’s test for sandwiches. Debating, even for supposedly unimportant topics such as the “hot dog/sandwich argument,” is essential in developing an atmosphere of intelligence, vision, empathy, and resolve. Janet Riley, the president of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council and the self-proclaimed “Queen of Wien,” suggests that, due to the “hot dog’s impact on American history as well as the ‘open’ nature of a hot dog in a bun,” the NHDSC has decided that the hot dog is not a sandwich as the hot dog has “transcended the sandwich” (Deutsch, 2015). Hot dogs and sandwiches are complete meals delivered by means of bread, unified in their portability and relatively lack of mess (well, as long as you stay away from chilidogs). A hot dog is not a sandwich, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. The power to tax is widely considered to be a government power that has been associated with raising revenue, deterring consumption, and battling obesity directly (Pomeranz, 2013). "A hot dog is not a sandwich," he said. Sandwiches will be under one heading, and hot dogs are listed separately, quite often under their very own heading. 8. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. When going to your local grocery store, buying the components of a hot dog are not taxable by the state or federal government; however, once a civilian prepares these items for you and arranges them to your liking, they instantly become taxable since the item is now a prepared food (Bureau of Labor Statistics). "White Papers" One of the key sources of information on the internet that most people generally refer to in times of doubt ends up being the Wikipedia article on whatever topic they’re curious about. If you were to analyze the contents of a hot dog you would find it to generally consists of a sausage such as a frankfurter (or veggie sausage, if you will), a variety of condiments, and either mustard and/or mayonnaise or even (god forbid, let’s not start this discussion) ketchup. See, this comes down to the heart of what a sandwich is, and what a hot dog is. “FindLaw's United States Supreme Court Case and Opinions.” Findlaw, United States Supreme Court, Sure, it is technically a sandwich in form and construction, but it deserves to be recognized in a sandwich category of its own.

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