hydrohalogenation of alkenes syn or anti

Generally, you’re not going to have much stereoselectivity in this reaction, you’ll form a 50/50 mixture of two enantiomers. Hydrohalogenation, an electrophilic alkene addition reaction, is highly useful as a precursor reaction in multi-step organic chemistry synthesis.Understanding the Molecules:H-X molecules such as H-I, H-Br and H-Cl are highly polar molecules. Once formed, the bromonium ion is susceptible to attack by two nucleophiles—chloride ion and bromide ion—and, in fact, a mixture of two products (both produced by anti attack) is formed. Depending on the substrate double bond, addition can have different effects on the molecule. possible stereochemistry of addition where both electrophile and nucleophile bond to the same side of the plane of the double-bonded carbon atoms of an alkene In anti‐Markovnikov additions, the hydrogen atom of the hydrogen halide adds to the carbon of the double bond that is bonded to fewer hydrogen atoms. Thus whether substituents are added to the same side … https://www.khanacademy.org/.../alkene-reactions-tutorial/v/hydrohalogenation Hydrogen bromide can also be added to an alkene in an anti‐Markovnikov fashion. A hydrohalogenation reaction is the electrophilic addition of hydrohalic acids like hydrogen chloride or hydrogen bromide to alkenes to yield the corresponding haloalkanes. This room temperature). This means that both halogen atoms will be adding to the carbons of the double bond in a trans fashion. Halogenation of alkenes is an example of an anti-addition (stereospecific). After addition to a straight-chain alkene such as C 2 H 4, the resulting alkane will rapidly and freely rotate around its single sigma bond under normal conditions (i.e. Halogens can act as electrophiles to which can be attacked by a pi bond from an alkene. For this to result, the reaction must proceed by a noncarbocation intermediate; thus in the presence of peroxide, the reaction proceeds via a free‐radical mechanism, … The classical example of this is bromination (any halogenation) of alkenes. The halogen is highly electronegative and will ‘hog’ the electrons between itself and hydrogen.

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