how to make a sofa frame

Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), DIY Butcher Block Counter Top in Laundry Room, How to Build an Upholstered Storage Bench. If you are looking for some stylish but budget-friendly ideas to make for your living room, this DIY couch may just be yours soon. Always seek professional help when doing something you are unsure of. Making picture frames is really a fairly simple project (if you don’t miscalculate your size and crack your already assembled frame with a router bit haha) and it could save you hundreds of dollars vs buying a custom size frame. Build one for an extra bedroom, the family room, or that college bound scholar. Next, I sanded all the boards well (this is easier to do now, before you start assembling), and used a 3/8″ dowel jig to drill dowel holes 3/4″ deep into each corner. Thank you! When someone in his family passed away, he got this eagle print that he really liked from him. If you think of this print as a sandwich, it would go glass, mat board, print, and backer board. I applied glue to one corner at a time to give me time to get everything together. So, I just bought a $10 mat board at Hobby Lobby and cut out the opening for the print using an exacto-knife. This post contains affiliate links. Sad day. Once I had the glass, I placed it into the groove, then placed the mat and print in, then cut a piece of 1/4″ plywood I had in the shop to fit in the groove. Pinning is welcomed and appreciated. This particular one I used is adjustable to different widths, but I cut mine 3/8″ wide. First, keep in mind that this is ALL the coffee wood I had and couldn’t find any more. Jun 19, 2017 - Find Cash Advance, Debt Consolidation and more at The next, it's a comfortable bed. Once all the dowels are started into their holes, I used long pipe clamps to help me push everything together really tight and to help make it nice and square. Then I cut 2 pieces the same way, but with length equal to the height from step 1. It was for the best. Once the opening was cut, I taped the corners of the print onto the back of the mat so that everything was lined up and it would stay that way. So if you are ready to get building, or you want to save it for later, don’t forget to pin this post! You can’t cut the full 3/8″ deep at one time, so I just took a little at a time until it was 3/8″ deep. Glue ups are always a little stressful. Order it slightly smaller than the exact opening because you can’t cut glass very easily if it’s too big. I figured up my frame measurements from step 1 on a Friday afternoon after I got home from work. The frame of a sofa is made most often wood, though newer options include steel, plastic, and laminated boards or a combination of the above. Which…it’s worth noting here that I had injured my arm and twisting motions with my elbow (like cranking on pipe clamps) made my arm ache severely. Another thing you need to know is, making a daybed is an easy thing. ACTUALLY, if you want to know the REAL story, it goes like this. Here’s what you need to know, people, a daybed works as a bed, sofa, and chaise lounge at the same time. Oh yes, and you may be curious to know what my mistake number 2 on this project was. I used some hardwood I had from the local hardwood store and ripped it to my own size, but you could also just use standard 1×3 or 1×4 (or wider if desired) for your frame instead. My only option here was to cry….again…and save the day with some wood glue. Just make sure that you always line up the jig in the same location on each piece. I polyed mine with three coats of Polycrylic. And I had JUST enough of his favorite species of wood (Kentucky coffee wood) left in storage to make the frame. By using this website, you agree that you are okay with that and that you have read the privacy and policies page. Then I proceed to the glue up. If it is too big, you will need to chisel out the frame until it fits. See policies page on this site. Your frame size will depend on the size of the picture you are framing and the size of the mat that you want. (I was really slacking at the Christmas gift thing this year…extreme procrastination. So I used a chisel and carefully squared my corners. Now, it’s time to put everything together. Create one in the color and fabric of your choice to get a new couch that is anything but ordinary. This website is for entertainment purposes. Designed by I mean like, cracked through so that it’s hanging on by a thread. To determine how much lumber you need for the frame, take 2 x height from above + 2 x width from above. You can see in the video that I started on one corner and worked my way around. I screamed in the video….but I edited it out ha. Make this DIY sofa with built in chaise lounge to create the best seating on a budget.

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