how to calibrate infrared thermometer

In calibration labs (like the A2LA-Accredited ThermoWorks Calibration Laboratory in American Fork, Utah), technicians use industrial black bodies (like the IR-500 Portable IR Calibrator) to calibrate infrared thermometers. Return the X107 kit annually to Tempcon for Calibration. An infrared thermometer must be validated against a laboratory calibrated ‘master’ thermometer on a known temperature source. In many Hollywood movies like James Bond …, If you check your car’s exhaust system, …. You will need a control probe or another highly calibrated IR gun that has been calibrated to a higher standard – ideally having been sent to and verified by a national independent lab. For Fluke Calibration infrared thermometers, a source size of 5 inches (125 millimeters) in diameter is enough for all models. So if the IR thermometer reading is achieved in .5 seconds, keep the device held for 5 seconds. If it doesn’t match, calculate the deviation and then calibrate your thermometer accordingly. This enables the entire optic to look at the source, which should be straight on in front of the device. Knowing the temperature gradients on the radiation source is critical, along with the calibration temperature – which can be found in the units specs and is measured as a tolerance of plus or minus certain units. WAND™ - No Touch Forehead Thermometer (FDA-Cleared), A2LA-Accredited ThermoWorks Calibration Laboratory. You first determine the measurement deviation of the infrared thermometer from the correct temperature. If the two temperatures don’t match, either adjust the thermometer’s calibration or send it to the manufacturer for calibration. Here’s a video of a black body infrared thermometer in use. The IR thermometer should be no more than 5 degrees from normal to target the ideal surface area. Once the thermometer is set and aligned take the measurement! An easy way to check the accuracy of the infrared thermometer is by comparing its reading to that of an accurate contact thermometer. Check if the temperature reading on the infrared thermometer matches that of the conventional thermometer. Infrared thermometers operate within a certain accuracy range. THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER VENTILATION AND AIR BALANCING. A testable source for calibrating infrared thermometers is called a black body and often comes as either a flat plate or an IR cavity. Pack back in green case. ), Emissivity settings of the infrared thermometer and for the source if needed, Ambient temperature and humidity of the testing environment. All prices USD. Read on to learn more on how do you calibrate an infrared thermometer. Calibrating emissivity to the right value for the type of surface whose temperature you are measuring improves accuracy. Additionally, it's paramount that these units not be placed in the vicinity of air drafts caused by HVAC systems or similar ventilation sources, as well as other instruments that could emit radiation and throw off results. Thermal radiation source: These units are typically referred to as black bodies and are defined by an approximately zero reflected ambient radiation. There are several ways to calibrate an infrared thermometer, ranging from simple DIY methods you can try at home to professional calibration with specialized equipment. Dip a thermometer into the ice bath to take a temperature reading. If you need more accuracy at a higher range, it is advisable to send your IR thermometer to a qualified calibration lab. A good rule of thumb is to go from the lowest calibration point to the highest. In most infrared thermometers, you hold a button for a couple of seconds to access the calibration settings. Meter Test Lab tests meters, test equipment, gas, HVAC and electrical testers from Fluke, Kewtech, Martindale, Socket & See, etc. How to Perform Calibration of IR Thermometer Using the Ice Bath This is a simple calibration procedure designed to calibrate your IR thermometer at the Zero Deg C range only. How Do You Calibrate An Infrared Thermometer. For a professional infrared thermometer, you need a more precise way to calibrate it. These records should include: A well-calibrated IR thermometer can maintain accuracy in every facet of its use and can impact the processes its readings rely on. Most painted surfaces and non-metals have an emissivity value is 0.95. Black bodies approximate zero reflected ambient radiation and therefore the unimpeded emission of infrared energy for a given emissivity value (typically 0.95). Add ice-cold water and stir to mix it well with the ice. This is how to ensure they're properly calibrated. Some manufacturers actually recommend sending in the thermometer annually, whether it has a problem or not, for regular calibration. Depending on your area of work, you may also be required to maintain an updated calibration certificate, meaning you have to get the thermometer professionally calibrated regularly. Short of using a black body, the next best way to calibrate your infrared thermometer is to use a simple, inexpensive Infrared Comparator Cup. The usual challenges of using a boiling point for calibration (having to factor in air pressure and elevation) are further complicated with infrared thermometers because of the steam generated by boiling. If a thermal radiation source is unavailable or out of the budget, an IR comparator cup can be a simple and inexpensive alternative to a black body. With both types of calibrators, you set the preferred temperature and then wait for the calibrator to achieve it. Set the IR thermometer reflected temperature (if available) and align the unit to maintain a set distance – as well as the field of view, so that everything is level. Partition: To undermine any additional radiation sources outside of the target that may be emitting heat a partition can be used to limit how much the optics of an IR thermometer can be impacted and better ensure an accurate reading.

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