indigo vat troubleshooting

The Lao Textile Museum It was late April, and the rainy season was just ending. Carefully stir and tip in the contents of the stock solution including the sludge at the bottom. Indigo striped cloth, hand woven from organic cotton, at the Lao weaving studio. Dismiss. Be the first to discover new treasures! Making an indigo vat: Part 2 of 2; Making an indigo vat :: Part 1 of 2. Start by checking the pH and make sure it is at 10. Traditional Lao weaving adorns the rooms at the Center. many different materials. If the pH is lower than that dissolve a bit more soda ash and add to the indigo vat. We never share your info. Weaving a traditional fabric using indigo-dyed silk. Stir the vat gently. Fill a non-reactive dye pot or a sturdy plastic bucket about 2/3 full with hot water – approximately 120F. After about 3 hours, a bronze film had developed on top of the water, and the indigo bath had turned green. If it’s too high (above 12), it is too acidic and you will need to add more henna. This simple cloth is woven of organic cotton; the blue warp and weft is naturally-dyed indigo. An indigo vat is exhausted when your fabric is no longer darkening but the vat still appears reduced. With this information you will be able to learn to pH balance your vat, make sure the contents are properly reduc Preparing the Indigo Vat. How to Travel Sensitively and Sensibly in Textile Cultures, From the Indigo Vat to Woven Cloth in Laos, Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center, A Bid for the Future: An Auction to Benefit the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, No Tourists = No Textile Sales, Support the Weavers of the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco. This was no small piece of equipment–the warping and tensioning system was different from my simple jack loom, and the mechanics of raising the pattern threads for weaving baffled me. This page contains specific information about solving, troubleshooting and fixing any problems that you may have with your natural indigo vat. ha! Since 2011 I have been making and using organic indigo vats, an art and skill that I learned from Michel Garcia. The Lao Textile Museum is part of the Lao-Japan Traditional Cultural Education Center in Vientiane. Ms. Sisane of the Lao Textile Museum stirs the fermenting indigo dye bath. From the rivers of India to the mountaintops of Peru, we go directly to villages and cooperatives to bring you these textile stories and the work of skilled artisans who are dyeing, weaving, spinning, printing and embroidering some of world’s most beautiful objects. Home Page › Asia › From the Indigo Vat to Woven Cloth in Laos, Why is it every time I think of an indigo vat, the lyrics “Can’t you smell that smell?” pop out of my mouth? And, on the other loom, I spotted this simple, striped beauty of indigo cotton cloth being woven–it was such a contrast to the intricate silk weaving that it intrigued me. At this point, add something like washed fleece, or a skein of yarn, to completely exhaust the color from the vat. Aug 1, 2016 - If you've dyed with indigo for any length of time, you may have come to the point of needing to do indigo vat troubleshooting. The Center’s primary building is of French Colonial style with carved teak ornamentation. Indigo Fructose Vat Indigo Fructose Dye Vat. An indigo vat can have a very long life if used and tended to regularly. Safety Notices Read these precautions to prevent personal injury: • Read this manual thoroughly before operating, installing or performing maintenance on the equipment. Indigo Series Air/Water/Remote Condenser Ice Machines Technician s Handbook. I thought that I might offer the following tutorial on how I solved a problem with my own organic indigo vat as a first contribution. If you're ready to take the indigo challenge, click on the link above to follow the recipe. The questions I receive most frequently about natural dyeing seems to center on the indigo vat and its maintenance.

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