how to use brick pastry

As soon as the pastry is lowered into the hot oil, press the edges with a spatula to keep them sealed Finally, I used my last two sheets of Brick to make the quickest, easiest Apple & Date Strudel ever! It is extremely versatile and I think it is inspirational stuff! I quite clumsily wrapped up the parcels and placed them on my baking tray and once again thought they may not hold together and could end in disaster. On returning to Adelaide searched for brick pastry on the web and bingo. Should you be interested, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. I know for a fact they’re delicious because you’ve made them for me : ) Thanks for the inspiration Anneli! Allow the flat pan to come to temperature. The tuna and egg brick is a famous combo I have yet to try but I would love to. Eddy. List of recipes using Sheet of brick pastry: 13 recipes. I was in Paris recently visiting my daughter who had just had a delightful daughter Elodie, and went to a cafe in a mosque near le Jardin des Plantes. The floral exotic tones of passion fruit combined with its acidity works exceptionally well with caramelized apples. Maybe I will be brave and try it someday soon! They are available at, but shipping is as much as the dough, and a total of $37 to fulfill my curiousity is a bit much. So I made Chicken with Creamy Onions, Mushrooms & Goats Cheese wrapped in Brick Pastry. I have never heard of this and wish that I could be in your kitchen to see it up close and to try it. In a sauté pan stir the butter and sugar over medium-high heat to a caramel. So much fun to make! So I decided to try to make them by myself at home. Cover with caramelized apples. It’s actually made more like a pancake. Chicken and mushroom brik rolls. We are producers of french crêpes (very thin crêpes) and ‘feuilles de brick’ in Montreal (Quebec, Canada). But left to bake for 20 minutes, the Brick pastry worked its magic and out came lovely looking envelopes of scrummy stuff! Paint in circles starting from the outside. Sprinkle sparingly with granulated sugar. Create a purse and tie with a strip of parchment paper. Add the apple slices and sauté the apples until fork tender. Since Feuilles De Brick have a very slight salty edge to them I ensure that whatever I pair them with will perfectly harmonize. I love that pastry and the specialities that are made with it! I’ve had a packet of brik in the fridge for several weeks but didn’t know what to do with it. Refrigerate (To bake later) or bake immediately in a 400°F (200°C) oven until well golden, about 15 minutes. They were a huge success and I was completely sold on Brick as I had found it to be so simple to use, making the perfect finger food. You can’t argue with that! Is Brick available in your supermarkets? The brik pastry should be well covered with a tea towel so that it won’t dry. From a fellow resident of New England (Cambridge, to be more specific). I had not heard about Feuille De Brick (Brick Pastry) until I moved to France. (sadly not available to us at the moment – too carby ;-( ), Thanks Sarah! I too have had a hard time finding these Feuille de briques. Not only is this easy but its also very lovely. Can you believe I remember a time when Fillo was hard to find! The passion fruit beurre blanc can also be made in advance and gently reheated over a Bain Marie or microwave. xx. Thanks so much for stopping by. My Mum is the undisputed queen of the nibble and her delicate little rolls stuffed with noodles; vegetables and prawns were delicious, especially when dunked into some sweet chilli sauce. The reason is twofold, this combination makes for a good flavor and acidity balance and these apple varieties are available year round. When needed reheat but do not exceed the above temperatures. The recipe is easy to make. Thanks Rosa. You build up a covering all over the griddle and then when it’s cooked, you peel it off and put it on a piece of greaseproof and start dabbing again. brush to spread the liquid dough on the surface of your pan and let the pastry bake for 30 secs or a little It would be a pleasure to send you our product so that you can test it for your recipes. I’m going to dive straight into the baked duck spring rolls. I love caramelized apples and this looks to be a really unique way to serve them! Even in this mecca of food when I ask for “brick dough” or “feiulled de brick” I get blank stares. Handle the folded pastry gently and do not press the surface. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and stir over a Bain Marie to about 120°F (50°C). I now live in the SF Bay Area, where all sorts of ingredients are readily available, but I gave up asking for brick, even at the most exotic groceries. When you're ready to make the pastry leaves, Had and excellent meal starting with a tuna and egg brick and then couscous with meat and vegetables. Pour the batter through a strainer into a bowl, cover, and leave to rest for 1 hour at room temperature or longer in the fridge. I’ve been trying to find a source for feiulles de brick since I was in Avignon in ’03. Your email address will not be published. But a little brush of oil and 20 minutes later, they were golden and crispy and made a delicious starter served with some mango chutney. Good luck! This sounds really interesting. If not, I urge you to seek it out and give it a go. The dessert was to wet on the bottom. Voilà, my Baked Duck Spring Rolls served with Hoisin and Yakitori dipping sauces were born. The assembly of the apple dessert in Feuilles De Brick can be done in the morning and kept refrigerated until baked. In Tunisia it is usually deep fried wrapped around a filling of meat, tuna or egg. Make sure that you choose your pot to be at least the size of your desired brick pastry leaf since the sides sticking out won't heat as well so aren't as useful for layering with the brick pastry. Anyway, one of these days I will get some feuilles de brick and make the dish to see what it tastes like. Thanks for the recipes Anneli. I am a total Brick convert now and never use Filo anymore! Hi – I have just made a version of the Greek feta and spinach pie called Spanakopita using Brick – still in the oven but looks as if it’s going to be a winner. The robust pastry was easy to fill and fold without needing you to be super sensitive or particularly nimble fingered. It seems that, for Tunisians, bricks during Ramadan dinner is sacred. When I lay them on my baking tray, they looked a little hap hazard and I was concerned that they would not hold their shape. Do it Jules!! I say “pre-assembled”, because, of course, I wasnt allowed to actually cook them. 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. I mixed up some finely chopped apple with dates, sugar and cinnamon and wrapped it in the pastry, brushed with butter and baked for 20 …

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