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There are many theories as to why killer whales have this unique pattern on their bodies. Over time, perhaps because of the whale's tenacity and ferocity in hunting, the name was switched to "killer whale.". These animals are alternatively called blackfish. Accessed September 12, 2018. Killer Whales eat sharks. They're immediately recognizable by their distinctive black-and-white coloring. Killer whales have curious colourings which help them to be especially sneaky while on the hunt. Write for us | This process is possible due to the protein called syncytins found in many mammals. 1. Copyright © 2020 Infopointhub. This creature can adapt easily to captivity and are often kept in aquariums all over the world. Anyways I hate doing this but like wow they can live 35-100 years!!?! Each pod has distinctive noises, so whales in one pod can sense if another whale is part of its group. 10 Most Interesting Facts About Killer Whales | Orcas Facts, 10 Most Interesting Facts About Killer Whales. This has been classified as Type D killer whales or subantarctic killer whales. Below are 33 interesting facts about Killer Whales. However, the species is still threatened by environmental concerns, such as fishing equipment discarded or lost at sea like nets that pose entanglement dangers, chemicals that don't break down in nature and become stored in the fatty tissue of the orcas when they digest contaminated food, and shock waves from underwater explosives or military sonar that can cause orca blood vessels to burst and hemorrhage. display: inline-block; For some, killer whale tattoos also symbolize protection and are said to protect those who travel away from home. Mothers usually are pregnant for seventeen months and give birth every three to ten years. The males weigh three-ton, whereas females weigh typically about half of that. The killer whale or orca (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale and the member of the dolphin family. Although pods are a group that travels together, there is often a more substantial group referred to as a clan. These massive beasts have been spotted in Argentina, throwing themselves on ice to capture sea lions that are resting there, showing their cunningness. Orcas are technically dolphins. Killer whales are often described as the most cosmopolitan of all cetaceans. The greatest recorded sensitivity is ranged from 18 to 42 kHz. In the Southern Hemisphere, proposed species include those referred to as Type A (Antarctic), large type B (pack ice killer whale), small Type B (Gerlache killer whale), Type C (Ross Sea killer whale), and Type D (Subantarctic killer whale). These teeth can be up to 4 inches long. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . An average female is somewhere between 16 and 19 feet long, while the average male is between 19-23 feet long. Males tend to be larger than females. With their striking black and white markings and prevalence at marine parks, the killer whale, also known as the orca or Orcinus orca, is probably one of the most easily-recognized cetacean species. The largest of the dolphin species, orcas live in oceans and seas around the world and can grow to 32 feet long and weigh up to six tons. 7. If they're after penguins, sea lions, or other animals on the surface, the killer whales will slap their tails on the water, creating a large wave that sends their prey off ice floes and within reach. 2. These include the improper disposal of oils, chemical waste, and trash into oceans. Drone footage from Monterey, California spotted a pod of killer whales performing a synchronized attack on a blue whale. According to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, there were 45 killer whales in captivity as of April 2013. Males weigh up to six tons while females can weigh as little as three tons. Its white spots are also more commonly yellow during birth. Scientists have found that these creatures make sounds for two functions, communication and navigation. line-height: 28px; In the game, the killer whale is described to have a level 3 challenge rating. 6. They have a rounded head, that is more pronounced among males, and can protrude up to four inches over the lower jaw. All things considered, it might be too late before an unsuspecting fish sees an orca on the approach. Determining species of killer whales is important not only in gaining information about the whales but in protecting them—it is difficult to determine the abundance of killer whales without even knowing how many species there are. This kind of sleep pattern is called unihemispheric sleep which is shared by multiple species including chickens. 4. For the first several days, its dorsal fin and tail flukes will be flexible. These massive creatures are carnivores, yet have a very diverse diet. height: 28px; Jan 25, 2019. As a born teacher, she enjoys sharing her knowledge. As social animals, orcas rely on a system of communication tools to talk with members of their pods, navigate the ocean, and hunt. One of the killer whale’s former names was Grampus. However, observations find that their white spots may provide other killer whales to better recognize other killer whales in murky waters. With the documentary out about captive Killer Whales (referred below as Orcas) called “Blackfish,” I thought I would list . Killer Whales also known as Orcas. Some are known for their love of traveling and have been reported traveling long distances as a pod or group of whales. Some believe their name came from sailors who called them whale killers because they are known to eat whales. Killer Whales can sleep with one eye open. background-position: 0 50%; Some species of killer whales include seals and dolphins in their diets other than fish. In the United States, orcas are most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Some believe they received their name because of them killing people, but this is not true. Their echolocution is considered the most powerful and most sophisticated of any animal. The mammals can get as large as 9,000 kilograms (males - females tend to top out around 5,500 kg) and range in length from 8.5 metres (females) to 9.8 m (males). Other studies have shown that killer whales will occasionally travel to waters with richer food sources as the seasons’ change. 2. Therefore, we at Listontap have compiled some of the most intriguing facts about them. By Bruce Peters (Captain Bruce Peters, Capeshores Charters website) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creative. A killer whale can use its body’s color to blend in the water and avoid alerting its prey of danger. Although toothed whales have teeth, they don't chew their food—they use their teeth for capturing and tearing food. However, they are capable of living up to 60 years when healthy. The game mainly focuses on hunting for food and avoiding too much damage that can cause you to lose life points. Killer whales produce several sounds such as whistles, jaw clapping, pops, and echolocation clicks.

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