how to choose a guitar for beginners

And here, we will help you choose one for yourself. Most music stores will take advantage of new customers if they are aware you know nothing. Hi mel. It sounds like the best thing to do is get out there and check out these guitars, especially if weight is a concern. Otherwise, my advice is to play the other three guitars and see which one you like best. Acoustic guitars are generally very cheaper than their electric counterparts. If you like the LP sound and vibe, instead consider the Epiphone SG Special. A good guitar, whether beginner or slightly advanced, can be had for around $150 give or take $50. Good luck on your search! For most beginners, spending money on an expensive guitar is not something they would prefer doing, nor is it something we would recommend. You would need to string this guitar in reverse and play it upside down (the guitar upside down, not you!) ;0; xD, 5 Benefits of Learning on Electric Guitar, 5 Benefits of Learning on Acoustic Guitar. :-). Which one is better? You can play all kinds of music with this kind of guitar, including rock, country, folk, etc. How a guitar feels will tell you if it’s the right fit for you, and the quality of the components tells you a lot about how much you can expect to get out of the instrument. Finding the right guitar takes research and a certain amount of work on your part. It’s a rookie mistake to go to one shop and grab whatever they have to offer. Good luck! This kind has extra controls for volume, tone and pitch. But it’s packed with information, and I’m constantly updating it to make sure it is the most helpful resource I can offer on the subject. Hear the guitar at different guitar and amp volume levels, and with different amounts of distortion. It about more than learning which are the best guitar brands to choose from. For health reasons I would like a light weight guitar, apparently basewood is good for this? Maybe you saw a YouTube video that inspired you or maybe you always wanted to learn how to play guitar. But you’d use each for a very different purpose. This is why it’s good to try out many guitars before making a decision. There is no such thing as the best guitar, rather the key is finding the best guitar for you. Most beginner guitar players will choose a guitar based on looks and how cool it is, especially if they are younger kids. So try pick this as your first choice. Hendrix played fairly stock '60s-era Strats through cranked-up Marshall stacks. It may be a little over your price range, but have you considered the Schecter Omen 6? Or, don’t come back at all. Don't focus so much on why a guitar sounds a certain way. We are often asked what is the best guitar and however much we want to give a single answer, it unfortunately isn’t that simple. Both of them have a stark difference between them. I have an 8 year old that wants to learn electric guitar. Unfortunately Schecter seems to have discontinued it, but if you can find one I'd say go for it. Buy accessories e.g spare strings, guitar maintenance. Hey there again.. in the music store in my town.. They are lower-cost versions of the King V, Kelly, Warrior, Rhoads and Dinky, and great starter guitars if you are into extreme metal. If you are lucky enough to have guitar shops nearby that are owned and managed by local people who do a great job of meeting your needs, my advice is always to give them the business before going online. Between the two, as a first guitar I'd probably go with the Sterling simply because it is a bit more versatile. I have finally made a decission after reading many of your pages but this final one made my mind up. Guitar Gopher (author) on November 13, 2014: Hi Samuel. If you like the way I write, subscribe to my blog and get alerted each time a new post is up. I do mention the cool factor because if it’s ugly, you won’t want to be playing it. ROTTER studios: photography, film, movies, rants                                                            ROTTER TUBE REEF: saltwater aquarium care                                                                         The Joker Box: The Joker Impression – Tribute to Heath Ledger, GEAR I USE: Thank you and good karma to you my friend! @LPG: Thanks for your kind comment, as always! Not sure what to look for? It looks pretty to place somewhere on a pedestal at your home. Few are nefarious, but you can imagine how hard it must be to keep track of the specs and details of hundreds of different instruments. If it has knobs and controls, do they work smoothly without much friction? Only you can decide if the sounds are pleasing and if the tone and characteristics of the guitar match what you want. There is a reason you or your child are looking to start playing guitar. If strumming folk or country songs gets you excited about music, you may prefer to learn on an acoustic guitar. If you wanted to move away from Epiphone, Squier makes some affordable Affinity-Series Strats and Teles for left-handed beginners. You can also listen to it and purchase on Amazon. This means that starting out on acoustic guitar is a little less complicated, not to mention that it saves you a few bucks on your first guitar setup. Thanks so much! I would like to buy something really brutal. So what's the difference between an Oscar schmidt Delta King OE 30 by Washburn and a Starcaster Stratocaster by Fender , besides the names ? Picking out a new family member is a job worthy of a great deal of thought and preparation, don't you think? An acoustic guitar is the traditional – looking “cowboy guitar” that is a hollow body and does not need an amp to be used. In this article, you’ll find all the information you require to choose the best beginner guitar for you. There is no reason you can't start out on an electric guitar if that is what inspires you. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 06, 2015: @ noname: I have many articles intended for beginners. Your new guitar should be something you’re completely happy with, never just good enough. Do not be hasty in your decision. Most of us want to choose the right acoustic guitar for ourselves. WRAITH? Semi-hollow body guitars are larger, usually have a pair of humbucker pickups, and utilize warmer woods like mahogany for the neck and center block (not sure exactly what the OE30 used). My most recent post has some suggestions on good smaller-size acoustics for kids. Again, try out the volume, tone and pickup controls and make sure they are working correctly. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 27, 2015: Thanks Rasyid! You already know what your strat sounds like. Consider the process of choosing your first guitar the first step in a long musical journey that will reward you for the rest of your life. If you need some advice on which guitars to look at, here are a couple of recommendations: If I had to pick one electric guitar to recommend for beginners above all others, I'd choose the Epiphone LP Special II.

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