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There are three-fold meaning behind this Seoul brand: With “Seoul” between “I” and “U”, Seoul is at the centre of relationships among the people; With “Seoul” between the red dot (which represents passion) and the blue dot Yes, it seems that the "sole" native English speaker should have explained to the other "experts" anglophones would naturally read the word between "I" and "U" as a verb. But more significantly, I find the ambiguity of I.Seoul.U and its lack of clear meaning, the main cause of criticism three years ago, can be the most charming factor of the slogan. Here of course the letter has no meaning or function except graphically, I suppose. The slogan was made through a public contest and a public poll, and now the public is using it according to their respective needs with different forms. There are three-fold meaning behind this Seoul brand: There are some paintings on the walls of the Seoul Metropolitan Library at the Seoul Plaza using this Seoul brand as the theme. “I.Seoul.U” is a neologism that captures the coolness of Seoul visually, but fails to enhance that image through meaning. That is, 서울 "Seoul" is substituted for 사이 "betweenness", and it segues into the "I [heart] you" slogan in English, where "Seoul" is between the two pronouns. Even images can replace it, such as an image of a palace for tourism promotion, a baseball player at a ballpark, and recently Mickey Mouse for a collaborative event with Disney. SEOUL. So, I'm sorry to Seoul City and to I.Seoul.U, for hastily giving harsh criticism toward the slogan. This brand in fact came from the idea contest held in 2015. For me (native USEnglish speaker) "yours and my Seoul" would be better, but…. I cam across this article ‘I.Seoul.U’ – the Confusing New Slogan for Seoul, South Korea and I not only found the new slogan confusing, but felt quite embarrassed. The incomprehensibility and ambiguity of I.Seoul.U is now accepted as variety, openness, freedom and flexibility. Admittedly, that meaning isn’t immediately apparent to many first-time viewers, both Korean and international, but over time and with a proper public relations campaign, public understanding should grow. Don't think this is part of the intent, but doesn't anybody think that the (standard Korean) pronunciation of "Seoul" sounds quite a bit like some English dialectal pronunciations of "saw"? But more significantly, I find the ambiguity of I.Seoul.U and its lack of clear meaning, the main cause of criticism three years ago, can be the most charming factor of the slogan. In the final position of the syllable, it is pronounced as the velar nasal sound which is similar to the English "ng" sound as in sing. 3.0 comprises a “basic system” and an “application system.” The “basic system” informs the principles behind , such as its concept, values, meaning, images and color applications, and the “application system” provides design samples that show how can be applied to actual products. The three choices were narrowed down earlier this month from a reported 16,000 entrants in an online poll as part of the city’s move to replace the current slogan, “Hi Seoul.”. In fact, I was rather surprised that all nine expert judges – including one native English speaker – and a solid majority of the 1,140 people who showed up on the bitterly cold evening of Oct. 28 voted for it. Having said that, let’s give the new branding slogan some time. Will K-pop finally get a Grammy nod this year? Of course, Seoul city officials do claim that it might seem awkward and will receive some resistance at first, but they are optimistic that eventually it will "sell." The Seoul Metropolitan Government will stick to its new slogan, “I.Seoul.U,” Mayor Park Won-soon said Monday. Located at the center of the park, the I•Seoul•U sign is already becoming a popular place for both tourists and Seoulites to pose for fun photos while passing by the site.

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