history of amish peanut butter

Thank you for sharing! I like to warm it up a bit, then use it as ice cream topping! That’s what it means to be buying it. More yellow means more beta-carotene. I found a similar product at a local discount grocery, called “Brethren Butter – Amish Style Handrolled Salted Butter,” Wisconsin Grade AA, hand made by Graf Creamery, Inc. in Bonduel, WI. It's from the same area as Amish farms? There is another Amish store seven or so miles north of Wapanucka, Okla on highway 48. But, I googled AMISH COUNTRY ROLL BUTTER. you should be more thankful for consumer protection and give credit where credit is due. Being new to North Dakota, I was excited to learn about the Hutterites, but when I looked them up, this is what I found, “Because most Hutterite colonies also have livestock (either poultry, hogs or beef), grain grown is often used for livestock feed.” It also says they grow corn and soy. Yeah, I’ve learned to read labels much more closely, though I bet I still have a few things to learn. ps. I’m just trying to figure out in my head why so many people rave about this “amish” butter. Good stuff, spread on bread and you have a winner! We have found it to be the most flavorful butter we have tried, and so we make it available to you, but we want you to know that this is not a 100% Amish product.” The butter is produced in Wisconsin. You really need to ask lots of questions and do some research. I bought butter from a local creamery at farmers market. No Amish dairy I know of is able to supply over 1000 miles. I am wondering if you know about Peacock Poultry Farm products and where their Amish products come from? Not running the butter through more equipment allows the fat to stay intact and provide more flavor.”. In fact my Uncle is friends with a fellow who in addition to his dairy cattle, chickens and cabinetry business runs a bulk food co-op for other Amish. what are their beliefs about animal husbandry?” them:”Well. YIKES! I too, live in Amish Country (Ohio) and I see them buying their food at Aldi or Walmart – they are NOT eating traditional food, grown at home anymore either. Because “this is Wisconsin, so we have winter here.” But the cows apparently aren’t strictly grassfed even in the summer. Wardee has mentioned in her posts about the chlorophyll content in the green grass resulting in a more “yellow” and nutritionally-dense, hence,flavorful butter. Remember that when I called Alcam Creamery and asked whether the butter was Amish, the man's first answer to me was: “Yes, that's it's brand name.” Does that usually satisfy people? Wow, that is just stunningly misleading! They need prayer. I hated that butter! Honest labeling and knowing what one is eating and feeding to one’s family is not a “yuppie” concern. Milk is produced at the expense of body weight. Do you mean to say that Kerrygold butter is pasteurized? The coloring is pale. I had no idea. The melting point is lower and it looks “funny” after melting. Having visited the farms that provide some of the milk to the Irish Dairy Board and the producers of Kerrygold products I can tell you for sure that their cows are NOT only “grassfed”. It’s unfortunate that you did not understand that many of us choose to feed ourselves and loved ones nourishing food as God intended and has provided for mankind. (If I remember correctly, when I traced it down I discovered they were fed grain) If the price is way off, there’s usually a reason. PS … Also, there are other OG farmers like Jo’s Dad that do feed corn and other grains. I am thankful to have also a membership in buying club which supplies with real Amish products from real Amish farms. This is the exact same “Amish” butter that I’ve been buying. The only suggestion I can think of is you will have to cut it to fit in your butter dish. My guess is that the strict and old-order Amish have maintained most of their traditional practices – but they are the ones you aren’t going to buy goods from in a store. If it was a good butter I would still have bought it but its sounding to me like marketing hype to push inferior butter. Deep Foods thanks for trying, but I will not fall for your marketing claims. Went online to check the info on the diary and guess what? Sue, Blessings, Heather, I suspect that this butter might be better quality than the usual store brand butters and probably does involve a lot of pastured cows. I found it funny that they claim rich yellow color when it’s very pale next to Kerrygold lol. It is greasy and flavorless like margarine. Then when we moved to Utah it was sold here too. I freeze my nutrient dense butter and make ghee to weather the my cow’s dry period. One of the FEW things our government should be doing is protecting us from lies in the market place. Are you saying someone from the store read this article and comments, or you did the reading and passed on the information? However, the butter has a good yellow color which I’m guessing means that the cows are on pasture sometimes… but who knows how much grain they are getting. I am with you on this. I am sorry that you don’t understand the value of wholesome food, unadulterated with “improvements”, to what God already deemed as GOOD in the form that He made it. Also, I agree with Laurie. Great post! My mother-in-law, who grew up on a dairy farm in the Waikato of New Zealand, told me that the color of the butter/milk changes from white to yellow depending on how freshly calved the cows are. I could make a coffee table book about all the deceptive products at our local Whole Foods. I just bought 2 big things (it was on sale and I thought (Amish) I’m sure it’s pure and great butter. I have a very basic understanding of the culture, living so close to large Amish communities. Locals would easily make the distinction but I can see why it would be confusing to outsiders. I think I might have fallen for that one. Tika, Trickling Springs Creamery based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (a.k.a. I’ve found Kerrygold at all Market of Choice locations, as well as our Safeway in Cottage Grove. I just think it’s crazy that a state government won’t allow access to a higher quality product simply because they claim it doesn’t support the state’s industry! I have been to one on Hwy 69/75 somewhere near Wagoner? . “*According to Alcam Creamery, about 85% of the milk that goes into this butter is from Amish farms, as Alcam is in fact in Amish country. I knew that this wasn’t real- or good- the a few month after I bought it. Part of advertising is deception and exaggeration. ), Herbal Fertility Tea (with 5 pre-conception, fertility-enhancing herbs! I buy a lot from an Amish farm there that the local Plain people refer to as “THE organic farm” even though it has a farm name “Pleasant Pastures”. Another tip for your readers. Not only because we believe it’s the healthiest way, but because we want to give Him glory for creating good food as the best medicine!

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