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Choose the launcher as the default, and depending on the launcher you are using, you may be prompted with further steps to customize your screens. Here are the steps to use the app: SEE ALSO: How to Customize Navigation Bar on Android. If this is your case, then you can download a third-party icon changer app. You will now have a custom icon set for this app’s shortcut on the home screen. Not only does it make Android interesting, it also ensures that you do not get tired looking at the same set of app icons on your phone. See also: How to set up a new Android phone or tablet. The last screenshots in each case will have both the icons – the app icon from the icon changer app and the native app icon. You have entered an incorrect email address! Users who have been using a launcher before as well will be able to import the settings of their previous launcher, or else, you may need to spend some time to bring the different widgets and apps you use to your home screen. Tap on it to apply it. Change app icons with a Launcher. See also: How to update Android Smartphone or tablet, Your email address will not be published. Below are few of the apps that let you add customized shortcuts for apps. Your email address will not be published. Here’s how to do it: 2. After the launcher is installed, you will automatically be asked if you would like to start using the launcher when you press the home button. Are you looking for a way to change app icons on Android? Some apps may even allow you to rename the app. Tap on the icon, and you will be taken to its shortcut’s settings. Launchers bring with them a spectrum of wallpapers, themes and app icons which can dress up your device the way you want it to be. Some launchers like Nova Launcher will even allow you to pick an image from your gallery for your app icon. This can be a fun way of giving your phone a new look. TECHNOBEZZ.COM LLC: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED IS AMONG THE FIRM LUXURY MEDIA GROUP , LLC REGISTERED TRADEMARK.Technobezz is a registered trademark in the USA and other countries. Use these two methods to customize app icons so that you can give your phone a new look. Sometimes, you might not want to download a new launcher just to change the icon pack. Since one of the coolest things about Android smartphones is the different levels of customization it offers to the users, I think boredom is the last thing that an Android user can experience. Most of us install a ton of apps on our Android smartphones and you must have noticed that unlike iOS, the apps icons on Android aren’t very uniform. If you’d like to change the icons of a few particular apps, Nova Launcher lets you do that as well. In the list that pops up, you should see the icon pack that you have installed. Is there any app that can help you change the style of your on-screen buttons( using oneplus 3). Ever since Android devices started featuring an RGB LED light for notifications, it has become an integral part of the platform. Some of our readers do not find themselves to be comfortable using a launcher. So without further ado, here are some ways to change app icons on Android: If you are using the custom launcher that came with your phone, you might not have the option to change the icon pack. Check these out, How to change your phone number on TikTok, How to set up a new Android phone or tablet, How to update Android Smartphone or tablet, How to Use Gear Fit Manager On Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Common Issues And How To Fix Them, 10 Awesome New Features In Android 7.0 Nougat. Pretty much every launcher for Android allows you to change the icons you see for your apps. For which apps did you change the icons? From the Edit Shortcut pop-up, tap on the app icon to change it. Now when you go to your phone’s home screen or the app drawer, you will see the new icon pack all throughout your phone., Changing the icon pack makes your phone look awesome. The ability to change the icon pack is available in the free version of Nova Launcher. Here are the steps for using the app: Icon Swap allows you to customize any shortcut in your launcher, without root access. New layouts, fun backgrounds and a variety of icons can give your phone a new look every time you get bored of the current one. There were a number of devices unveiled at MWC 2017 but LG G6 was arguably the most exciting of them all. Once done, tap on “OK” to create the shortcut on the desktop. Note that this does not change the icon in the app drawer. With these apps, you might not be able to change the app icons on your system, but you can add an app shortcut to your desktop with any icon of your choice. You can change the icon on your device as often as you like with these methods. One of them is Galaxy S5,…, Android upgrades are eagerly awaited by the universe of Android users. While things are supposed to be changed, with Android O bringing adaptive icons, most of us won’t be getting the Android O update soon. With such amazing levels of flexibility in changing the app icons, you can continually assign your apps new icons either from images from your gallery or by using different launchers. It can also help in keeping prying eyes away from your phone, especially when you rename your banking apps or if you happen to be using adult apps, you can rename the app and change the icon and it is easier to use your phone without others knowing which apps are installed on your device. Sign up to the newsletter for the smart and innovative. I will try the icon changer. Apps like Awesome Icons and Icon Changer are known to be user-friendly apps which can help you in changing Android icons. So if you have recently started to feel like your app icons are not fun enough then try one of the given methods that explain how to change app icons on Android phone. Depending on the app, the steps for using it will vary. Once you pick the launcher you want to use on your phone, simply download and install the launcher. Some of them may contain ads but they work well especially if you are a person who enjoys exploring variety when it comes to the way their phone looks. You don’t need root access in order to use this app. Here, long press on the icon to see the shortcut’s menu and tap on. Change Apps Icon on Android for a more personalized look One of the biggest advantages of owning an Android phone is the customization that you get. And, if you want, you can even select an image from your gallery. Whether it is a single app or all the apps, you have complete control. There are two ways in which you can change Android icons. There are quite a few launchers available on the Play store which you can choose from. Required fields are marked *, Related Posts on How To Change App Icons On Android, If you want to use Samsung Gear Fit device through Gear Fit Manager Application on your Galaxy S5,…, Samsung releases their new flagship smartphones every year with the latest technology. Cool, right? Check the ratings and look for feedback to make sure you pick a launcher that works well and is suitable for your device. It is only the shortcut that gets altered. From this screen, you can choose an image from any of the icon packs installed or even choose an image from your gallery. We’re going to be using Nova Launcher, but if you prefer a different one, like Smart Launcher, Action Launcher or Microsoft Launcher you’ll find the instructions are generally the same. This … The first method is to use a launcher while the second one is to use a standalone icon pack. Awesome Icons lets you customize your home screen icons with both icon packs and your own pictures. One of the biggest advantages of owning an Android phone is the customization that you get. Once you download third-party launchers or apps, you can change the icons to whatever you feel like. Do let me know in the comments section below. Once you download third-party launchers or apps, you can change the icons to whatever you feel like.

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