how to become a companion for the elderly

You may assist with some light housework and meal preparation. You might be considering becoming a professional caregiver, or you might be taking on the responsibilities of caregiving for an elderly parent or loved one. There are several certifications and qualifications to meet before you are entrusted with ensuring another person’s safety, physical and emotional health, and overall quality of life. As an extension of pre-service training, new volunteers are then matched with tenured volunteers to “shadow” for a week, to see and experience what a Senior Companion volunteer does. Going independent, also lowers your start-up costs, as you don’t have to pay franchise fees, this makes the business more affordable. FAQ. Watch these videos to find out, How to write a standout senior caregiver resume, How senior caregivers can best care for themselves during coronavirus. In addition to job training, CPR certification is recommended. Medical experts agree that we are living longer. Training programs, offered by the Red Cross and other organizations, can be helpful and give you an edge when seeking employment. They may be responsible for providing meals or cooking meals with the client in their home. Elderly companion care is about more than just spending time with patients and getting to know them. Starting your own senior home care business can be a great way to become your own boss in a rapidly growing field. There is always a possibility that you will miss a few in-demand services when you make up that list. Find helpful home care resources with our comprehensive guides and brochures. Starting an Elderly Companion Service Look Over the Competition. AmeriCorps uses GovDelivery to store your contact information and subscription preferences (Privacy Statement, Cookie Statement). Use popular social media platforms to promote your business. Education and skill is a necessity in this kind of business. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas about home care industry stats and Trends. Basic household chores are often part of the job description, whether it’s cleaning bathrooms or cooking meals. Distribute business cards, flyers among customers and put banners in crowded places like railway stations, hospitals to make people aware of your business. Working closely with the elderly can be a demanding career, so it’s crucial to consider if this job is right for you. A professional companion for seniors will assist with daily tasks like hygienic care (such as brushing teeth), bathing, and feeding. We understand that seniors who require in-home care are parents, siblings, spouses and friends. Once you have your first few clients and have treated them well for a while, ask them for referrals. You may look for training through organizations like. with learning how to walk on their own. Senior Companion Training Requirements Component 1: Training Requirements The Corporation for National and Community Service requires that the sponsor provide not less than 40 hours of orientation and training to Senior Companions– of which 20 hours must be pre-service orientation – and an average of four hours monthly in-service training. Get better results by entering a location. Whether you’ve had professional or personal experience working with the elderly, having done so before can be advantageous. To become an elderly companion caregiver, you first need a high school diploma or equivalent. Connect with Stowell Associates to find out how we can become care partners together. At the end of the list, you can ask for suggestions from clients, this allows you to make sure that you are meeting the needs of all your prospective clients. In these programs, you study the basics of senior home-based care to gain the skills and qualification that you need to fulfill your responsibilities in this job.

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