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English I Am a Singer (Chinese: 我是歌手; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gēshǒu) is a Chinese version of the Korean reality show I Am a Singer and it is broadcast on Hunan Television. KOREAN SHOWS: MBC's "I Am a Singer" Season 2 (2) Naneun Gasuda ( 나는 가수다 ) or NAGASU ( 나가수 ) The second night of MBC's "I Am a Singer" Season Two (5/13/2012) was much expected as it featured the competition among singers in Group B – Group of Death, but its ratings slipped obviously due to the lackluster performances by Group A singers. Each singer was also assigned by the production to a manager or Music Partner, who would serve as an advisor for the singer; when the singer is voted out, the corresponding Music Partner will also be eliminated. Lin initially performed "無字歌" but later changed it to "Opera" (instrumental) because his performance was identical to Huang's. The season only featured eliminated singers while remaining singers (both initial and substitute singers) were exempt from the round; beginning on the next season, substitute singers were required to participate in the Revival round, due to time constraints and a lineup of many singers, singers sang only one song for the round. Song All of me by John Legend Song Cover by jane zhang Korean tv show I am a singer 3 Chin temporary withdrew from the competition earlier this week due to family reasons. The program ended its first season on February 19, 2012. The contestants sing a song their choice by O.S.T, This article is about a South Korean singing competition program. JK Kim Dong-wook withdrew from the competition due to making a lyrical mistake in his performance. Its second season ended in May 2012. For this episode, singers had to sing at least one song that pays tribute to Chyi Chin (who withdrew from the competition after week 7). Each round consists of two performance episodes, one that is preliminary and the second final performance which determines the lowest ranking contestant to be eliminated. Commentaire. Single Wife. Watch full episodes of I Am: http://bit.ly/WatchIAmYouTube Subscribe for new episodes everyday! The weightages for both rounds were 30% and 30%, respectively; the contestant who received a higher combined total (both the semi-finals and grand finals) was crowned as the overall winner. I Am a Singer (season 4), is China Hunan Satellite TV 2016 the first season music talent show that broadcasts every Friday at 10:00 p.m. (de jure) / 9:45 p.m. (de facto), For this week, the order of performances is decided by ballot, and the performance order were reversed during the second round. The fifth and last substitute singer of the season was Julia Peng. The competitors privately vote for 1st and 7th place, determining the singers' rankings to serve as a checkpoint. Its second season ended in May 2012. I Am a Singer consist of 13 weeks of shows. Survival I Am a Singer is a singing competition where top singers from South Korea given a stage to move the hearts of the audience. ∆ Substitute Singer ∇ Challenger/National's Recommended Singer/Surprise Challenger ƒ Finalist singer н Hosting singer. Due to the controversy with Kim Gun-mo being eliminated and returning, this episode showed the manager's point of view of the broadcasts and the singers thus far. I Am a Singer (Chinese: 我是歌手; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gēshǒu) is a Chinese version of the Korean reality show I Am a Singer and it is broadcast on Hunan Television. Each show (except for the finals) do not have a fixed host, but the host was chosen from one of any eligible singers doubling as a role of the host; like Music Partners, singers will forfeit the hosting role upon their elimination. The show is divided into rounds. [1][deprecated source]. I Am a Singer (Chinese: 我是歌手; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gēshǒu) is a Chinese version of the Korean reality show I Am a Singer and it is broadcast on Hunan Television. Its third season ended on April 24, 2015.[2]. The contestants performed another contestant's original song. I Am a Singer (Chinese: 我是歌手; pinyin: Wǒ Shì Gēshǒu) is a Chinese reality show broadcast on Hunan Television. The program was produced by Hong Tao, and the show's music director was Kubert Leung.In 2015, Liby Enterprise Group paid 3 million to acquire exclusive naming rights for the program, compared to Season 2 (0.65 million). The following week, another singer joins the competition, and the lineup of artists varies throughout the course of the show. The competition was opened to well-known professional singers from the music industry across worldwide, and … At the beginning of the 1st performance week, each contestant selects a song of their choice.

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